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Healthy Paws is a pet insurance company based in Washington state that provides coverage for cats and dogs. They are underwritten by Chubb Group, a consistently highly-rated insurer. Healthy Paws offers an industry-leading suite of policies that include unlimited lifetime benefits, high reimbursement, affordable coverage, and top rated customer service.

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Benefit Limits
Claims and Service

Overall Rating: 9.8 / 10 (Excellent)

Healthy Paws consistently ranks highly across all of our ranking factors. The company offers solid, comprehensive coverage with no caps of any kind. They reimburse you on the cost of your actual vet bill and there is no limit as to for what and how many claims you can make. Healthy Paws provides all of this at a price the same as, or even lower than less comprehensive plans.

Healthy Paws Coverage

Coverage - 9 / 10

Compared to other pet insurance providers, Healthy Paws offers the most comprehensive coverage, and does so without any caps or limits. Policies cover all accidents and illnesses without restrictions for hereditary or congenital conditions. The company also includes services like advanced testing, surgeries, hospital stays, and prescription medications, as well as alternative therapies and emergency care. Healthy Paws does not have a wellness plan, but they will treat canine hip dysplasia if it is not a pre existing condition.
Pets Covered
Coverage Types
Vet Selection
Out-of-State Coverage
Commercial Pets Covered

Medical Conditions Covered

  • Accidental
  • Illness
  • Hereditary
  • Congenital
  • Cancer
  • Chronic
  • Accidental Dental

Medical Treatments Covered

  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription Medications
  • Emergency Care
  • Specialty Care
  • Alternative Care

Benefit Limits

Benefit Limits - 10 / 10

Where Healthy Paws really asserts its dominance is in benefit limits. Regardless of the plan you choose, there are no caps on coverage, either annual, lifetime, or per incident. Generally speaking, other companies offer unlimited benefits as an option of only their highest level and most expensive plans. This is not the case with Healthy Paws, it is included in their standard price plan. As long as the condition or treatment is covered under the plan (i.e. not a pre existing condition) there is no limit to what the company will pay to make your animal well. For example, the company recently paid out over $18,000 on a $20,000 vet bill in order to save the life of a dog suffering from cancer.
Benefit Limit Types

Reimbursement & Deductibles

Reimbursement - 10 / 10

As with deductibles, Healthy Paws is in line with the industries best companies by allowing you the flexibility of customizing your reimbursement percentage as well. You can select either 70%, 80%, or 90% at the outset of your policy. Healthy Paws reimbursement is based on the actual veterinary bill. The company will compile all covered treatments for a given claim, and pay your chosen percent after you've met the deductible. As with low deductibles, high percentage payouts are going to equal a more costly monthly premium.
Reimbursement Model
Actual Cost
Minimum Percent Reimbursement
Maximum Percent Reimbursement

Deductibles - 10 / 10

Like all the best pet insurance companies, Healthy Paws allows you to customize your deductible to best suit your financial needs. Values can be set at $100, $250, and $500. Obviously if you go with the $100 deductible you'll get a higher payout per incident, but you are going to be paying a higher monthly premium as well.
Deductible Type
Minimum Deductible Offered
Maximum Deductible Offered

Pricing: How much does Healthy Paws cost?

Pricing - 10 / 10

Considering no limits of any kind, and the customizable payout percentages and deductibles, Healthy Paws plans are reasonably priced and even cheaper than less substantial plans. What's more, the company also offers a host of discounts, including special rates for members of AARP, AAA, and Costco.

Starting Monthly Premiums

Rate Details: Annual Deductible: $500, Benefit Cap: Annual & Unlimited, Reimbursement Model: 70% of Annual Cost
Available Discounts: 10% Lifetime Discount for Animal Welfare Volunteers, 10% Lifetime Discount for Association or Alumni Organizations, 10% Lifetime Discount for Membership Groups such as AAA, AARP, and Costco, 15% Lifetime Discount for Employer Sponsored Plans, 10% Lifetime Discount for Military Service

