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Rating: 8.5 / 10 (Excellent)
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First American Home Warranty is a California-based company founded in 1984 for the purpose of providing home warranty products and services in the United States. They provide coverage for home systems and appliance repairs for homeowners, sellers, buyers, and real estate agents. The company is BBB-accredited, with a B rating, and a four-star TrustPilot score.

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Overall Rating: 8.5 / 10 (Excellent)

With more than 30 years of experience, First American has proven itself a leader in the home warranty industry. The company serves over 450,000 customers across the nation, offering year-round repair and replacement services, even on holidays. Some of the most attractive features of First American home warranty plans are their comprehensive coverages, standard prices, and lower-than-average service call fees. First American is an excellent option for anyone looking to protect their homes for a reasonable price and receive quality service 365 days a year.


Key Facts

Plan Types
Combo Plan
Benefit Limit Type
Per Item

Coverage - 10 / 10

First American offers two plans, the Basic coverage and Premier coverage. While their basic coverage protects mainly kitchen appliances, their Premier plan offers complete protection for all main home systems as well as appliances. In line with most businesses in the industry, however, they will not cover cosmetic damages, damages due to improper maintenance or installation, and any known or unknown pre-existing conditions. Coverage amounts differ by contract, yet their limits range around $3,000 in the aggregate for kitchen refrigerators, $1,500 for heating systems, and $500 for ductwork, which are substantially higher than comparable companies.

What does First American cover?

Covered Systems

  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Water Heaters

Covered Appliances

  • Refrigerators
  • Clothes Dryers
  • Clothes Washers


For a full list of First American exclusions, check out this page.

Specialty Items

  • Pool/Spa
  • Well Pump

Contract & Price

Contract Details

Annual Premium
Starting at $288
Minimum Contract Length
12 month(s)
Online Quote/Application

Contract & Price - 8 / 10

Annual premiums with First American can range from $288 to $468, quite reasonable within the home warranty industry. The company extends a standard 12-month contract term and allows customers to obtain quotes and enroll online. Contracts seem to have different cancellation policies according to geographical location, so customers are advised to read their warranty agreements thoroughly before signing. For instance, Texas residents may cancel their plans within the first seven days of coverage for a full refund, whereas Virginia residents have 20 days to cancel and receive back the entirety of their payment, provided they have not filed any claims under said contract.

Sample Contract

First American provides a sample contract for potential customers on its website: First American Sample Contract

Claims & Service


24/7 Claims Department?
Waiting Period
30 days

Contractors & Service

Contractor Selection
In-Network Only
Service Recall Period
0 days

Claims & Service - 8 / 10

First American has some of the most affordable service call fees in the industry, which range from $50 to $65, depending on the plan selected. The company also offers a vast network of pre-screened contractors and technicians, as well as a 24/7 claims department. Although their service offer is similar to that some competitors, it must be noted that First American contracts are short and easy to understand, which is another feature that potential clients will surely appreciate.

First American Reputation

Company Details

Year Founded
NHSCA Membership
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Number of Employees
TrustPilot Rating
7.0 out of 10
BBB Rating
BBB Rating
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Reputation - 7.5 / 10

First American is a BBB-accredited business with a B rating and composite score of 2.82 out of 5 stars based on 321 customer reviews. Although they have received a considerable amount of negative client feedback at the Better Business Bureau's website, the agency has granted them accreditation based on their commitment to making a good faith effort to resolve consumer complaints. Additionally, the company is a member of the NHSCA and holds a noteworthy Trustpilot score of 7.0 (Great).

Contact & Additional Information

Homepage URL
Company Phone
(800) 992-3400
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 7248, Santa Rosa, CA, 95407
Year Founded

Our Partner
8.5 / 10
  • 24/7 support whenever your appliances fail
  • Large network of independent prescreened contractors and qualified technicians
  • In business for over 30 years
  • Good coverage on home systems
  • Does not cover pre-existing issues
  • They will replace items that fail if they can't be fixed regardless of age, make or model

Latest First American Reviews

Katy, Texas

I filed a claim for which I paid the deductible. Technician came to my house tried to fix the issue and was unable to. After that I tried to contact them for a period of 3 months and not getting any replies back. 5 months passed since then and nothing was done. Finally i contact the home warranty itself and they told me that I only have 30 days and told me that I have to file new claim again. This is unacceptable. I paid money for nothing. Worst service ever.

Tamie B
Grove City, Ohio

This company can't service issues within a timely manner. If you have something break and it is ok that it takes a week to get a service person out to repair it then this company is for you. I had two claims and they wanted me to find a repair company and pay for it and they would reimburse me. it took 5 weeks to get reimbursement on the first claim. I didn't fall for that on the second claim...sump pump needs repaired their contractor can come out in 4 days.....really I will be looking for a new home warranty company after this issue gets resolved.

