Understanding DIY vs. Professional Home Security

Colin Grubb
May 13, 2014

Most homeowners think that having a home security system is expensive because it uses complicated electronic equipment and require professional installation. Although some security systems do require professional installation such as those seen in banks or business establishments, home owners with a little technical background could install a DIY home system.

Home security systems work by first identifying an emergency and relaying this information to a monitoring center. When the situation is confirmed, monitoring centers then contact emergency services and help is dispatched to your home.

DIY home systems and professionally installed systems do not affect the quality of your home security systems. The only requirement is that a DIY home system should be installed properly. The first thing to consider when choosing between a DIY home system and a professional installation is the type of security system to be installed.

DIY Home System

Home security companies do not only offer ready to install home security solutions but also provide DIY home system. This is ideal for homeowners or DIY enthusiasts who would like to create a more personalized solution for their home security needs.

a. Control costs – creating your home security systems helps you take control of how much the total system costs would be. This could also save you money especially for companies who charge home security equipment installations. DIY home system installation however, may not be available for all home security providers. Be sure to check this with the company before enrolling in their services.

b. Customization – a DIY home system installation allows you to decide which security equipments to use. As a homeowner you are at in a better position to decide which areas of the home needs coverage or the amount of security equipment you need. Having security equipment that you only need installed could save you on the total costs of having security equipment for your home.  

c. Know your equipment better – even the best equipment break and when this happens you could quickly identify the area of concern. Installing the home security equipment yourself makes it easier for you to fix the problem. This saves you the trouble of having to call the home security company and saves you from paying costly repairs.

Professional Installation

For some homeowners, a DIY home system is not simply possible. They might not have the technical know-how to install the home security system themselves. Some home security companies offer free installation services. This would save you a couple of dollars from the total costs but be sure to ask the company if this is available.

a. Professional Assessment - One of the first steps when installing home security equipments is the home security company’s assessment of your home. These professionals have been providing these services for many years and could provide you a more comprehensive solution to your home security needs.

b. Ease of installation – upon identification of the type of home security equipment needed, installation could be done in as little as a few hours or a day. This saves you the trouble of clearing your busy schedule.  

c. Worry-free installation – security equipments may require a highly trained technician for installation. Since most home security systems are connected to a central monitoring system the equipment should be installed properly to ensure a stable connection at all times. Contractor installations are also guaranteed making it worry-free for homeowners.

The choice between a DIY and professionally installed Home Security System depends on the type of security equipment needed and your technical proficiency. For the complete list of security systems and equipments available please visit our list of the Best Home Security providers.