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Petplan Pet Insurance Overview

Petplan is a top choice for pet insurance because they offer some of the most comprehensive coverage around for your furry friend. The company's standard policies cover accidents and new illnesses, and provide access to treatment options that generally would only otherwise be available through costly riders in comparable plans. Petplan covers dogs and cats and its customer care center is open round the clock seven days a week to answer any questions you may have. The company also offers a mobile app for iPhone and Android where customers can find vets and submit and check the status of their claims.

When it comes to coverage for your dollar, Petplan offers a variety of competitive plans to make sure your dog or cat is covered from tail to snout.

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What's Included with Petplan:

  • * 24/7 support
  • * Fully customizable plan featuring annual policy limits of $2,500 to UNLIMITED coverage.
  • * No per condition limits, no lifetime limits, no age limits over 6 weeks of age.
  • * Choice of $100 to $1,000 deductible 
  • * Choose to apply deductible annually or per condition
  • * 90%, 80%, and 70% reimbursement options based on actual veterinary fees.
  • * Covers all accidents and new illnesses without restrictions for hereditary or congenital conditions.
  • * Covers medications, advanced testing and hospital stays.
  • * AARP exclusive pet insurance provider.
  • * Non-routine veterinary exam fees are covered in all plans, including at Emergency & Specialist Hospitals.
  • * Most comprehensive coverage of dental injury and treatment of periodontal disease for all teeth.
  • * Use any veterinarian in the US or Canada.
  • * Free PetHub Lost & Found tag.
  • * 24/7 "Fetch-a-Vet" helpline via PetCoach.

Plan Details

 Type of contract

 12 months

 Enrollment age

 6 weeks and up

 Effective date

 Refer to Declaration Page

 Waiting period

 Injuries: 5 days

 Illnesses: 15 days

 Out of state coverage


 Out of country coverage

 US & Canada only

 Claims and policy price 

 NO increase in premiums due to claims made

 Age caveat

Pets six (6) years or older at the time of initial enrollment will be required to have a veterinary exam within thirty (30) days of the policy inception date.


 $100 to $1,000 deductible

 Claim limit

 Maximum annual payout $2,500 to UNLIMITED coverage

Issuance Fee

 $25. Refundable if the policy is cancelled within the first 30  days. Not applicable in all states.


What does Petplan cover?

Pets: Cats and Dogs

Standard Coverage

Accidents and injuries
Non-routine Vet Exams including ER and Specialists
MRI, ultrasound, CT Scans
Diagnostic treatments
Prescriptions & Nutraceuticals
Dental (injuries and periodontal disease)
Alternative therapies like acupuncture, stem cell therapy, hydrotherapy and holistic treatments. 

Ancillary Coverage 
For plans with an annual coverage limit of $15,000 or greater. ($1,000 limit per year)

Behavioral conditions
Lost pet advertising and reward
Boarding fees
Loss due to theft or straying
Death from covered illness/injury
Vacation cancellation

NOT covered

Pre-existing conditions that showed clinical signs or symptoms prior to the effective date of the policy or during the policy waiting period.
Routine care

PregnancyLIMITED coverage

Discounts (Max 10%)

5% Online
10% Military Personnel – active or retired
​10% Medical Service Pet

The Fine Print:

  • Flat-rate reimbursement for veterinary bill fees. In other words, Petplan reimburses you the cost of your vet bill (minus your deductible, up to the policy limit you selected).
  • Deductibles can be applied annually or on a per condition basis. They will also reset each year at renewal.
  • It does not cover routine care and will not pay for pre-existing conditions.
  • Waiting period: 5 days for injuries, 15 days for illnesses.
  • Petplan is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as all provinces of Canada. The company is underwritten by XL Specialty, an international insurance carrier with an extensive global presence and a S&P rating of A+.

Office Photos:

PetPlan Pet Insurance Office

Final Sniff

Petplan is a top notch pet insurance provider. Their plans cover all major illnesses in your cats and dogs and offer flexible deductible and coverage limit options to fit your budget and situation. They make it easy to find a vet and monitor claims with their mobile app, and you can never be disappointed with 24/7 support. The fact that Petplan includes things like alternative therapies in its standard policy is a big plus as well. Throw in the additional features for policies of $15,000 or more and cool freebies like Fetch-a-Vet and the PetHub lost and found tag and you'll see why we rank the company highly.

Petplan monthly premiums tend to be a bit on the pricier side of the scale, but this must be weighed against the company's lengthy list of features, comprehensive coverage including payment of veterinary exam fees, and great customer service. Despite the price tag, Petplan customers can enjoy the peace of mind that help will always be there. Tens of thousands of pet owners choose Petplan every year to protect their furry family members.

The Bottom Line:

There's a reason AARP chose them as their pet insurance partner & there's a reason they're popular with consumers. Petplan is a great choice for pet insurance. 

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Saint Petersburg, Florida
I am a Federal employee and was supposed to get a 10% discount for being an AFGE employee. Then an additional 5% for signing up through the website. The difference in the quoted price was from $28 to $26. First the woman I was chatting with through the site tried to tell me I received the full discount offered. Then when I cut and pasted the offer from AFGE as well as the offer from their website she said, "We only give a 10% discount maximum." I want insurance from a company that is honest. This one was out right deceptive.

