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Rating: 8.9 / 10 (Very good)
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Petplan Pet Insurance Overview

Petplan is a top choice for pet insurance because they offer some of the most comprehensive coverage around for your furry friend. The company's standard policies cover accidents and new illnesses, and provide access to treatment options that generally would only otherwise be available through costly riders in comparable plans. Petplan covers dogs and cats and its customer care center is open round the clock seven days a week to answer any questions you may have. The company also offers a mobile app for iPhone and Android where customers can find vets and submit and check the status of their claims.

When it comes to coverage for your dollar, Petplan offers a variety of competitive plans to make sure your dog or cat is covered from tail to snout.

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What's Included with Petplan:

  • * 24/7 support
  • * Fully customizable plan featuring annual policy limits of $2,500 to UNLIMITED coverage.
  • * No per condition limits, no lifetime limits, no age limits over 6 weeks of age.
  • * Choice of $100 to $1,000 deductible 
  • * Choose to apply deductible annually or per condition
  • * 90%, 80%, and 70% reimbursement options based on actual veterinary fees.
  • * Covers all accidents and new illnesses without restrictions for hereditary or congenital conditions.
  • * Covers medications, advanced testing and hospital stays.
  • * AARP exclusive pet insurance provider.
  • * Non-routine veterinary exam fees are covered in all plans, including at Emergency & Specialist Hospitals.
  • * Most comprehensive coverage of dental injury and treatment of periodontal disease for all teeth.
  • * Use any veterinarian in the US or Canada.
  • * Free PetHub Lost & Found tag.
  • * 24/7 "Fetch-a-Vet" helpline via PetCoach.

Plan Details

 Type of contract

 12 months

 Enrollment age

 6 weeks and up

 Effective date

 Refer to Declaration Page

 Waiting period

 Injuries: 5 days

 Illnesses: 15 days

 Out of state coverage


 Out of country coverage

 US & Canada only

 Claims and policy price 

 NO increase in premiums due to claims made

 Age caveat

Pets six (6) years or older at the time of initial enrollment will be required to have a veterinary exam within thirty (30) days of the policy inception date.


 $100 to $1,000 deductible

 Claim limit

 Maximum annual payout $2,500 to UNLIMITED coverage

Issuance Fee

 $25. Refundable if the policy is cancelled within the first 30  days. Not applicable in all states.


What does Petplan cover?

Pets: Cats and Dogs

Standard Coverage

Accidents and injuries
Non-routine Vet Exams including ER and Specialists
MRI, ultrasound, CT Scans
Diagnostic treatments
Prescriptions & Nutraceuticals
Dental (injuries and periodontal disease)
Alternative therapies like acupuncture, stem cell therapy, hydrotherapy and holistic treatments. 

Ancillary Coverage 
For plans with an annual coverage limit of $15,000 or greater. ($1,000 limit per year)

Behavioral conditions
Lost pet advertising and reward
Boarding fees
Loss due to theft or straying
Death from covered illness/injury
Vacation cancellation

NOT covered

Pre-existing conditions that showed clinical signs or symptoms prior to the effective date of the policy or during the policy waiting period.
Routine care

PregnancyLIMITED coverage

Discounts (Max 10%)

5% Online
10% Military Personnel – active or retired
​10% Medical Service Pet

The Fine Print:

  • Flat-rate reimbursement for veterinary bill fees. In other words, Petplan reimburses you the cost of your vet bill (minus your deductible, up to the policy limit you selected).
  • Deductibles can be applied annually or on a per condition basis. They will also reset each year at renewal.
  • It does not cover routine care and will not pay for pre-existing conditions.
  • Waiting period: 5 days for injuries, 15 days for illnesses.
  • Petplan is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as all provinces of Canada. The company is underwritten by XL Specialty, an international insurance carrier with an extensive global presence and a S&P rating of A+.

Office Photos:

PetPlan Pet Insurance Office

Final Sniff

Petplan is a top notch pet insurance provider. Their plans cover all major illnesses in your cats and dogs and offer flexible deductible and coverage limit options to fit your budget and situation. They make it easy to find a vet and monitor claims with their mobile app, and you can never be disappointed with 24/7 support. The fact that Petplan includes things like alternative therapies in its standard policy is a big plus as well. Throw in the additional features for policies of $15,000 or more and cool freebies like Fetch-a-Vet and the PetHub lost and found tag and you'll see why we rank the company highly.

Petplan monthly premiums tend to be a bit on the pricier side of the scale, but this must be weighed against the company's lengthy list of features, comprehensive coverage including payment of veterinary exam fees, and great customer service. Despite the price tag, Petplan customers can enjoy the peace of mind that help will always be there. Tens of thousands of pet owners choose Petplan every year to protect their furry family members.

The Bottom Line:

There's a reason AARP chose them as their pet insurance partner & there's a reason they're popular with consumers. Petplan is a great choice for pet insurance. 