Enrollment & Waiting Periods

Enrollment - 10 / 10

Healthy Paws enrolls pets 8 weeks and older. While some companies have no upper age enrollment restrictions, Healthy Paws limits coverage to 13 years old and younger. Similarly, where some companies offer accident coverage almost immediately, Healthy Paws has a 15 day waiting period for accidents and illnesses. The waiting period for hip dysplasia is 12 months. Healthy Paws will not cover hip dysplasia if the pet was 6 years or older at the time of enrollment. Other companies we review have no such restrictions on hip dysplasia. For pets younger than 6 you'll have to provide documentation of a complete physical within the last 12 months. Pets older than 6 must have had a complete examination within the last 30 days.
Min Enrollment Age
8 weeks
Max Enrollment Age
13 years
Accident Waiting Period
15 days
Illnesses Waiting Period
15 days
Free Look Period
30 days

Claims & Service

Claims and Service - 10 / 10

Healthy Paws has a proven track record of fulfilling claims fast and with as little fuss as possible compared to other pet insurance companies. Customer support is efficient and courteous and available 7 days a week. With Healthy Paws you have the ability to file a claim online or through their mobile app. You simply submit the veterinarian invoice and the company will send you the reimbursement check. Claims are generally processed within a few days.
Advertised Response Time
Claim Form
Online Portal
Mobile App

Contact & Additional Information

Homepage URL
Headquarters Address
1229 120th Ave NE Ste C, Bellevue, WA, 98105
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 50034, Bellevue, WA, 98105
Year Founded

Top Rated
Our Partner
9.8 / 10
  • Consistently #1 in customer satisfaction, A+ BBB
  • Chosen by almost 90% of ConsumersAdvocate.org visitors
  • Comprehensive illness and accident coverage
  • Unlimited lifetime benefits + no claim caps!
  • Annual deductible (recommended)
  • Free mobile app & no claims forms

Latest Healthy Paws Reviews

Based on1,476 Reviews fromHealthy Paws customers
Claudia O
Ashburn, Virginia

Healthy Paws is amazing! My dog Chloe just seems to be accident-prone. From getting bitten by a copperhead snake (ER visit) to reconstructive knee surgery on both knees (and a number of emergencies in between), Healthy Paws has never denied coverage, never quibbled with the bills, and always sent a follow-up email checking on my girl to make sure she is doing better. I could only wish that people health insurance were half as good.

Gus S
Newark, New Jersey

I am a certified dog trainer. I've researched all the pet insurance companies. While this doesn't pay for routine visits, it is by far the best. The main reason I got this was in case we were faced with a huge bill which usually means diagnostic tests and lab work. I chose the $250 deductible and 90% coverage. One difference is it's not per incident. The $250 deductible is for everything that may come up in a year. I have a friend with another big name pet insurance who has $250 but it's for each item. His dog hurt his leg, the $250 gets deducted before reimbursement. Three months later, ear infection, he has to satisfy the $250 again. Not the case here. So if I get a bill for... Read More

Hillsboro, Oregon

Healthy paws has been amazing to me and my dog during his emergency! They were super helpful and cooperative and were able to assist me last minute for a pre approved surgery so that there was no delay for his treatment. Their customer service during and after my boys surgery has been above and beyond. I have recommended them to all of my friends with pets.

Dallas, Texas

Can't say thank you enough! they actually paid what they said they would and also checked on my dog after the incident! unusual for an insurance to act humanely! Thank you HPaws for your honest work and for make us feel in good hands! Mocha is in recovery and will be fine!

San Jose, California

Healthy Paws was great to work with when our English Bull Terrier went in for emergency surgery to remove a foreign object. We called and they were very responsive on the phone as well as via email. Their prices are reasonable from what I’ve seen and even though pet insurance is very expensive I found it is worth it. After the surgery they emailed to follow up on the well being of my pup and were great about contacting the vet for additional information. Definitely would recommend them in the future.