Keith Guse  
Official Response

Director of Content of Petplan Pet Insurance
Hello, I think I can help clear up some confusion. The 10% discount you get through AFGE is a 5% partner discount + the 5% discount for enrolling online. It sounds like there was some confusion about how that discount broke down, leading you to believe there was an additional 5% that could be applied on top of that. I sincerely apologize for any confusion and hope that helps clear things up. Thank you.
Real E
Buena Park, California
I got my puppy a little over a year ago, and for that time I have paid petplan without any problem, I had a fraudulent charge to my acct and their payment was stopped, after they called I told them I had a problem with the bank as asked them to charge it again and contact me if they had any other problems. Well they could not charge it and according to them they called me ONCE and I did not answer! So they just canceled! Now for me to start the plan again they want me to pay more, they want me to wait 15 days for my dog to be covered and a note from the vet! This is ridiculous! No customer service at all! They took my money but the first time I needed someone to work with me, they called... Read More

Keith Guse  
Official Response

Director of Content of Petplan Pet Insurance
Hi there, It sounds like quite the frustrating experience and I'd like to investigate this further to see if I can help. Can you please email me at [email protected] so we can chat further? Thank you.
Stacey W
The "happiness manager" (Emily B.) did a great job working through a somewhat complicated claim issue, with a favorable result for our claim (with several calls and always with a pleasant and welcoming manner -- a pleasure to work with her). To get such a favorable result means that the claims adjuster was also willing to work out the issue to our benefit. We had a different insurer for one of our cats, and the Pet Plan experience has been a welcome relief. We will recommend Pet Plan to other pet owners.

Keith Guse  
Official Response

Director of Content of Petplan Pet Insurance
Thank you, Stacey!
Veronica F
Saint Louis, Missouri
I cannot say enough positive remarks about Petplan. My dog Coco became suddenly ill and was in grave condition. She had acute pancreatitis/Gastroenteritis and was hospitalized in/out for a couple of weeks. While she was being treated for this condition it was discovered that she had Cancer. I was devastated as most pet parents would be. I almost lost Coco last weekend and my heart was broke. I had to submit claim after claim to Pet Plan and I thought for sure I would lose my insurance however; Pet Plan was incredible. They paid my claims without hesitation and never once denied any claims for me. I am thankful for Pet Plan and I have been asked numerous times at the hospitals and vets who... Read More

Keith Guse  
Official Response

Director of Content of Petplan Pet Insurance
So glad to hear about Coco! Thanks, Veronica!
Barbara G
They were once THE BEST. Since they changed the underwriter, everything is different. I have two dogs that are older if they were not I would leave. They are now no different then the rest. In fact, they might be worse. They deny claims that they should pay then you have to call and argue with them. I will never use them or recommend them again.

Keith Guse  
Official Response

Director of Content of Petplan Pet Insurance
Hi Barbara, I'm sorry to hear you're unhappy with the current level of service you're currently receiving and the assumption that since we've changed underwriters we're now the same as the competition. I'd like to discuss this further with you and demonstrate why we offer more value than ever before - as well as to take a further look into your claims history and better understand why they were denied. Please send me an email at [email protected] so we can continue this conversation. Thank you.
[email protected]
Kailua Kona, Hawaii
I am not sure how they are shown as having an annual deductible. It is just not true. I have been with them for many years. So after reading this, I called them today and asked about it. I was told you need to be approved for it. I asked how that happened and was told I could not have any claims. I asked where on their website I would find information about it. I was told it was not on their website and would have to call in to ask about it. Very misleading and very expensive for owners of dogs who have problems as they age or are just sensitive.

Keith Guse  
Official Response

Director of Content of Petplan Pet Insurance
Hello, I apologize for the confusion around the annual deductible which is a new option we are able to provide pet parents on a case-by-case basis. We do mention the annual deductible on our website, but I apologize if it was not made more clear to you as an existing policyholder with prior claims the restrictions around applying it. I hope that we can have a conversation about the new plan and how it can better serve you. Please email me at [email protected] so we can follow up. Thank you.
Only buy pet insurance as soon as you adopt a new born puppy or kitten. They will not pay your claim if your pet has any medical history. They will connect anything in your pet's history to rule it a pre existing condition so they don't have to pay.

I highly recommend PetPlan. Recently our Golden was diagnosed with cancer. It is not only heartbreaking but very stressful. We had to visit multiple veterinary specialists. Even though we avoided surgery, I was shocked at how expensive the tests and treatments were. The bills were piling on quickly and I filled out one claim form for the first two vet bills and sent it in. After that, there were quite a few additional bills so I called and spoke with Caitlin and Adriana just make sure all the claims were properly filled out and received by the claims group.…. they both were very nice, very helpful and they both followed up with personal notes letting me know everything was received.... Read More

Keith Guse  
Official Response

Director of Content of Petplan Pet Insurance
Thank you, Tom!
Diane C
Selected an annual deductible of $500/and for 80% of bills paid after that. When my dog turned seven all of the sudden it became a 'per incident deductible of $500'. When she turned eight changed to: '$800' per incident with only 70% paid once deductible was met. Continually told 'it was always a per incident deductible'. $800 per incident, in essence, makes it useless & as your pet ages, diagnostic testing needed is deemed another incident for each test -most ranging anywhere from $200-$400. Switching companies means everything prior is excluded. So I had an extremely sick Dog, a premium of $1,300+ and everything submitted falling under the deductible & deemed "a separate... Read More

[email protected]
South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Ive had this insurance for my dog for 8 years. Now for the same coverage his policy is going up from $638.09/per year to over $1400.00! They suggest going from a $100 PER CONDITION deductible to $300 deductible per condition, at 70% coverage for $5000 coverage per year to get the cost down(still expensive) They say this is due to a new underwriter. It is useless insurance now and inaccessible! I find this ridiculous and don't know what I'm going to do. He had a $100 deductible, at 80% and $10,000 per year. Don't get this insurance!

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