Jodi C
Canton, Georgia

What the hay!!!! How could this company possibly be 4th in the nation. It sends out constant scoundrels to price gouge homeowners into having to pay outside the policy. I have a client waiting (already fixed by an outside company) drain in the kitchen. They sent out a company and the tech refused to unblock and accessible line right in the unfinished garage. Said he had to go on the roof and clear it and it wasn't covered but, today's special price is only $380.00 and he told my client that he had several other jobs and that he wouldn't get paid a dime if, this wasn't resolved. The rep, I personally talked to said he was going to send out someone to run a high powered pressure system to... Read More

Danny M
Chattanooga, Tennessee

I filed a claim as to where they took 2 payments out of my bank account. I have yet to be reimbursed, for the amount, nor for the overdraft that it cost by taking that extra payment. I am filing a complaint with the Consumer Affairs Division.

Ken K
Corona, California

No home warranty company could be worse than First American Home Warranty - I've owned a policy for two years, and in that time they have screwed up three jobs that required repairs. My pool heater needed repair, but after waiting three months and going through two botched repairs with a company FAHW sent that kept claiming they needed another part, I finally called a local pool repair company myself and paid $550 for the repair. No reimbursement from FAHW. Nine months later, a shower valve went down, and it took two months for them to get a repairman here. He installed a new valve - upside down, and to this day, steaming hot water comes from the cold end of the faucet handle, cold water... Read More

Theresa P
Portland, Texas

Have been trying to get a resolution on a broken microwave for 2 weeks still no resolution! Have been on the phone at least 6 times today hung up on told a manager would call you name it and still nothing. New microwave delivered and sitting in my garage because they claim they can’t find anyone to install. Horrible Customer Service.Theresa Phillips

Richmond, Virginia


Imad R

This company has the worst service ever, stay away and don't wast time or money. It is really bad and they'll whatever they can to ignore your requests. They send other six technician to fix my Dishwasher to determine after all it needs to be replaced.. and that took more than three months. after the approval to get new Dish Washer, they were supposed to get it installed 5-7 days. after 10 days nothing happened, I called them several times and they keep saying the contractor will call you back to schedule appointment, every time i call i had to wait for 20-25 min.. many times they hang up (they'll claim call disconnected) Horrible horrible service, STAY AWAY!!

Robbin F
Independence, Missouri

Horrible. My furnace went out and there was no emergency services available to me to get it fixed. I had to wait weeks to get my furnace fixed in single digit temperatures with a toddler in the home. They are very nonchalant about getting your issues resolved.

Debbie R

Worst customer service. We paid 700 and only had 1 claim in a year that they would not fix. No heat for 1 month and to find out it only cost 2000 to fix the heat.

Terry S
Los Angeles, California

Customer representative could care less about my issues.


I have been a landlord for 34 years, and switched to American Home Warranty two years ago because I thought I could save $100 per year from the home warranty company I had used for ten years with good service. That was stupid. For the last four weeks I have been wrestling with American Home Warranty trying to get a plumbing problem fixed. It has been awful. The contractor they sent wanted $2,400 to do a small job that eventually only cost $500 from a non-AHW contractor. I paid their contractor the $65 service fee, as I was directed to do, then AHW insisted on deducting the service fee that I PAID, from my $500 pay out. "Dawn" could not explain why, and just said, "That is... Read More

Rhonda B
Dallas, Texas

I have found First American Home Warranty to be extremely difficult to deal with as well as unwilling to replace and/or repair items as they claim to do in the policy we have with them. The recent example is TWO separate GE repair companies telling us the broken part on the tub of our Dishwasher is not repairable and would require a full replacement of the unit. First American is stating it is 'cosmetic', eventhough I can barely close the door to the dishwasher and it leaks. This is not the first time I have had similar situation. I would not recommend them to anyone and am currently fighting this latest claim with them on my dishwasher.

Rancho Cucamonga, California

My heating is out and it's near freezing at night. Twice now; the first time the fix lasted 3 weeks. The assigned contractor has 2 BUSINESS DAYS to schedule the repair; weekends are out of the question. The contractors do not work on weekends I was told. I suspect the truth is that the contractors won't do work for First American on weekends. Be prepared to be at the end of the line if your problem is heating/cooling. Be prepared for the contractor to be from out of town. My experience with a broken garage door went better. The contractor was local and competent. But he was only approved to do what is best called half a repair. There was a broken spring. First American... Read More

