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American Home Shield is a Tennessee-based company founded in 1971 to provide home warranty services in the United States through its network of home service professionals. The company offers service contracts that cover the repair or replacement of major components of home systems and appliances.

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Overall Rating: 9.7 / 10 (Excellent)

American Home Shield's coverage is the most comprehensive and consumer-friendly in the industry. The company covers considerably more appliances and systems than its competitors, and has fewer coverage limitations. Its flexible price structure allows consumers to select their own trade service call fee and thereby affect their annual plan cost. The company's size and longevity suggest that it is very popular with consumers.


Key Facts

Plan Types
Combo Plan
Build Your Own
Benefit Limit Type
Per Item
Typical Appliance Benefit Limit
Typical Systems Benefit Limit

Coverage - 10 / 10

American Home Shield provides outstanding coverage. Almost uniquely, it warrants appliances and systems even if they have been improperly installed or previously repaired. American Home Shield covers 21 Systems and appliances, far more than most of their competitors, and fully covers 11 of those items. The rest generally have a $3,000 maximum. Unlike many of its competitors, AHS covers washers, dryers and refrigerators as part of its basic plan. There is no limit on the number of AHS claims that customer can file over the year’s contract, either.

What does American Home Shield cover?

Covered Systems

  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Water Heaters
  • Instant Hot/Cold Water Dispensers
  • Central Vacuums
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Doorbells
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Ductwork
  • Sump Pumps

Covered Appliances

  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Clothes Dryers
  • Clothes Washers
  • Ranges/Ovens/Cooktops
  • Built-in Microwave
  • Free-standing Ice Makers
  • Trash Compactors
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Built-in Food Processors


For a full list of American Home Shield exclusions, check out this page.

Specialty Items

  • Guest Unit
  • Pool/Spa
  • Well Pump
  • Septic

Contract & Price

Contract Details

Annual Premium
Starting at $299
Minimum Contract Length
12 month(s)
Home Inspection Required for Contract?
Online Quote/Application

Contract & Price - 10 / 10

American Home Shield has a flexible pricing policy and offers four different coverage plans and three trade service call fee levels: $75, $100 and $125. this allows consumers to have input into the annual price of home warranty coverage, based on their budgetary needs. The minimum annual premium is only $299, far lower than most of their competitors.

Sample Contract

American Home Shield provides a sample contract for potential customers on its website: American Home Shield Sample Contract

Cancellation Policy

Customer can cancel anytime with refund possible.

Claims & Service


Service Fee
$75, $100 and $125
Maintenance Records Required for Service?
24/7 Claims Department?
Waiting Period
30 days

Contractors & Service

Contractor Selection
In-Network Only
Contractor Network Size
13,000+ contractors
Number of Technicians
45,000 technicians
Service Recall Period
60 days

Claims & Service - 9 / 10

American Home Shield takes claims 24/7/365. 98% of claims are dispatched to local repair professionals within 24 hours or less. The company has a large network of service professionals and offers a 60 day workmanship on their services.

American Home Shield Reputation

Company Details

Year Founded
NHSCA Membership
Number of Customers
1.6 million
Number of Employees
TrustPilot Rating
3.7 out of 10
BBB Rating
BBB Rating
BBB Neutral Reviews
BBB Negative Reviews
Date Collected

Reputation - 9.8 / 10

American Home Shield has been in business since 1971, making it the oldest player in the home warranty industry. In 1989, the company was acquired by ServiceMaster, an established firm that also owns Terminix and Merry Maids. American Home Shield is accredited by the BBB and has a B rating. It has over 1.6 million customers. As with nearly every other home warranty company of any size, negative reviews far outnumber positive ones. In 2011, the company agreed to settle a class-action consumer lawsuit by setting up a special office to review claims that were allegedly wrongfully denied. The company appears to have moved past these legal problems now.

Contact & Additional Information

Homepage URL
Company Phone
(888) 429-8247
Headquarters Address
150 Peabody Place, Memphis, TN, 38103
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 849, Carroll, IA, 51401
Year Founded

Top Rated
Our Partner
9.7 / 10
  • Purchase today and save $45 - Limited time offer
  • Far and away the trusted industry leader
  • They have paid out over $1.8 billion in claims in the past 5 years
  • Nationwide network of more than 13,000 contractors
  • More than 1.7 million customers
  • Best reputation in home warranty industry

Latest American Home Shield Reviews

Dallas, Texas

Having a difficult time ac fixed almost inpossible to work with, never get to speak to someone who can help. Their contractors aren’t any better, appointment are always a week out, witch is a long time to wait when your ac is out.

