Pets Best Pet Insurance Review

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Pets Best is a Good Pick

Pets Best is a respected brand with an A+ BBB ranking. They only rank below Healthy Paws, Petplan, Trupanion & Embrace because they have some coverage limitations. However, they're comparable to, or better than, the rest of the pet insurance companies with coverage in the United States.

Pets Best is a reputable company that reimburses based on actual vet bills as opposed to a benefits schedule, which is an important consideration when choosing the right pet insurance provider for your pet. 

What's Included with Pets Best:

  • Up to 100% reimbursement
  • $0 annual deductible option
  • Visit the vet of your choice
  • Coverage for hereditary & congenital conditions w/their BestBenefit Plans
  • Coverage for cold laser therapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy & physical therapy 
  • Dental coverage includes fractures and some oral illnesses (not all companies cover oral illnesses)
  • Online Account Management (Edit payment information, submit claims, view claims history, and sign up for direct deposit)
  • Typical reimbursement for customers using direct deposit is within a week of submitting a claim

Additional Options:

  • Accident Only Plan
  • Wellness Care Add-on (for routine care coverage)

Plan Details:

 Type of contract

12 months

 Enrollment age

7 weeks, no upper age limits

 Effective date

 Refer to Declaration Page

 Waiting period

14 days illnesses after effective date, 3 days for injuries

 Out of state coverage


 Out of country coverage


 Claims and policy price

 NO increase in premiums due # or type of claims made

 Age limit

No upper age limits during enrollment, no age limits in terms of policy extension

 Annual deductible

 Choose your own deductible $0 to $1,000

 Claim limit

Plan dependent, maximum lifetime payout up to $200,000


What does Pets Best cover?

Pets covered – Cats and Dogs

Baseline coverage

a. Illness

  • lab tests
  • diagnostic tests
  • treatments
  • surgery
  • hospitalization
  • medications

b. Accident and Injury

  • lab tests
  • diagnostic tests
  • treatments
  • surgery
  • hospitalization
  • medications

c. Pre-existing conditions

NOT covered

d. Congenital conditions

Covered as long as said condition was not present prior to the effective date of the policy.

e. Chronic conditions

Covered as long as said condition was not present prior to the effective date of the policy.

Continual coverage is available

f. Cancer

Covered as long as said condition was not present prior to the effective date of the policy.

Continual coverage is available

g. Wellness coverage – Covered as plan add on

  • Vaccinations
  • Routing checkups
  • Dental care

Dental treatment is covered if caused by an accident and for certain illnesses.

h. Pregnancy – Emergency procedures covered, some breeds excluded.

i. Special coverage:   

  • Alternative therapy – acupuncture, chiropractic care, and physical therapy recommended and performed by a licensed veterinarian
  • Behavioral conditions
  • Hip dysplasia - as long as said condition was not present prior to the effective date of the policy.


The Fine Print:

  • They will not cover items deemed "preventable"
  • In most states (46 states) you must upgrade to a more expensive plan beyond "BestBenefit Level 1" to get more than $5,000 in annual coverage ($100k lifetime). A full list of what's not covered is here

The Bottom Line:

Pets Best is a good company with generally solid pet insurance coverage. It's not the best option out there, as there are several pet insurance companies that offer better plans, but Pets Best is a reputable pet insurance brand that provides above average policies for pet parents. 

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Bethesda, Maryland
Pets Best Pet Insurance review
I had insurance for my dog for 10 years with PetsBest, but they raised the premium when he turned 10. He had been a healthy dog that had all exams and vaccinations on schedule, but they raised our premium when he was 8 yrs old from $25 to $42/month, and again at 10 yrs to $60/mo. Considering their policy paid only 80% of expenses, and only $2500 maximum per illness, we switched to Trupanion. While we paid a higher deductible, it was worth it because premiums were lower and they pay 90% expenses with unlimited coverage per illness. They paid most of our bill for liver cancer surgery and treatment which added up to close to $4000.

Amy Lillard Buboltz
Avoca, Iowa
Pets Best Pet Insurance review
These people have given me the run around for months on all my claims. They always find a new reason not to pay. As far as I'm concerned they are running a scam on consumers.

Beth Mirsky
Auburn, California
Pets Best Pet Insurance review
There are no words for how horrible they are... they delay paying claims, have in correct fax number on their claim forms, keep having to fax and refax time after time... I finally opened a claim with the DOI and voila they paid... however their VP of claims tried explaining why they delayed paying and they were all lies.. I had kept a log of every fax and every conversation I had... I call them Pets Worst... I had two giant breed dogs and unfortunately I am stuck with them for one dog.. I have pulled my second one off and even though it's costing me more money to have them separately insured, it's well worth the money... I give them no stars

Solange M.
Jersey City, New Jersey
Pets Best Pet Insurance review
Please do not get this pet insurance. It is a scam. They can turn any accidental injury into something that doesn't qualify. So do not believe what you read when it comes to "accidents". I even appealed and had the Vet write them a letter. My appeal was still declined. I wasted a lot of time and pointless effort. I will be cancelling and going with a competitor. The made a very poor business decision on their part. Instead of keeping a potential customer for the next 15 years, they would rather decline a claim that should have been covered under "accident". I guess they are the ones that are losing money, and customers in the long run.

Tony ToTony Dny Tony D
Pets Best Pet Insurance review
I had received my policy but still did not know how to file vet's bills. Shelley was extremely helpful, as have all the other people at Pet's Best I've spoken to. Sometimes, I get the same person I spoke to before and they recognize me and ask me about our little guy! NO hold times every time I've called in. You get to speak to real people.