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MedjetAssist is an international air-medical transport company that operates on a membership model. They provide air medical transportation to members who are hospitalized more than 150 miles from home, airlifting them to their hospital of choice for inpatient care. MedjetAssist has over 50 dispatch locations, 250 air ambulances, and offers 24/7 assistance over the phone.


An excellent choice to consider as an alternative to travel insurance...

MedjetAssist is an air-medical transportation membership that lets you dictate where you will receive treatment. If you are hospitalized 150 miles or more away from home, MedjetAssist will coordinate your transportation you back to the hospital of your choice, domestically or internationally. If you are covered by a travel insurance policy and suffer an accident or injury, they will usually only transport you to a facility they deem "appropriate." This means a decision is being made by a faraway authority who may understand the situation on paper, but not be 100% clued in as to the reality on the ground. What's more, travel insurance and typical medical evacuation insurance often place inadequate coverage caps considering the extremely high cost of air evacuation, especially international.

With MedjetAssist there are no caps in coverage. As long as you pay your membership fee the company will coordinate transport for you to the hospital of your choice regardless of the cost. MedjetAssist also allows for pre-existing conditions. This means that you can rest easy knowing in the unfortunate event of an emergency, you will be able to be transported back to trusted and comfortable surroundings and not be at the mercy of possibly unfamiliar or inadequate medical care.

MedjetAssist has access to 250 private air ambulances in 50 locations across the world. This ensures prompt and quick access to any medical emergency. Minimum aircraft accommodations for one critical patient, up to 2 family members and medical personnel. 

All of these benefits are offered under the Classic Medjet Membership. The company's Medjet Horizon membership expands this coverage to allow for other types of global rescue benefits.

Plan Details

  • Depending where you are in the world air evacuation can cost tens of thousands of dollars. You are only responsible for your membership fee.
  • Covers pre-existing conditions (up to age 75)
  • Transfer to a home hospital of your choice. You will not have to let any company make the call as to which facility is "adequate."

Other benefits under the Classic Medjet Membership

  • Local Referrals - Medjet will assist in contacting practitioners and hospitals in the area where you are injured.
  • Medical monitoring/consultation - Medjet will liaise between local doctors, the patient's own doctor, family and/or employer.
  • Telephone interpretation - Medjet will assist in communicating with local providers if necessary. 
  • Legal referrals- Medjet will assist in finding local attorneys on behalf of their members.
  • Travel, health and safety precautions- Medjet can assist in pre-travel medical advice and health and safety precautions for international destinations.
  • Transfer of mortal remains - Medjet can also coordinate this type of transport in the event of death.

Medjet Horizon

Medjet Horizon consists of the Classic Medjet Membership plus an extra layer of protection geared toward travel security abroad. Members of Medjet Horizon enjoy an unprecedented level of insurance against a variety of situations that may arise, particularly in dangerous or unstable areas of the globe. Medjet Horizon bolsters the air medical benefits of the Classic plan with:

  • Ground Ambulance Transfer
  • Specialty Hospital Transport
  • Cash Advance for Medical Emergencies

Under the Horizon plan, Medjet has partnered with FocusPoint International to provide members with assistance/evacuation due to the following type of crisis events:

  • Political threat
  • Disappearance
  • Violent crime
  • Blackmail and extortion
  • Terrorism
  • Wrongful detention
  • Hijacking
  • Kidnap for ransom

Assistance regarding these events is entirely up to the customer to ask. Medjet does not require a "hard trigger" like an officially mandated government evacuation order. If you have this plan you can use it regardless. 

MedjetAssist Summary

If you are interested in the optimum protection in the eventuality of accident or illness while abroad, MedjetAssist offers services and flexibility that far outpace what you get with a travel insurance or emergency medical evacuation insurance plan. The company provides a level of control and self determination that does not exist with traditional insurance policies. MedjetAssist will get you your hospital of choice and do so with no cost limits on its transport services. Also, it is an excellent idea for those suffering from pre existing conditions or those traveling to areas of danger or unrest. Basically, if for any of these reasons you need to get home, Medjet will get you there. You won't have to be at the mercy of airline schedules, or the opinion of an insurance company or medical personnel. Overall, a great complementary membership to purchasing a travel insurance policy.



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alan k
Tucson, Arizona
When I had a detached retina in Cambodia and contacted Medjet Assist as a member of their service organization, the company initially refused to provide any support at all. Th ebasis of their response was that in the USA retinal re-attachment surgery is done in out-patient facilities normally, and they restrict their evacuation services to medical issues that IN THE USA require hospitalization.They made this determination with no physician review of my overall medical history, despite my having a letter from the local opthalmologist stating I needed urgent care in hospital but that none existed in Cambodia to treat retinal detachment, and I should immediately leave the country for... Read More

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9.2 / 10
  • Emergency medical air transport due to illness or accident
  • Not reliant on the insurer for the hospital selection
  • Transport from virtually anywhere to your preferred hospital (150 miles or more from your residence)
  • 24/7 assistance and interpretation services for foreign hospitals