vijendra l
Los Angeles, California

I have been a long time customer the way I have been treated is horrible and need to talk to some one in presidents office asap. things been called in for repairs since last six months and is not fixed this was my whirl pool tub . there is no help either from customer service nor from your super visors. what is going on? I need a reply asap and will be seeing my attorney soon

Preetha R
Chicago, Illinois

I am running from pillar to post to get my furnace replaced . It as been more than two weeks since AHS approved a replacement for my home furnace . Total lack of coordination between The contractor and AHS . I was on call almost all days in this two weeks and figured that they ordered the wrong equipment twice. Really pathetic responses to calls and wait time is more than 30 mins . I so far don't have any resolution or ETA on closure . I am fed up and I plan to engage another contractor and pay from my pocket . This is really sad , despite the insurance premium we are having to bear the cost .

Ashburn, Virginia

5/23/2018 Garbage, plain and simple. Ordered AC unit three weeks ago. I've called the technician and AHS every three days to get status as this is a vacation home with renters coming in on Saturday. I was informed by AHS the unit is on the way. Informed by technician he was just waiting on delivery. Just found out yesterday the system was never ordered....this company should be shut down. The only stars are in my eyes from being punched by these crooks.

Atlanta, Georgia

I was extremely unhappy with the process. Everything I called their system is down. My water heater was out for 2 weeks. I wanted the buy out option and the system was down for 2+ weeks.

Atlanta, Georgia

I have been without an air conditioner for ten days. The contractor says I need to call AHS to find out where the parts are. When I do call them, they keep telling me their system is down and that they can only take payments. American Home Sheild is a rip off, scamming, con artist company that will say anything possible to get your money. No wonder they were sued. I don’t know how they have a five star rating with all the negative reviews but I’m going to do my best to make them pay for all the people they have wronged. Customers and contractors alike.

Miami, Florida

Beware if you need repairs you wait Our AC went out in the hurricane last year We waited two weeks in 100 degree weather in Florida Then when Renewal time comes they double the monthly fee because you cost them money for repairs Buyer Beware

pam l
Dallas, Texas

take your money then find a way not to live up to their contract. found a way to refuse to help us with our air conditioner when I told them to cancel they told me we would get our money back in four working days but then sent me an email telling me we are canceling but we can not get our money

Sacramento, California

This company just wants to take your money and try their hardest not to pay for the repairs. The problem I have with them is that in my area they seem to work with just one company that’s not the problem, the problem is that you can barely understand what the technician is saying I’m going go to another company but don’t know if it’s going to be much different. Also it takes over a half hour to reach them by phone

Esperanza N
Los Angeles, California

Pros: They would send someone as soon as they could. Cons: Not finding the right servicemen for some jobs like the garage door, after 2 months of them sending us the same repairman who I might mention was an electrician not a garage door repair man, he never could not find the problem. My husband decided to hire a garage door repair man on his own, replaced the motor, never had a problem again. I was with this company for 18 years and they were raising our monthly fee because they said we were I high risk. Mine you they did that after they had to replace our over the range microwave oven. I left them.

Dallas, Texas

I wish they had negative stars because I would rate them. DOES NOT help with major repairs. Had them for 4+ years, had a a couple of minor items, but when the major item needed repair they claimed it was not installed correctly, after working for 14 years. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. RUN AWAY FROM THEM

Bobby B
Atlanta, Georgia

I was okay with this company...until recently. My compressor went out on my A/C on a Friday. They did send someone out the following Monday to confirm it. The next day, they said the part was in stock and the contracted company would be calling me to schedule an appointment. The contracted company, Best Way Mechanical, was unprofessional because I waited until Thursday and did not hear from someone until I had to call. When I reached someone, they scheduled the installation for Monday. Mind you, at this point, it had been a week with no air in GEORGIA. Temps were not bad but they are heating up. On Monday, I get a text from the contracted company Best Way Mechanical saying they went to... Read More

Dallas, Texas

I have been with them for 4 years. I am very unsatisfied. Waiting on the phone for 52 minutes and paying 55.00 dollars a month for this unsatisfactory service. On top of the 100.00 to sent a unreliable repair man out.

