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Rating: 7.8 / 10 (Very good)
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Why They're an Excellent Choice

Alert 1 is a respected company that's been around for more than 25 years. Their system is durable and utilitarian. What's more, their customer service representatives are fast to answer calls. Though portability and call button design are average, Alert 1's service is consistently rated as being exceptionally reliable.

Price isn't much of a differentiator for Alert 1, as their $39.95-$69.95/mo plan pricing makes them a bit more expensive than average for monthly rates. What the company does have going for it is quality of service. Alert 1 is one of the few providers of medical alert technologies who can boast over 2 decades of satisfied customers.

What's Included with Alert 1:

  • 24-Hour access to phone operators.
  • 600 ft communication range
  • 25+ years in business
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • Free extra button for spouse
  • Additional accessories, like wall mounted emergency button, voice extenders & extra help buttons sold a la carte.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Can cancel plan anytime.

Alert 1's system offers seniors two choices for the base unit - the POM5000, and the 979L.

Additionally, the can be worn as a pendant or around the wrist.


The Fine Print:

  • $39.95-$69.95/mo pricing (based on plan length)
  • Monthly plan requires 3-month initial payment
  • Monthly service required with all plans

The Bottom Line:

The call buttons are not the most elegant, but purely from a quality of service standpoint Alert 1 is one of the top medical alert systems on the market.

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Croe E
Richmond, Virginia
Easy to install. Fast response LOUD is a good thing.

[email protected]
Clawson, Michigan
Did not honor price lock guarantee that was offered at time of purchase. Terrible customer service!! Very rude...she said to email her my contract and when I did the customer representative blocked my email address. Unable to resolve....will find a new provider.

Carol S
Boise, Idaho
I had already used this device for over a year and a half when a person from Alert1 recently called me to try to sell me insurance on this same mobile device in case it broke or I lost it. Insurance was to cost an extra $6 per month. I asked what breakage or losing this aging equipment would cost me without insurance: she said $600! News to me! If the product is brand new, it can be closer to $1,000! I haven't taken the product out with me since then, and will return it in the next couple of weeks ahead of schedule. I don't want that kind of liability! Get someone used to the security of the product and then scam them. Incidentally, I am prepaid for the year but don't want to deal with... Read More

Cranford, New Jersey
This system needs refinement. You really have to be right on top of the base station yelling into it for the operator to hear you.Testing the unit on a monthly basis requires doing just that. Obviously, if an elder is in another room it is impossible to communicate. We have had several instances where the control center has called 911 needlessly because they could not hear what was being said on our end.

milton j
Vacaville, California
DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE. Lifeline's hardware quit working near the end of 2014. It broke multiple times. Repairs sometimes took over 24 hours Lifeline even called my son to get him to ask why I hadn't tested recently. The hardware had been broken for a while at that point. I decided I was tired of no† knowing whether I had a working button or not and switched to a different vendor in December of 2014. Near the end of May 2015, First Alert called me to say they were about to bill for another year's service. (They hadn't called in before, they knew something was wrong.) They said they were going to bell for another year because I hadn't sent the button back to them. I... Read More

Deb D
Phoenix, Arizona
Had this service for several years for my mother, Customer service was wonderful with regards to the initial start of service. And the equipment never failed even received calls for past due equipment checks. rHowever when my mother used the service for the first time, I was not happy. Being the fact I live further away my initial concern was always communication. I was told during the initial set up, that the representative would stay on the line and let me know the initial assessment. "Never Happened", She told me, " EMT's are with her" and I started asking questions, her reply "I do not know I disconnected from them". I knew nothing, who was going to update? Scared and afraid... Read More

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