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OneGuard Home Warranties is a home warranty provider that lists homeowners, real estate professionals, and contractor in its clientele. The company offers comprehensive plans designed to help homeowners experience a hassle-free protection without the high premiums seen in other companies.



OneGuard Home Warranty provides clients with 3 simple plans to choose from. Each plan having different its own unique set of covered items. Coverage include appliances, systems, and services. Additional coverage is available for customers who would like more personalized coverage.



This package includes basic appliances such as Kitchen Refrigerator w/ Ice Maker & Dispenser, Dishwasher, Kitchen Appliances, Range/Oven/Cooktop, Instant Hot Water Dispenser, Garbage Disposal, Built-In Microwave, Trash Compactor, and Washer/Dryer Set. It also includes certain systems like Re-Key & Garage Remote Re-Program, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Service, Window Cleaning Service, Termite Treatment, Pest Control Treatment, Yard Maintenance Service, and Weed Kill Treatment.



The Systemguard plan includes warranty for systems like Heating System, Air Conditioning System, Plumbing System, Water Heater, Plumbing Stoppages, Electrical System, Ceiling & Exhaust Fans, Door Bells, Smoke Detectors, Garage Door Opener and Central Vacuum. This package also adds in all of the services offered by the company.



This plan offers the best value for your money by including all appliances, systems, and services in one warranty plan. Customers can also choose to include optional coverage items but of course with a corresponding fee for each covered item.



OneGuard Home Warranties sets a reasonable price for its plans. Additional fees are incurred for optional items included in each plan selected.








Fine Print

OneGuard may cancel a customer’s policy for reasons such as non-payment of plan fees, if the warranty is for seller’s coverage and close of sale does not occur within 180 days from the effective date. It may also be cancelled if a customer physically or verbally abuses one of the company’s employee or service provider. Misrepresentation of information.

OneGuard only authorizes reimbursements work arranged by the company itself. Any services provided by a third-party contractor will not be covered for compensation.


OneGuard Home Warranties – Final Thoughts

Formerly ServiceOne, OneGuard Home Warranties has rapidly grown from a small home warranty provider to one of the most popular home warranty services in the Southwest region. The company maintains a comprehensive list of basic and optional coverage which is combined with their low-cost services. This makes OneGuard Home Warranty one choice to consider for home warranty shoppers in the Southwest.

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al s
Fountain Hills, Arizona
I took One Guard even though I was skeptical as it was a gift. I called to have my A/C checked in Arizona and they said that all the contractors they use are only responding to emergency calls. One Guard left me in the cold! My realtor suggested a contractor so One Guard was worthless for me as I did the legwork. What a scam.

Austin, Texas
DON’T USE ONEGUARD. The customer service people are nice on the phone but the repair people are terrible!! They show up without an appointment and then yell at you. They show up to fix one thing and break two other things in the process! They wear you down with their incompetence until you give up and pay out of pocket. I wasted so much time calling to complain, setting up appointment after appointment, waiting at home for OneGuard, not to mention tearing my hair out each time they left my kitchen in worse shape than they found it. Learn from my OneGuard misfortunes and DO NOT BUY A ONEGUARD HOME WARRANTY POLICY! The Details: This is a follow-up to my original OneGuard review last... Read More

Elizabeth A
Dallas, Texas
I used to not be as skeptical about home warranties as we had good experience with a previous one, but OneGuard changed that for us. When our AC broke in 90 degree heat they sent someone out who did a "thorough" inspection, and that person concluded OneGuard wouldn't have to pay due to some dirty evaporator coils. This is one of their tricky clauses...and by that I mean there is no way a consumer could have prevented this. In our case we had done our due diligence in having a professional come out twice a year to maintain our unit, and according to the FOUR OTHER OPINIONS we got there is no way to know our evaporator coils had gotten dirty unless there was a problem with our system. So... Read More

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