Diane D
Dallas, Texas

This is amazing. I read your review ( Consumer Advocates) of this company -- it was bright and shiny. Then at the end I begin reading the Customers Reviews. They are HORRIBLE. Not one was a god report! People trust companies like your to give us advise. Many times people "scan" just read half of an article...the top half. They stop and make their choice I would like to understand, how could your company give the review that was written for American Home Shield. You might want to know, why would a person go to this length to complain about a companies review. The reason is because of your companies reviews caused me to signed up with American Home. I was one... Read More

DeAnn M
Jacksonville, Florida

The customer service is horrible with this company. The representatives have a lack of formal customer service training which contributes to bad interaction with customers. They drop your call if they don't have answers to your inquirries rather than escalating your concern. I have an ongoing problem with an A/c for the past 3 years. Each year, I have paid out of pocket for refill of a freon leak ($140-$500) because the warranty contracts with low quality repair companies who have not diagnosis it properly. This service company has serviced my a/c 3 times for the same problem the last 2 years. The time before that, a different a/c companies serviced it 2 times in 1 year. All service... Read More

Los Angeles, California

The customer service is horrible and you would not have anyone to talk if you have a problem. My dryer is not working for the past three months and they are not responsive to fix it properly. Long hours to get to you and the operators are not knowledgeable . I had this insurance for a long time . It used to be good but now you better avoid this company.

Dallas, Texas

This company uses low quality local vendors, hence the price. Their customer service when you have a problem is chaotic, no on seems to know what's going on and that's IF it doesn't take you 45 mins to reach a real person!! I've had to work with them often as a property manager. I do not recommend them.

Atlanta, Georgia

I purchased American Home Shield several years ago, due to living in an older home. I just used it for the first time this past November. During one of the coldest periods in our area, my central unit went out. It took 7 days before they were able to fix my problem. I paid the increased service fee of $100 from the $50 that I initially signed up for. Now it is May and my central air went out. 10 days later they are here to fix it. Because they are installing a new compressor, I am told that I need 8 pounds of freeon, which costs $75 per pound. I thought okay, because I already paiy d the $100 service fee. BUT........ American Home Shield only paid $10 per pound for the... Read More

Dallas, Texas

I purchased AHS on September 30, 2016. It was effective on 10-15-16 with an expiration date of 10-14-17. I called customer service on 8-11-17 to put in a request to cancel my service on 10-14-17 because the price had increased and I no longer wanted their service. The agent said she had set it to cancel for 10-14-17. On 10-15-17, I was charged a monthly fee of $52.99 which was the new increased monthly fee under a new contract that I did not agree too. I called AHS back and the agent stated that it was an error and the fee would be returned. It wasn't. On 11-15-17, I received another charge for $52.99. I called again and was told the exact same thing. I called my bank to... Read More

Terry F
Dallas, Texas

Substandard company and poor customer service in response to solve a trade service call fee of $100. A service provider was sent out to my property that I rent out to make a service call, but after showing up was turned away because the single parent tenant living there was not made aware of this service request. Now, clearly this is totally a failure on our property manager part to communicate to her that a repair man was coming out. Nonetheless, he did not make his service call and I had to call AHS to send him back out, but this time ensured that it was communicated to the tenant. To get to my issue with AHS, is when I called them to request they send the repair guy back out, the... Read More

Guy B
San Jose, California

Terrible company if you ever actually need to use the warranty service. Had a AC issue. They sent out a service provider who did not appear when said, didn't know how to diagnose the problem and, when they finally figured it out, sent an estimate for the work which American Home said they'd cover only about 10% of the cost because items needed to be done that were "code upgrades" or "modifications" to the tune of $1,600!! One item was for duct tape for $475! Another was for the metal strapping (thin, perforated metal that comes in a roll) for $120! Another was for PVC pipe at $285! I called in a independent HVAC contractor who said none of the add-on charges were anywhere near... Read More

Dallas, Texas

I've been a AHS customer for years, recently I put in an order for my washer. The company assigned came out and replaced a part. It still wasn't operating properly, they came out again, and again. Finally they recommended replacement. AHS sent another company for a second opinion. They replaced parts and came out several times. They recommended replacement. After 6 months my washer was replaced. Now here's the kicker, my renewal has gone from $59.39 monthly to $101.65 based on underwriting I was told. They stated how many times and how much it cost them for my policy, well if they had replaced it when the company recommended it they wouldn't have had to come out the additional... Read More

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I just bought this insurance because it was listed on www.consumersadvocate.org as the best. Now I am reading the current reviews? American Home Shield Home Warranty, do you read your reviews?

Doran W
Los Angeles, California

Terrible service. Had and worked for this company years ago in CA. Worse possible home warranty company.

Chicago, Illinois

This company is an elderly person nightmare their techs take advantage of old ones an gives them nothing but bull ** really sad that they deal like that really need to get their act together an take up for those who can't when theirs the ones of have a company come to you to repair what's wrong shame on them