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Rating: 8.7 / 10 (Excellent)
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When it comes to medical alert providers, MobileHelp isn't the least expensive option, but they're certainly among the best. The company provides a reliable GPS-enabled medical alert system that helps protect loved ones at home and away from home. MobileHelp offers a host of peripheral features including automatic fall detection and location tracking. What's more, you are not required to sign a long term contract, selecting the annual payment plan is the least expensive, there are no hidden fees, and you are not required to purchase the equipment. MobileHelp has reliable cell phone enabled service that doesn't require a landline, which makes it easier for seniors to stay protected when at the supermarket, visiting family, or otherwise on the go.

MobileHelp has been providing mobile medical alert systems since 2008. They offer three different systems: Classic, DUO  and the new Solo system. The Classic is great for those who just need protection at home, while the DUO protects anyone even when they’re away from home by using cellular service through AT&T. Solo is also a mobile system that provides emergency medical response at home and on the go at a lower price than DUO, and lacks a few other features.

What's Included with MobileHelp:

  • $29.95 to $41.95 month-to-month
  • 24-hour monitoring service
  • Uses cellular network - no landline needed
  • GPS enabled
  • Great website for caregivers to log into & access account info online
  • Highly portable


MobileHelp was the first medical alert provider to extend the features of an in-home system across the entire country over AT&T's cellular network. This means that wherever the customer is, MobileHelp operators will know their exact location with the push of a single button. You can then speak to the directly through the device and they will alert the nearest emergency responders.

MobileHelp Classic

$34.95 a month / $299.50 a year

  • In home
  • Base Unit displays time, date, and temperature
  • Two waterproof wrist buttons or pendants
  • Online tools for customers, caregivers, and family

MobileHelp Duo

$41.95 a month / $369.50 a year

  • Works outside the home with GPS/cellular tracking
  • Base Unit displays time, date, and temperature
  • Two waterproof wrist buttons or pendants (in home)
  • Includes a mobile device that functions anywhere
  • Online tools for customers, caregivers, and family


Maintenance & Repair

MobileHelp repairs any defective or non functioning equipment for free. The company also replaces wrist monitor and pendant batteries free of charge.

The Fine Print:

  • Among the best medical alert systems on the market.
  • Higher than average price at roughly $40/month
  • Good for those comfortable with using web apps and online interface.

The Bottom Line:

MobileHelp provides some truly innovative products that offer complete protection of its customers wherever they go. Their equipment is second to none and the MobileVitals program covers all the bases, allowing customers and love ones to continuously monitor vital signs in a convenient online portal. The company offers many different systems, features and peripherals, some of which are not mentioned here so make sure to check their website to see all their different plans. If you can afford the additional cost, which ends up being approx $8-10/month more, both the service, which is mobile enabled (aka - no landline needed), and the overall customer experience are exceptional with MobileHelp.

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Jan G
Miami, Florida
superior customer service, makes me feel secure that my mother can receive help with the push of a button or automatically with her fall button. easy to set up and allows my mom to go out and not be concerned about needing help

Ted R
Miami, Florida
Rae Morue March 23rd, 2017 Phoenix, AZ We decided to get Mobile Help after my wife had a surgery over a year ago. Every representative we spoke with was good and there was no problem with the equipment. My 94 year old mother uses the necklace whenever she comes over now because we really don’t need it anymore, however it’s definitely a good company.

Seattle, Washington
My Mother-in-law had a medical emergency and used her MobileHelp pendent to request an ambulance. My wife and I had a call on our phone and the caller id said ” Rapid Res Moni” we did not answer, not recognizing the caller. we live in Nevada, a swing state for elections and we get at least 15-20 political calls/day where we do not recognize the caller. It turns out that the call was very important as the lady was taken to the hospital. Our inquiry as to why the caller id did not say MobilHelp we were told that Rapid Res Moni serves many response companies and can not personalize the MobilHelp caller id. If anybody actually believes that this can’t be done I have a nice bridge in... Read More

Phoenix B
Tucson, Arizona
Why are they rated only 3 out of 5 stars? Plus, I don't trust the BBB having used them before with an A+ rating on Movers Inc. and got the worst services EVER! As a disabled person it took them 14 hours with damaged and stolen property. Would like to see some negative testimonies for MobilHelp. NO company is perfect. Thanks.

Michael H
San Antonio, Texas
This mobile one is great, this goes anywhere and can track your position and if you need help they will talk with till you get the help you need.

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