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Alicia Leesha
Clifton Park, New York
we have had petplan for years. We have always been treated with respect and our vet bills get paid. If it werent for petplan we wouldn't be able to keep one of our dogs who has been very ill. I would guess over the years they have put over 35K into our labrador with degenerative disk disease, hip dysplasia, teeth problems( root canals/extractions) and autoimmune issues.

Karen Gerth
Ephrata, Pennsylvania
It is because of the excellent care that we were able to provide our golden that he survived three years with cancer. They were good years, too! We couldn't have done all we did without Pet Plan. Max saw on oncologist; he needed an internist, and towards the end, a neurologist. We worked with an integrative vet all three years as well. The combination of Western and Eastern medicine is why I believe he outlived the average lifespan for this type of cancer by an additional year! For that we are very grateful. We never had to worry about funds. We knew PetPlan would be there to reimburse us for the treatments we did.. After losing one golden at 5 yrs old (all was well at 10 am &... Read More

Lisa Walters
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
My fur-baby started out on VPI. I did not love VPI because reimbursement at that time (I don't know if it's still true) was based on what they thought I should have been charged, not what I was actually charged. And I always got charged a LOT more than VPI thought I should, and I was the one who ate the difference. So when Buffy was around 2 or 3 we switched to PetPlan. She's 9 now. We've been through eating clothing, a feather pillow, and more UTI's than you'd believe. And we've added 10 year old Ollie to the mix. Ollie has brought REAL challenges. Fanconi syndrome, an ear hematoma which put him in a cone of shame, and while in the cone of shame he was SO determined to scratch... Read More

Shimol Shah
Oakland, California
I have had PetPlan now for my dog Sascha(female pug) for 5years. They are great when it comes to service - always easy to get someone on the phone, also helpful and courteous. The one thing which is pushing them back from being excellent instead of very good is - the costs. Every year for the last 3 years the premium has gone up by 20-25% which is very steep and IMO cannot be explained by inflation or any other means. I love PetPlan, so I really hope they fix the costs part, as it is deterrent for people to stick around.

Melissa Marie
Carpinteria, California
Pet plan is the best insurance company! Because of them I am able to provide my dog with cancer treatment. It's because of pet plan that my dog has gone to live past the 3 months they gave him. I am forever grateful to them. I have to say, it is rare to actually like your insurance company. They have covered 80% of all of my dog's radiation and chemo testament, as well as his holistic vet and nutritionist consult with no hassle. They are truly the best!

Cynthia Ward Blaylock
Dana Point, California
Sammy, our rescue pit bull, had tumors on three different areas of his body. Pet Plan worked efficiently over the New Years Eve holiday to process the pre-authorization request I submitted. Our vet recommended cleaning his teeth while he was under general anesthesia for the surgery and that was not covered under Sammy's policy. However, after his surgery, Pet Plan quickly sent us a check for $1,341.59 on our total incurred costs of $1,662.78. I have had three dogs on Pet Plan (one has passed away) and I have always been happy with their fairness and efficiency. It is so easy to call them and talk to a real person who is able to answer any questions on the spot. I recommend Pet Plan to all... Read More

Gretchen Buell
Denton, Texas
I purchased PetPlan in March of 2015 when Judah was three months old. In January 2016 it became apparent that Judah had developed juvenile cataracts. We saw dog ophthalmologist. She watched both his eyes for eleven months. It became apparent in November 2016 that his left eye was going blind and wouldn't recover. So on November 10 Judah had cataract surgery on that left eye. PetPlan had me gather all of his veterinary history and all the bills and diagnosis for this surgery. Judah is a two year old Australian Labradoodle. I submitted all these bills. They paid for the eye surgery. That bill was 2600 and change. It only took three weeks for them to process my request. I'm so... Read More

My yorkie-poo required extensive dental surgery due to genetic gum disease. He had 14 teeth pulled and had a tumor removed & biopsied. While I pay what I consider a lot of money for health insurance, I am relieved when something like this past episode happens, because I know that Scully will be covered and I don't have to worry about both Scully and the finances associated with keeping him healthy. Most of us feel that our pets are a part of our family and would do just about anything to keep them well and happy. We all hope that nothing ever happens to our pets, but when something does, it's a relief to know that we have insurance to help pay the expense of necessary procedures.

Alison Cherry
Brooklyn, New York
My cat had to have emergency surgery last month, and it ended up costing me $6000. It only took Petplan a month to cover 80% of the costs of her hospitalization, surgery, and medication. I'm so relieved!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
We CANNOT say enough good things about Pet Plan. Our Old English Sheepdog, Dawkins, has, despite some incredible care, battled both hip dysplasia (age 6) and now an aggressive cancer (age 8). We have the 80%/$200 deductible plan and it has been worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. Not only does PetPlan cover hereditary diseases AND cancer (so long as you have the plan before diagnosis - which makes sense!), but they make it SO EASY to use. I literally have NEVER had to check on reimbursement checks or fight b/c I "thought something was covered." They have covered everything from laser therapy, to adequan injections, to scans, chemo and even supplements/holistic treatments while battling cancer.... Read More

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