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Rating: 7.5 / 10 (Very good)
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Annuities are an excellent option for those worried about outliving their income. An annuity is a type of long-term investment that, although subject to particular terms and conditions, can guarantee you a steady stream of income for your retirement. Through annuitization, the process of converting an annuity into a series of dispersed payments, you can begin receiving funds immediately or in the future, and continue to receive them for as long as you choose.

AAA Life GIA Annuities are immediate income annuities that allow you to begin receiving payments from your contributions under your own terms, so you can select the payment frequency and duration that best suits your needs.

Guaranteed Income Annuity


Minimum Ownership Age

18 years old

Minimum Premium

$10,000 or the amount needed to receive a monthly income of $100

Payout Amount

Dependent on individual circumstances, selected options, and initial premium

Payout Rates

Customizable or yearly percentage of initial premium for the Increasing Benefit Option

Additional Riders

Income Future Adjustment

Inflation Offset Rider

Increasing Benefit

Return of Premium

Lifetime Guarantee

Joint Lifetime Guarantee

Fixed or guaranteed income annuities work as a self-funded pension would. The funds come from your own retirement savings account, whether a 401k, IRA or bank account. Although they are considered investments, GIAs are not subject to market fluctuations and contributions are tax differed, making them an excellent choice for adults who are looking for a constant and reliable source of income for future years.

Terms and Rates

In addition to the advantages of tax deferral and market loss protection, fixed annuities can provide higher investment yields and income amounts based on three factors:

  • Your Premium
  • Accrued Interests
  • Risk Pooling (risk distribution among a large contributor base)

The catch with this type of investment is that you are only able to withdraw a certain amount of funds and will be charged between 7% and 15% on top of the 10% penalty for early distribution before the age of 59 ½.

Payout Options

Payout options will depend on the plan of your choice. They typically include the following:

  • Fixed Amount – You select the amount of payment you want to receive each month and payments continue until you stop them or the funds run out.
  • Life with Period Certain Payments continue throughout your lifetime or for a predetermined amount of time. Your beneficiary will receive the payments after your death.
  • Joint and Survivor Life Similarly, this option pays you or your beneficiary for a set period of time or for as long as either of you is living.
  • Life Only – Fixed payments for the rest of your life, even if the total payments exceed your investment plus interests. Upon payout, you may receive more or less than the total amount you have accumulated.
  • Lump Sum A single payment from your contributions that you can take in full or rollover into an IRA account.

Company Reputation

With over 45 years of experience in the life insurance industry, AAA Life Insurance Company enjoys a solid financial reputation and a loyal client base of over a million policyholders. The company has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an A- FSR rating from A.M. Best.

AAA Life GIA Annuities – Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the AAA Life GIA Annuities are a great option for people who are not expecting to receive a pension or want to secure a future lifetime income for themselves or their beneficiaries. Guaranteed Income Annuities from AAA Life can be customized with a variety of riders or additional features that allow policyholders to structure contributions and payments according to their needs and individual circumstances. With a $10,000 minimum premium --or the amount needed to receive a monthly income of at least $100-- these plans offer security, peace of mind, and a potentially favorable investment return for prospective retirees.

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