Los Angeles, California

We have been using healthypaws for nearly 3 years for our boy, Denver. All the time, we feel lucky with our choice. It is just so easy to file a claim and the claim gets processed efficiently and professionally. We have been recommending healthypaws to our friends and neighbors who have a fur baby. Recently, we are more than impressed!! Denver was bitten by a rattle snake and remained in 24 hour intensive care for 4 days. The medical bills ran up to nearly $13,000. Healthypaws kept their promise and made it possible for me to focus on caring for Denver, not worrying for the pet policy! Mentally and financially it meant a lot to us! Thank you, Healthypaws! Daisy from CA

Marlene J
Dallas, Texas

I can't say enough amazing things about Healthy Paws Pet Insurance! They are hands down a no-nonsense reliable and professional insurance company. We have had our Duke insured with HP since he was about 10 weeks old and I admit that at times I wondered if it was worth the monthly expense because he has always been fairly healthy except for minor miscellaneous things such as ear infections, etc., but we recently got confirmation that it is no doubt well worth it! It has always been so quick and easy to deal with HP thanks to their user friendly web site and phone app where we file our claims instantly or change coverage options, and the best part is being reimbursed within 7-10 days,... Read More

Christine C
Newark, New Jersey

Fabulous!!! So fortunate to have Healthy Paws for my ShihTzu Stella. She recently had surgery for a Luxating Patella. Everyone at HP has been so kind and caring. I have received multiple emails regarding her recovery and sending hugs. HP has provided superior processing and payments of claims. Plus, at anytime I have called HP, the customer service has always been professional, knowledgeable and very considerate. Thank You Healthy Paws!!!

Ashburn, Virginia

I have 3 dogs and they are all insured through Healthy Paws. One of my dogs is dachshund that had to go through 2 surgeries in the last 2 years. Healthy Paws had been so great and supportive throughout these surgeries and they were quick to reimburse me. His surgery was two weeks and luckily all went great and he is slowly recovering.

Chicago, Illinois

We never realized how important insurance was for dogs until a couple months after we rescued our first dog, Kyle. Since only a few months old, he has struggled with terrible allergies, bouts of nonstop vomiting, diarrhea, endless trips to the vet, and adding incredible worry to myself and my wife. Thankfully, every single time Kyle has needed medication, xrays, bloodwork, emergency overnight stays, and everything in between, Healthy Paws has covered it all at 90%. When our dog has an emergency, or more common issues, the last thing my wife and I want to have to worry about is "can we afford this?" We can stand here today knowing that our backs, and our dogs, are covered each and every... Read More

Virginia H
Ashburn, Virginia

No one ever expects to deal with a serious illness with their pet soon after adopting them but this is what happened to me. Luckily, I had the presence of mind to sign up my new family member with Healthy Paws as soon as I adopted her and I took her to the vet for her initial wellness exam as soon as she came home. Unfortunately, not than long after she started to show signs she was not feeling well. We ran many tests and exams to determine what was wrong. All through the process the Customer Support at Healthy Paws was exceptionally kind and helpful! The submission of claims was simple and fast and the reimbursement took about a week and there were zero issues with the entire... Read More

Seattle, Washington

We fell in love with Molly when we brought her home at 8 weeks old. She was our first dog and we didn’t know what we were getting into. Puppies are overwhelming! She was around four months old when she had to have a cancerous growth removed from her leg. She had complications that went along with that. We finally got her healthy and she went lame on that same leg. Lots of activity restrictions, cage rest, multiple sets of X-rays, an MRI, more X-rays, and a joint tap turned up a possible ACL tear. We decided to wait it out and see what happened. We wanted to let our puppy be a puppy for a few months. She eventually completely tore her ACL along with her meniscus. We decided it was... Read More

Boston, Massachusetts

Healthy Paws has been so incredible during my dog's "mystery" illness. Their rates are very competitive and their reimbursement policies are best in the industry, especially when it matters most. Additionally, their customer service has been friendly and helpful.

Liz M
Los Angeles, California

I searched for a good pet insurance for my dog knowing that sooner than later issues would arise. Well sure enough some pretty hefty incidents happened. I’m so happy I went with Healthy Paws. They’ve been nothing but awesome! If I didn’t have them I’m not sure how I would’ve afforded the care that my dog needed. They even follow up and ask how your pet is doing. Who does that in these days? I believe this company started because they really do care what happens to our pets.. thank you again, Healthy Paws!

Ashburn, Virginia

Healthy paws has been fantastic to deal with! Their customer service is wonderful. My 4 legger needed to have an extensive leg surgery. They covered everything other than my deductible and kept in email contact with me the whole time. I even got a follow up email asking how my dog was feeling and recovering. I don’t have human children so my little 4 legger is my son, and I truly feel like healthy paws understands that. They show compassion and respect, as well as enthusiasm and knowledge in every communication I’ve had with them. I would highly recommend!

