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PetPremium We Ranked #10

While PetPremium is a new company in the US, they offer the same coverages (also underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company), as another provider that's been a strong brand in the US for years: ASPCA.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, essentially it means that the policies you get through PetPremium are the same as those offered by ASPCA. Both companies provide policy holders with the same coverage levels. And while PetPremium is a new company, which so far has been well received, they are relatively new still. They opened their doors for business in the Fall of 2013.

PetPremium has per-condition limits, which cause buyer beware, as if your surgery or unexpected bill is greater than $3,500 you're out of luck & will have to pay the difference. For this reason, we'd recommend you look elsewhere.

What's Included with PetPremium:

  • 90% reimbursement
  • Low annual deductable of $100
  • Visit the vet of your choice

The Fine Print:

  • PetPremium pays out only $3,000 per incident unless you purchase their top two policies. That's a dealbreaker us.

The Bottom Line:

PetPremium is still a new company. They may improve their policies over time, however, based on their coverages today they're not the best option we found. Their payout policy limit is a dealbreaker when better alternatives are available so we'd recommend Healthy Paws  or PetPlan

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Daisy O
New York, New York
I've been a customer for about a year and a half and I have to sya I like what they have to offer. I have submitted several claims and the reimbursement process was simple and painless. Not everything was covered, but that is how it is with any insurance. What I like about their website is the vast amount of information about pet health and services. They actually do a lot more than just sell insurance. And they really care about pets. Their customer service always has been professional and helpful. wish they could also insure my other pets other than cats and dogs alone. - Daisy

Jaymi H
Manchester, Connecticut
I've had Pet Premium for a year. It's the first time I've had to purchase pet insurance. I've submitted 2 claims in total. The first was for my cat's spaying. They were slow to payout. I believe the total process took 2 weeks for payment. The second claim was for her shots and other preventative care. That was paid out within a week. My cat is an indoor cat so I'll think I'll be changing to something less expense of cutting back on my coverages with Pet Premium. Their website was cumbersome and confusing at first. I wasn't able to see my cat's plan online, but they've since updated this. But all other policy management has to be handled over the phone. Their customer service... Read More

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