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Rating: 8.9 / 10 (Excellent)
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The original Petplan was founded in the UK in 1976. It's US affiliate, Petplan Pet Insurance - North America, was launched in 2003 and based in Philadelphia. The company is recommended by the Humane Society of the United States and offers comprehensive accident and illness coverage for cats and dogs.

How is Petplan rated?


Benefit Limits
Claims and Service

Overall Rating: 8.9 / 10 (Excellent)

Petplan ranks highly with us chiefly because of the comprehensiveness of coverage, and flexibility in customizing deductible/reimbursement percentage/benefit limit combinations. In light of this, the customer is afforded a high degree of leeway to mix and match to get the right premiums and coverage options for their situation.

Petplan Coverage

Coverage - 10 / 10

Petplan offers extremely comprehensive coverage in comparison to the other companies we rate. They handle all accidents and new illnesses without restrictions for hereditary or congenital conditions, as well as medications, advanced testing and hospital stays. Also, all non-routine veterinary exam fees are covered in all plans, including at emergency & specialist hospitals. Finally, Petplan has the most comprehensive coverage of dental injury and treatment of periodontal disease.
Pets Covered
Coverage Types
Vet Selection
Out-of-State Coverage
Commercial Pets Covered

Medical Conditions Covered

  • Accidental
  • Illness
  • Hereditary
  • Congenital
  • Cancer
  • Chronic
  • Accidental Dental
  • Dental Illness

Medical Treatments Covered

  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription Medications

Benefit Limits

Benefit Limits - 10 / 10

Although Petplan doesn't offer across the board unlimited coverage like Healthy Paws, it does the next best thing by being the company that allows you the most flexibility in choosing and annual benefit limit. Petplan's annual limits can be set at $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000, $25,000 or unlimited. This can be advantageous if you research the types and costs of conditions your particular breed is susceptible to, and combine it with the cost of treatment considering your area.
Benefit Limit Types

Reimbursement & Deductibles

Reimbursement - 10 / 10

Like all the leading pet insurance policies today, Petplan will pay a pre determined percentage of your actual veterinarian bill after you have met your deductible. The percentages available are 70%, 80%, and 90%.
Reimbursement Model
Actual Cost
Minimum Percent Reimbursement
Maximum Percent Reimbursement

Deductibles - 10 / 10

Compared to other providers, Petplan offers a very flexible deductible schedule as well, allowing customers to choose deductible levels anywhere between $100 - $1,000. If you have the wherewithal to meet a higher end deductible, it is going to translate into lower monthly premiums. However, Petplan operates a per condition deductible. So you'll have to take into consideration you will be paying the full deductible for each separate condition.
Deductible Type
Per Condition Annual
Minimum Deductible Offered
Maximum Deductible Offered

Pricing: How much does Petplan cost?

Pricing - 6 / 10

Petplan offers competitive pricing that is pretty much industry standard and in line with what you might expect of comparable plans. The company also offers discounts for registration online, as well military personnel or medical service pets.

Starting Monthly Premiums

Rate Details: Annual Deductible: $1,000, Benefits Cap: $5,000, Reimbursement Model: 70% of Actual Cost
Available Discounts: Wag-worthy 10% discount for veterinary professionals when they enrol online (5% veterinary professional discount + 5% online discount)

Enrollment & Waiting Periouds

Enrollment - 7.5 / 10

Petplan allows enrollment for dogs and cats as young as six weeks. Also, unlike most companies the company does not have an upper age limit so older animals can get covered as well. There is a one time $25 enrollment fee. Accident coverage begins 24 hours after enrollment, but there is a 14 day waiting period for illnesses. Petplan may ask for medical records, but they are typically not required for enrollment.
Min Enrollment Age
6 weeks
Max Enrollment Age
8 years
Illnesses Waiting Period
14 days
Free Look Period
30 days

Claims & Service

Claims and Service - 9 / 10

Petplan is one of the only pet insurance companies to specifically state a claims payout timeframe in its terms and conditions -- 30 days. To file you must first print out and sign the personalized claim form, and either fax, email, or mail it with the relevant receipts and invoices for treatment. Petplan also gives you the flexibility of submitting this information through its app for Android and iPhone.
Advertised Response Time
Claim Form
Online Portal
Mobile App

Contact & Additional Information

Homepage URL
Headquarters Address
3805 West Chester Pike, Suite 240, Newton Square, PA, 19073
Mailing Address
3805 West Chester Pike, Suite 240, Newton Square, PA, 19073
Year Founded

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252 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Bianca D
Darby, Pennsylvania

I am so thankful I have Petplan for my dog Zoey, who unfortunately has an ongoing issue that Petplan is covering. She also recently has been limping and has been to the vet twice for this and we're still unsure what the cause is and Petplan has covered the expenses for this as well. I recently submitted four claims for both the ongoing issue and limping and when I realized my claims were taking a little longer than usual to be completed, I contacted Petplan and spoke with Gina. She made sure I didn't have to wait much longer for my claims to be completed and she notified me that they were done the day after I spoke with her. Thank you Petplan and Gina!

