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Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide issued the first pet insurance policy ever in the United States to TV's "Lassie" in 1982. At the time, the pet insurance brand was known as Veterninary Pet Inusurance (or VPI) & Nationwide was the underwriter for VPI's pet insurance policies.

Almost three decades later, in 2009, Nationwide acquired VPI. Since 2015, Nationwide has done away with VPI brand & they now operate their pet insurance products under the single, much improved & more recognizable brand: Nationwide Pet Insurance. 

Nationwide Pet Insurance, which now offers coverage that's competitive with the best companies in the industry, is the single largest issuer of pet insurance policies in the country.  

Company Overview:

Being a Fortune 100 company, Nationwide offers customers unparalleled financial stability and claims paying ability. And it's three pet plan offerings provide coverage for things most major pet insurance companies exclude. To us, two of the most noticeable differences is Nationwide stretches their coverage beyond just cats and dogs to include exotic pets and avians, and its "whole pet" and "pet wellness" plans cover routine stuff like checkups and vaccinations. 

Nationwide offers three levels of pet coverage. Their most basic plan is called Pet Wellness and starts at $17 a month. It provides for essential yearly maintenance kinds of things, vaccinations, flea treatments, routine checkups, etc. Nationwide's second tier plan is called Major Medical and starts at $34 a month. This plan is good if you are only interested in taking care of accidents and illnesses, it covers things like surgery, hospital visits and prescription medication. Starting at $64 a month Whole Pet is essentially a combination of the other two plans, covering accident, illness, hereditary conditions and yearly pet wellness visits.

What's Included with Nationwide:

  • No annual benefit, lifetime benefit, or per incidence limit.
  • Fully customizable deductible and copay
  • ​Deductible is annual, not per incident
  • Premiums never increase regardless of frequency of claims
  • ​Whole Pet Plan reimburses 90% of every vet visit, no benefit schedule and is based on actual vet bill
  • Exam fees included
  • Coverage for alternative therapies
  • Use any licensed vet, specialist, or emergency care in the world
  • 10-Day Trial period

Contract length


Enrollment age

6 weeks-10 years old. As long as pets are enrolled before age 10, and you don't let your policy lapse, they will be covered for the duration of their lives.

Waiting period

 Whole Pet and Major Medical start 14 days after application is approved.

 Pet Wellness begins 24 hours after approval.

Effective Range

 Worldwide. Use a licensed vet or emergency care anywhere.


 Annual and customizable.

 Claim limit

 None for Whole Pet.

Claim Reimbursement

14 days

Cancellation Policy

 100% money back guarantee first 10 days. Cancel anytime after and receive a refund of your unused policy.


What's Covered?

Nationwide covers dogs and cats, but also most birds and a wide range of exotic pets including:


Call 888-899-4874 to see if your exotic pet is eligible.

Pet Wellness

Major Medical

Whole Pet with Wellness

Yearly physical exams and tests

Congenital/Hereditary/Chronic conditions
(not pre-existing)

Congenital/Hereditary/Chronic conditions
​(not pre-existing)


Prescription medication

Yearly physical exams and tests

Flea/heartworm prevention




Hospital stay

Flea/heartworm prevention


Diagnostic testing including X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and ultrasounds

Prescription medication






Hospital stay



Diagnostic testing including X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and ultrasounds



Prescribed nutritional supplements, therapeutic diets and medications 



Prescribed holistic, alternative and preventive care 


No waiting period for cruciate ligament, orthopedic and bilateral knee injury attention

What's Not Covered?

Nationwide's coverage is one of the most comprehensive in the marketplace. However, there are of course standard things that are not covered.

Nationwide will not cover congenital, hereditary or chronic conditions that were pre-existing to issuance of the policy. Also taxes, grooming, boarding, storage, transport and waste disposal are not covered.

Customer service

Nationwide is accessible by phone at the following times: 

Mon - Fri:  8:00 am - 10:00 pm EST
Sat:  10:00 am - 6:30 pm EST

Beyond this, every policyholder gets free 24/7 support and guidance from "vethelpline"

Additionally the company has a online customer knowledge base and contact form.

Nationwide Pet Insurance-Conclusion

Nationwide's Whole Pet with Wellness plan is comprehensive and simple and straightforward to use. You just submit your claim and receive 90% back, period. Also, as far as we can tell, Nationwide is the only pet insurance to offer wellness and preventative care in it's standard plans. There is no per incidence limit and no annual benefit limit. This makes it one of the most complete plans out there as it basically covers your pet for virtually any eventuality under the sun. Accident, illness, surgery, physical exams, vaccines, you could even get doggy acupuncture if you want. 

