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Rating: 8.7 / 10 (Excellent)
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Why they’re a great choice

ADT is among the most recognizable names in home security. For the most part, that's what we know the company for. However, what many aren't aware of is that ADT also has a high-quality medical alert offering to improve independence & quality of life for active seniors.

ADT Medical Alert System’s features include fall detection, two-way voice communication and 3G services for a more secure connection. Which makes ADT medical alert a solid and reliable system that provides 24/7 monitoring for your loved one.


What’s included with ADT Medical Alert

Standard Systems - $29.99/ month or $359.88/ year  

Medical Alert System with 3G cellular service - $39.99/ month or $479.88/ year

Fall detection (available only for those with 3G systems) - $10/ month or $120/ year

24/7 monitoring service – ADT’s highly trained professionals are ready to answer any emergency

Two-way voice intercom – help is just a press of a button away, speak with an ADT professionals through a powerful two-way voice intercom

Fall detection pendant – it takes is under a minute for ADT’s pendant to detect that a fall has occurred. The device then automatically sends a call to ADT’s monitoring center (only available for 3G systems).

Wristband/ Pendant – your personal help button could be worn as a wristband or pendant and is 100 percent waterproof.

Test reminder – monthly tests to check if the system is working properly

Up to 20 hours battery backup in case of power loss


The Fine Print

Price lock guarantee

$29 Activation fee

12 months contract

No cancel anytime policy

Special pricing for AARP and USAA members


The Bottom Line

When making a choice among today’s medical alert providers, it certainly helps a lot when you’re working with a company known for providing quality services for more than a century. ADT’s medical alert system’s features make it a solid choice for seniors & families searching for reliable monitoring services.

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Rob H
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
I just called them to ask about there systems and the automated operator kept asking me to repeat my answer,and that it didn't understand " NO " Wow if there automated service don't work how can I expect them with a life

Amarillo, Texas
ADT is very high pressure sales from the moment you are on the phone with them. Once you choice to set up a consult they show up with their equipment for an install. We used ADT out of Lubbock Texas they came to Canyon for consult and basically do not leave until they have a contract. They made us promises of additional equipment for the following week. We have not heard from them since. Have called our representative 4 time with only a reply that he was busy due to his father in law being in the hospital. They do not honor their 6 month money back guarantee. We have spent hours on the phone with the call center with no results of even our equipment. Always thought you pay for what you get... Read More

[email protected]
West Chester, Pennsylvania
It looks like the "Fine Print" section describes things a little differently from what I experienced with ADT. No Activation Fee, Month-to-Month Agreement - with better pricing if you are an existing ADT customer, and if you are in a position to pay quarterly or annually. They do have a "Forever Rate" price lock on their monitoring fee - which is great! No hidden costs. Wonderful people at the call center - very kind, compassionate and caring! I would choose ADT over any other brand, any day of the week!

Lisa S
White Plains, New York
I should have taken the warning last month when my Mom fell and her auto fall detection did not work. They sent a new button. That time, she fell on carpet in the living room and I was only gone a short time on errands. This time, a few months later, she fell when I was at work. I did not get an ADT HEALTH alert on my cell phone and her BUTTON DID NOT WORK!!! She is supposed to have auto fall detection. I always check my cell phone when I'm at work if I have an ADT Health alert so I can immediately go to Mom. When I came home, opened the door and said, "I'm home!" I heard my Mom yell out, "Help! I'm on the floor!!" The BUTTON DID NOT WORK and my Mom probably lost conscience for a... Read More

Debra E
Dayton, Ohio
Very disappointed with customer service. Had medical alert plus for my Mom since Sept 2014; in November I called to have her medical alert device placed on hold while she was in the hospital. When I called back in November to re-activate her device I was assured that it has been re-activated and available for her to use. On Feb.6, I was testing her system, however, I was not getting a response so I called ADT and was advised that her system "HAD NEVER BEEN ACTIVATED"! My Mom has been wearing the pendent since November without any protection! Called CS again today and was advised that they were very busy and that someone would call me back within 48 hours. I told them that waiting for a... Read More

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