Highland, California

No, no, no, no, no. They are not a four Star home warranty company. I have three faucets leaking, 2 bath, 1 kitchen. The claim was submitted a long time ago. Still, nothing. I was told they will put the cheapest faucet for the the kitchen or they would cash me out for $50 and no money for the installation. What am I going to do with $50. Two ceiling fans that the remotes are bad, but they don't replace the remote. Uhhhhhhmmmmm, that is the only way it turns on. Worthless. Go to American Home Shield, great customer service and response time, better warranty. They are the best. I had them, but apparently they have a quota of how many claims you can have. Sad. 😢, I really really... Read More

Orange, California

0 STAR This is first time in my life I put review STAY A WAY FROM THIS COMPANY , Customer service are RUDE , They vendor slow and RUDE I was with out heater almost 2 months , Talked to several people no one helpful , they try to charge me $850 for nothing to install heater , I have problem wit my heater almost 2 years and they just find out they need to replace it , DO NOT PURCHASE WARRANTY FROM THIS COMPANY , at the end I found different company to install new heater , they install it in 2 days and less price

kh l
Saratoga, California

If you care about your home, STAY AWAY FROM FIRST AMERICAN HOME WARRANTY. Facts based on my last dealing with them: • First American Home Warranty hires unlicensed and incompetent contractors. • They will take weeks to respond and months resolve cases. • Their premium is much higher than other home warranty companies. The service and their payout are the worst in the industry. • They will offer to replace with the lowest priced brand/model available or THEIR discounted contracted prices as cashout. They've offered me 1/2 of the actual replacement value of the lowest priced comparable unit. One of THE worst companies I've ever dealt with.

Raymond B

OMG ! Look at these awful reviews. Here I though maybe I was one of the few with a bad experience with First American. This company should be investigated by the FBI. Not only have the defrauded me over my heater, they are ripping off everyone. How can they stay in business? If you are thinking about buying a home warranty, just read these comments. I certainly wished I had know this before I got ripped off, denied to repair my heater, and cannot get a supervisor to return my call. Just a repeat of what has been written time and time again by other victims.

Hal A
Azusa, California

First American is not reliable, they use cheap/slow vendors, they have not returned my repeated calls. I have a broken refrigerator for 3 weeks, they have confirmed it is covered, and yet they have not informed me when it will be fixed. I have used them for 20 years on various properties, and the service is usually poor and they avoid paying or responding whenever possible to keep their costs down.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

A BIG SHAM. Heat has been out since 12/21/17. Have spoken with 9 DIFFERENT people, including 2 SUPERVISORS. An absolute different story every single time. Each promised to call us back, to date, have received 0 call backs. Lies after lies. Today is 1/8/18. Snowed 10 inches, temp in single digits. These people don't care!

Cassandra P
Knoxville, Tennessee

I submitted a claim for my heat to be repaired on 11/25/17. It still is not fixed. Seriously. A contractor came out within 3 days of the claim to diagnose the problem, but once the issue went back to FAHW, it has been nothing but a run around. I have to call for updates every time because they give no information. Apparently, the part is on back order, but they said they could get it quicker than the contractor. Like many of you, I have been given a special claim representative, but I can never reach her, so I end up talking to a random person every time who has no clue what is going on. I finally asked to speak to a supervisor, and they transferred me to "Rick." I hate to say it,... Read More

Newport News, Virginia

Worst company I have had them for 3 years and it always take 2 weeks orm longer to take care of job. the agents do not all back like they say and they will not let you talk to anyone over their head. Do not go with this company .

Austin, Texas

Service call went up to $75 for the new contract year. They use low quality sub contractors. I have begun looking at YELP reviews once a contractor has been assign me to and they are not high quality companies. I had a situation which was unliveable and even though they escalated the claim twice, it has taken 2 weeks to get a contractor to my house.

Arlington, Texas

0 stars for me. Has had for 10 years 1st time using. My Hot water heater burst this week and after all is said and done I have to come out my pocket of 700.00. I asked them for a total of what they are paying and they could not or would not tell me. I'm so disappointed in this company. SPOKE WITH 3 DIFFERENT PEOPLE AND GOT 3 DIFFERENT ANSWERS. NEED TO CHANGE THEIR NAME TO RIPP OFF AMERICANS WARRANTY. I AM CANCELLING, I WISH THEIR WAS A WAY TO RECOUP SOME OF MY MONEY. DEBORAH M ARLINGTON TEXAS

Tony C
West Columbia, South Carolina

Worse warranty company ever, Not only does this company have a non-traceable CEO and Corporate officers there is nothing American about it. The service reps are in the Dominican REP ever single person you talk to has an accent. They could care less about your issues but they are experts in the Good ole run around. They website states they have a fleet of pre-screened contractors I would like to know how they screen them as all I have had come to my house are sloppy, toothless, trailer trash people who as far as I am concerned are buying second hand crap and pocketing the rest under the pretense that it is new. I am not one to be messed with and I have my attorney looking into this and if... Read More