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National Interstate RV Insurance Review

Rating: 7.5 / 10 (Very good)
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National Interstate Insurance Company offers insurance products that focuses on the transportation industry. Insurance services covers a variety of vehicles including those for commercial use. Its RV insurance in particular provides specialized protection for recreational vehicles including total loss replacement and full-timers coverage. National Interstate RV Insurance also covers personal belongings, awnings and other RV equipment.



Total loss replacement – replacement with a brand new or comparable unit for RVs totaled on its first 5 model years. Awards you with a brand new RV regardless of depreciation.

Purchase price guarantee – protect your RV against depreciation

Personal effects coverage – provides $1,000 cover for all items or $1,000 in increments for each item

Vacation liability – for injuries you are held liable for at the campsite or in your RV

Trip interruption – pays for costs like hotel stays due to a covered incident

Windshield replacement - $100 deductible for windshield replacement

Awning replacement – replaces awning with similar or comparable item

Diminishing deductible – cut 25 percent off your deductible for each claim-free year

Full-timers coverage – similar to personal liability on homeowner’s policy

Agreed value – payments based on agreed value for total loss. Available for bus conversions only.

Extended utility trailer - $2,000 standard for physical damages to your utility trailer. Can be extended up to $99,000.

Commercial usage – for those who use their vehicles

Mexico physical damage – physical damage coverage extended to Mexico. Requires separate Mexico liability coverage.


Fine Print

Is not available for RVs registered or garaged in AL, DC, MA, MS, RI, VT or HI. Unacceptable risks which voids the policy includes race/ speed test and commercial purposes (see commercial use for eligibility criteria). Mobile homes and RVs registered or garaged in the US but owned by a Canadian citizen. Talk with a National Interstate agent for the complete list of unacceptable risks and restrictions.


Support Services

  • Coach Net – 24/7 toll free roadside assistance for your RV and household autos
  • Emergency expenses


Bottom Line - National Interstate RV Insurance

National Interstate RV insurance provides a good range of RV specific coverage that protects owners and operators against costly RV repairs and breakdowns. However, services are limited vehicles registered or garaged in some states. Its depreciation protection option offers RV owners preserve the value of their investments and keep the costs of repairs to a minimum. Solid coverage and reliable support services makes National Interstate RV insurance one of the best providers of RV insurance today.


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Customer Comments & Reviews

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Scott h
Las Vegas, Nevada
Had insurance thru national interstate for 6yrs now. Had to file my first claim 2 weeks ago after a water line started leaking while we were in the mountains...we continued our vacation instead of returning to get it fixed. The claim was denied because "long term water damage" is excluded...think long and hard before choosing RV insurance. Even this site is paid by insurance companies to advertise there product...do your own research and talk to other RVers....I always thought it was interesting we are legally required to pay insurance companies, but there not required to pay us...you may also look into self insurance or bonded insurance in your state, the money you save on payments might... Read More

we've stayed with this company because it actively loweres our rates every year, the longer we stay . Unlike other companies who let that " slip by". I like that i can call them and the office women have been more than real and easy to communicate with. I can just get on the pc and look at my documents or make payment. I even have gotten personal call/ voice mail to remind me of the upcoming renewal date, which didnt offend me ~ at all. wowza.THATS real customer service. We've had some claims in recent years, but everything went swiftly. I cant speak for the 3rd party situations. But we feel that we are heard AND listened to and thats why we are happy with this insurance... Read More

gary s
Colorado Springs, Colorado
I had to find out that my insurance had been canceled for non-payment when I called in a claim that I knew wouldn't meet my deductible but I wanted noted regardless. Talking with customer services was pointless. They couldn't care less. I also spoke with a rep from RV America who called and basically was told the same thing. Too bad! I never received any invoice or the notices they say they sent. No telling where those went if they actually did send them. As I told them, why would I ignor a $200 payment and then call in a claim two-weeks after they canceled my policy. This not only left me without coverage but now has put my loan in jeopardy. I will never do business with this... Read More

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9.7 / 10


  • 96% overall customer satisfaction rating
  • Customers report average savings of $389 per year
  • Total-loss replacement for motorhomes and travel trailers
  • Specialized coverage for full timers or first-time weekend RV'ers
  • RV storage option allows you to save even more by turning off coverage when your RV is not in use!