The company's other two plans, Wellness and Major Medical reimburse according to a benefit schedule, which caps reimbursement at a set amount for each condition or service. With these plans you are not going to get the freedom you get with Whole Pet but both are relatively inexpensive. If your intention is to safeguard your pet against illness or injury and nothing more, Major Medical is a good bet for your money. If you simply want to make sure your pet is covered for normal preventative care and annual checkups, Pet Wellness is an excellent choice for the money.

Nationwide is also very flexible in the types of pets they'll cover, offering plans for most birds and a vast array of exotic pets. This is uncommon as most pet insurers typically focus on cats and dogs. 

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Tina A
Oakley, California
I have had my insurance for a couple of years for my dog. I was thinking of canceling it because I didn't use it. Luckily, I didn't, my dog was recently diagnosed with Diabetes and the cost were huge. I turned my claim into VPI and they paid all but $250.00 of it. Wow!! Not only that but, I was paid with each claim in less than 14 days. Very convenient you can follow your claim on thier website. Thank you VPI. It was worth every penny I paid into it.

Al D
La Habra, California
Please look at the Photo ,very disappointed with this insurance company,paid my insurance premiums for five and a half years also had added catastrophic cancer addition to it,And when you need them.they're going to pay $850 on a 3400 dollar bill.I don't VPI acted in good Faith. definitely not your pets friend

David S
Belmont, Massachusetts
I had the best coverage for my dog Sassparilla that VPI provided.But when Sassparilla needed I surgery for cataracts they would not cover it or the treatment after.Because it was hereditary.What insurance company does that? After a few years she was diagnosed with glaucoma and they would not cover that or the treatment for it.Which are eye drops that are expensive.Four types of eye drops for her eyes.They would not cover any eye doctor exams as well.after paying her insurance for 8 years and not receiving any support from them.I dropped the insurance so I could try and pay the bills instead.I have a $4000.00 dollar debt that I am still trying to payoff as well as keep up with her... Read More

Liz Z
I have 17 years experience with VPI and they are TERRIBLE. Why did I keep them for so long? They were the only pet insurance available when my elder dog was a puppy. By the time that better options came into existence, she was so old that I could not enroll her in a different plan - so it was "better than nothing" and I kept it. By the end, they really were "worse than nothing." They jack up the rates on older dogs to the point where owners are forced to drop the policy. I won't go into all the problems I have had with them over the years. Now that my elder dog has passed, I am immediately switching policies for the younger one. Good riddance!

Ronnie R
Sunnyvale, California
I recently got a Vizsla puppy, and the first time we took him to the vet VPI rejected our claim. The reason was complete BS and was in their super fine print. This is the worst possible pet insurance company on the planet. STAY AWAY!!!

Carla P
Deerfield Beach, Florida
They make a bunch of excuses to not reimburse you the correct amount. I do not recommend them. Waist of money. I submitted a $300.00 bill for yearly vaccines and exams they only paid $80.00 and I maxed out my allowances for this kind of exams. She had not had anything done in the pas year and I just renewed the policy. How can it be exhausted???

Carrie O
Huntley, Illinois
This company will look for any excuse not to pay your claim. Pre-existing conditions is their favorite reason for denial. This is the second dog I've insured with them and I should have learned my lesson the first time, My first dog was denied for pre-existing allergies because he had an ear infection as a puppy. Allergy testing was never done to confirm allergies. They linked almost every claim to his "pre-existing"condition. They did pay for an injury he had due to an accident. I insured him as a one year old puppy. My next dog, a shih zhu was also determined to have a pre-existing condition because his medical records indicated my dog was have having symptoms for a few weeks. I... Read More

Amber N
San Jose, California
I would give this company 0 stars if possible. I actually cannot believe this company is still in business and hasn't been sued. I've been a paying customer of a Premium Plan for SIX YEARS at $50 a month. My dog has been relatively healthy for that whole period. Last month, my dog got cancer, to the tune of $2000. A deadly cancer called hemangiosarcoma. She needed bloodwork, cytology report, meds, and ultimately surgery to remove the rapidly growing tumor. When I submitted the expenses, they covered only $560 of my entire bill!!! They told me that my "Premium Plan" was old and had not been updated since 2008 for any adjustments and therefore only this small amount was cover... Read More

San Leandro, California
If you have any financial sense in you, you will NOT sign up with this company. I have been with VPI for 5 years, and I would have been better off burning my money. I had a 95% rejection rate of all claims. Out of over $4000 in outgoing costs, I say about $400 throughout the years. There was an excuse for everything on why it wasn't covered. Nationwide is on your side?? I DONT THINK SO!!!! Stay away from VPI. I moved to Healthy Paws.

Jude B
Elizabeth, New Jersey
Paid monthly premiums for three years. My dog required emergency care when he had an inflamed colon. Took him to the vet - bill: $485; admitted to Cornell Vet Hospital - bill: $2,000. Total covered by VPI Pet Insurance: $800! The explanation was because there is a reasonable amount they will cover based on a national average (?). I'm switching plans...

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