Betsy E
Orlando, Florida

Petplan has been a great Insurance for my 2 Pugs over the last 6.5 years. They recently had Dental surgery ( both dogs) by a Board Certified Dentist and I was unsure if Petplan would pay. I spoke to 3 awesome reps many times, Blair G, Simone and Tami R ( I seemed to need to call daily for about 2 weeks) my claims were expedited ( without me having to ask) and we got reimbursed almost $4000 within about 10 days. My one pug didn't handle the surgery very well and Petplan paid for a specialist and ER visits, no problem. I recently talked to Blair again and she really cared about my dogs and remembered them, asked how they were. The claims representatives are a big plus for me, they helped... Read More

Deby R
Westwood, New Jersey

I just renewed our 3 dogs coverage with the help of Regina B. She was not only friendly and courteous but she also did everything she could to keep our premiums as low as possible. Regina also checked on a claim that I had submitted for one of our dogs knee surgery and expedited so we could receive payment soon. I truly appreciate the kindness and consideration shown to me as a consumer. Thank you Regina!!

Hampstead, North Carolina

After having a very allergic rescue cocker whose medical bills reached 6K the first year, I made the decision to make certain that when I had another cocker, I would have pet insurance. I asked several pet owners which company they used, and every one of them used Pet Plan. I got a new puppy and got Pet Plan insurance. Best decision I ever made. She is more allergic than my last cocker, and as a result has had some medical issues that were very expensive. My claims have been handled expertly, promptly, and few have been declined. The $48 dollars a month is the best money I spend. I now can give Aggie May the care she deserves, and the 10K cap per year, per condition is more than... Read More

Butler, New Jersey

I’m thankful for Petplan insurance. I have 3 rescues and Petplan has helped me give my furbabies the quality care they deserve. Insurance is something you pay for and pray you never use. You have to pay for car insurance and chances are you’re never going to file a claim. Cable TV/Internet and or cell phone bills cost more than pet insurance. Petplan also pays for medications and tests. My Daisy is diabetic and Peggy Sue has Cushings and renal failure costing hundreds of dollars monthly for life. You won’t tuck away enough money to cover the unexpected. Filing a claim could not be easier with the Petplan App., answer a few questions, date, amount, pet’s ailment, take a photo of... Read More

Oakland, California


Kathy K
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have been with Petplan Pet Insurance for several years now. Just recently in the past year and a half my yorkie has experienced pancreatitis which led to exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and diabetes. Without Petplan I am not sure I would have been able to get the best treatment for my baby. They are awesome. Turnaround time for claims is so quick! When your pet is ill, the last thing you should be thinking of is how to pay for meds, tests, visits, etc. Petplan has given me peace of mind.

Cheryl L
Pompano Beach, Florida

My three fur-babies have been insured with Petplan since they were puppies. They are now 12, 10, and 10 years old. I have not had to use my insurance until recently when one of my dachshunds Gracie was diagnosed with mammory cancer. She needed 2 operations since the lumpectomy did not work and she needed to have the whole line of memory glands on one side removed. Thank goodness she's doing great and needed no chemotherapy. Petplan is a lifesaver to me knowing if ever my babies get sick their treatments will be very affordable for me. I put the claim in for Gracie and received a check in the mail within two weeks. Everyone I've spoken to at Petplan were so nice and always asked how... Read More

Denise D
The Bronx, New York

I love PetPlan, but the premium increase is becoming way too costly. I have had two claims and I do understand that premiums rise. I even called to see about increasing my deductibles and co-pays, but the savings were minimal at best. I work in the insurance industry so I get how it all works. I was advised that the new underwriter is not allowing changes until you are a customer for three years. I insure 5 cats and want to add a 6th. I am sorry to say that you are going to lose a customer.

Toni B
Huntington Beach, California

I have had PetPlan Insurance for 9 years. I have never had a claim, but have renewed my insurance with the staff direct every year and they are wonderful, Gina Blair was outstanding and Tammy and all the other staff are very knowledgeable and very helpful. I won;t claim they are the most competitive rates, they were the best when I first purchased 9 yrs ago, but rates have been raised after 3 yrs at least 40% each year with no claims, so if I was to purchase again I would have to make an assessment of their costs. Pet insurance is very expensive as is our pets care, but it is an investment for the health risks we face with our pets. Hope I never have to use it, but I know Pet Plan will... Read More

Keyai L  
Official Response

Community Manager of Petplan Pet Insurance
Hi Toni, thank you for choosing Petplan for your family for all of these years. Please email us at if you would like us to take a closer look at your policy to make sure you are taking advantage of every option to reduce your monthly premium. In many cases the ability to customize your policy can result in reducing the cost.

Top Rated
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8.9 / 10
  • Comprehensive Coverage (includes vet exam fee!)
  • Flexible annual reimbursement up to Unlimited
  • Choose Annual Deductible from $100-$1,000
  • 24/7 Customer Service – top rated, always available
  • Use any veterinarian in the US or Canada
  • Fast, paperless claim reimbursement via Petplan App
  • 10% Online Discount & Free Barkbox Offer