Ashburn, Virginia

Healthy Paws has done so much for our family! When our girl needed unexpected knee surgery, Healthy Paws was the biggest blessing. We were able to get our pup through surgery and post-operative care without needing to worry about our finances. Everyone with whom I’ve spoken at Healthy Paws is kind, caring, and extremely helpful. I could not give a higher recommendation!

Seattle, Washington

Healthy Paws is not only easy to use, but the policies are straight-forward and easy to understand. I never felt confused about what would be covered and what wouldn't be, and submitting claims is so simple. When our large breed dog needed knee surgery, Healthy Paws not only took care of our claim promptly, but checked in to see how our pup was doing. I'd give them 10 stars if I could. We will always insure our pets with Healthy Paws.

kerrie b
Los Angeles, California

I could not be happier with the service and treatment I received from Healthy Paws. My 5 year old, 82# Rhodesian Ridgeback was bitten by a rattlesnake in my backyard one afternoon. I took her to the vet thinking it was am allergic reaction to a bee sting on her face. Turns out it was a rattler and we got her help in time. She needed anti-venom and overnight care. The bill came to $1300. Not only did Healthy Paws cover the 80% after small deductible, but did so VERY quickly and no questions or hassles. They also reached out to make sure she was ok after they heard of my claim. Thank you so much Healthy Paws. Dolce has recovered 100% and is back to being her usual self. Thank you for such... Read More

Stephanie C
Newark, New Jersey

My experience with Healthy Paws has been phenomenal since day one. My two dogs are covered and both have had major surgery which were covered by Healthy Paws. Their claim process is swift, easy and they respond quickly when more documentation is needed. They have even sent me emails asking how my babies were doing after their surgeries. I highly recommend Healthy Paws!

David G
Ashburn, Virginia

I'm very pleased with the service from Healthy Paws. The rates are reasonable, my claims were processed very quickly, and the customer service throughout my 2+ years of experience with them has been consistently excellent.

Amelia J
Kansas City, Missouri

We adopted Riley from the Humane Society as a healthy 8 month old mixed breed pup last June, and decided to sign up for insurance as a precaution. We didn't think we'd need to use it for a long time. By late fall, we had already nearly met our deductible just over a few months of check-ups for various minor issues. Then, she developed a terrible limp. The vet diagnosed a torn CCL, and recommended expensive TPLO surgery to repair it. It's a common surgery for middle-aged dogs, but unusual for one just a year old. The emotional strain of going through this surgery was extreme for pup and parents, but Healthy Paws significantly reduced the financial strain by processing our claims quickly and... Read More

Denver, Colorado

I have carried Healthy Paws insurance on my 2 red heelers for many years now, and I cannot be happier with the service and support they have provided back to my pups. Both of my dogs have had ACL tears in both legs, and I cannot fathom having to have shelled out $4k + for each one out of pocket. Also, one of my dogs has Panis, which requires very expensive Prednisone drops twice a day. At $90 a bottle, glad I have the help of Healthy Paws to cover that expense. Having a great company, providing great service and support, has allowed my pups to continue to live normal lives despite their injuries. Claims are easy to submit, and payments are extremely quick to get those bills... Read More

Ashburn, Virginia

Fantastic coverage & very helpful. I give this company the highest rating!

Dallas, Texas

We are very very happy with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. We have never had an issue with any claim - and there have been many- and compensation is very fast. No waiting. They also send emails checking how our dogs are doing. We will always have our pets insured through Healthy Paws.

P. B
Dallas, Texas

My German Shepherd, Lukka, had a medical situation involving two trips to Veterinary Medical Emergency Clinics and ending in a week long stay at the ICU at Texas A&M University Veterinary Hospital. After many tests and ultrasounds, it was determined that surgery was the only real fix. After surgery, he was sent home and there were many meds and followup trips to my local veterinarian. Some of these meds are life long medications. It seemed like I was submitting claims every week. The surgery and previous two claims at the emergency clinics were over $8,000.00. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance covered all the claims, no questions asked. And being able to file online is so fast and easy. I feel... Read More