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Why They're a Good Choice

LifeFone has been in business since 1976. They offer five distinct medical alert systems; three are for in home use, and the other two can function anywhere.  Of LifeFone's three in-home systems, one works over landline and two utilize the company's cellular service with AT&T (both the cellular and landline packages come with or without fall protection). The last two systems are LifeFone's "At Home and On the Go" service and LifeFone’s “At Home & On-the-Go with Voice-in-Pendant.” Fall detection is optional with these mobile systems, too. They use mobile emergency GPS technology that functions anywhere within the US. LifeFone also offers mobile apps that work with your smartphone for individuals who don't want to carry an emergency response device, and families who wish to monitor their loved ones.

The cellular enabled system, which allows seniors to have an alert system without a landline in their home, is among our top picks for medical alert systems. 

What Do You Get with LifeFone:

  • A company that has been in business since 1976.
  • Recognized by Harvard Health publications, Web MD, the National Council on the Aging, the National Stroke Association, the National Institute of Senior Citizens, Web MD, A Place for Mom, and more.
  • BBB A+ rated.
  • UL certified equipment.
  • 24-hour access to phone operators located in a dedicated response center that only takes Medical Alert System calls.
  • Waterproof call buttons.
  • Call buttons can be worn as wristbands or necklaces.
  • Lifetime price and equipment guarantee. There are no activation fees and no equipment fees.
  • Website provides ability to create and update Personal Emergency Care Instructions securely online.
  • Fall Detection available
  • GPS tracking available with mobile base units
  • Easy Cancellation: Cancel anytime and receive a refund for unused time (refund is based on the day the equipment is returned).

Additional Features:

  • Caregiver Tools
    • Daily Check-in calls - LifeFone will call the subscriber daily ($19/month)
    • Wellness Checks ("Activity Assurance") - The subscriber checks in with LifeFone by pushing the help button once a day ($6/month)
    • Medication Reminders - Tells subscriber what medications to take and when  ($6/month)
    • Location Services - Locate the subscriber's mobile GPS unit as needed (starts at $9/month)
  • Whole House Protection: Fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detection available


(1) At-Home Landline Service:

  • 24.95/mo if paid annually; $27.95 if paid quarterly; $29.95 if paid monthly
  • 480 ft. communication range for basic unit
  • Fall detection $5 extra per month
  • 1,500 ft. communication range w/extender
  • 32 hrs of battery backup life
  • No time commitment meaning if you prepay by the year or quarter, you get a full refund of unused service upon return of the equipment.

(2) At-Home 3G Cellular Service:

  • $30.95/mo. if paid annually; $32.95/mo. if paid quarterly; $34.95 if paid monthly.
  • Up to 1,300 ft. communication range
  • 32 hrs. of battery backup life
  • High/low temperature sensors
  • Works on LifeFone's cellular service with AT&T.
  • No time commitment meaning if you prepay by the year or quarter, you get a full refund of unused service upon return of the equipment.

(3) At-Home 3G Cellular Service with Fall Detection

  • $38.95/mo. if paid annually; $41.95/mo. if paid quarterly; $43.95 if paid monthly
  • Fall Detection
  • Free additional help button on all plans
  • 30 hrs. of battery backup life
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Range of up to 600 ft. from base unit
  • Customer-friendly policies same as above

(4) At Home & On-the-Go GPS with Optional Fall Detection

  • $36.95/mo. if paid annually; $39.95/mo., if paid quarterly; $39.95 if paid monthly
  • Fall detection available for an additional $10 per person, per month
  • Uses mobile emergency response GPS technology, users must bring mobile unit with them
  • Works anywhere in the US with LifeFone’s AT&T Cellular service.
  • Works up to 600 ft. from base unit; up to 350 ft. from mobile unit
  • Base unit has 30 hrs. of battery backup life; the mobile unit has 24 but also works while charging
  • Temperature Sensor
  •  No time commitment meaning if you prepay by the year or quarter, you get a full refund of unused service upon return of the equipment.

(5) At Home & On-the-Go Voice-in-Pendant System with Optional Fall Detection:

  • $42.95/mo. if paid annually; $44.95/mo. if paid quarterly; $46.95/mo. if paid monthly
  • Fall detection available for $5/month
  • Voice-in-pendant provides an all-in-one solution both at home and on-the-go
  • Works anywhere in the US with LifeFone’s AT&T Cellular service.
  • Uses mobile emergency response GPS technology.
  • Charge lasts up to 36 hrs. System works while charging. Range with additional pendant or wristband (included on all plans) while charging is up to 300 ft. 

Mobile Apps

LifeFone also offers two mobile apps for individuals and families.

  • Mobile Alert - Users can use this application on their smartphone in lieu of or as a complement to an emergency response device. $7.95/month for new customers; $5.95/month for existing LifeFone medical alarm customers.
  • Family Guard - Family members and caregivers can use this user-configurable device to monitor their loved ones. Monthly Plans Starting at: $9.95.

The Fine Print:

  • Options for both cellular & landline
  • Portability on at-home systems - both landline and cellular units comparable to other top providers.

The Bottom Line:

LifeFone has strong cellular & landline enabled services, which range in price from $24.95/mo. up to $51.95/mo. They're a good company with medical alert offerings that are both popular & competitively priced.

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Mary V
We had this system for my dad for a few months. Within that time the system would falsely go off several times a day - he was just sitting in a chair. It was inconvenient at best. However, twice my dad was woken up in the middle of the night with paramedics at his bedside because the system had gone off and my dad hadn't heard it. Pretty scary for an 87 year old. That leads me to another issue - we completed the contact list (a list letting them know who to call if my dad's system went off). They never did that but went right to calling the paramedics. We had them replace the system three times and the issue continued with each one. We eventually sent it back and are now continuing... Read More

Terry P
Ann Arbor, Michigan
My daughter got a Lifefone button for me about two years ago. Lifefone has taken the fear out of living alone as I know that help is always within reach. I would highly recommend their service.

Matthew D
Ann Arbor, Michigan
We got my mom LifeFone about two years ago. She’s very happy with service - they always respond quickly to her calls and get her help when she needs it. They also call my sister and me and let us know what’s happening. We feel better knowing that she has the LifeFone button.

White Plains, New York
I've had Lifefone for several years and I am very happy with the service. The operators are always kind and very patient. I feel very safe in my home and have told many of my friends about this wonderful service.

Robert K
New York, New York
My dad is 94, in good health, and only agreed to get a LifeFone neck pendant and monitor/call-box after falling a couple of times and getting dizzy other times. He lives alone and wears the pendant and sleeps with it. There have been two instances since installing the system two months ago, and LifeFone alerted me and alerted my dad to let him/us know that they were dispatching help. I'm in New York and my dad is in Miami, so it was comforting to hear how professional the LifeFone team was in their calls and in their process. Thank you!

John J
Yorktown Heights, New York
We are very pleased with the Lifefone system and service. I would highly recommend this system to anyone who needs a medical alert monitoring system.

dave B
New York, New York
We've had Lifefone for my mother for the past few years. The response time was very quick, and though I'm not someone who reviews products often, I can say we are very pleased with this product which works as advertised, and also with the kind customer service there. I trust we are in good hands with this. This is the type of product you hope you won't need, but when you do its important to know how well it works.

Washington, Utah
We purchased this system for my Mom, and it went off 4 times in the first month when there was not a real emergency and we sent it back and got our money back, but now my Mom refuses to use anything.

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