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Rating: 8.5 / 10 (Excellent)
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Vivint is a smart home technology provider with home security, energy management, home automation, local cloud storage, and high-speed Internet solutions. Their systems are fully customizable, feature 24/7 professional monitoring, and can all be viewed and controlled remotely via their app. Vivint requires professional installation and a 42-60 month contract.

How is Vivint rated?


Contract & Price
Technology Integration

Overall Rating: 8.5 / 10 (Excellent)

Vivint pairs their innovative, self-designed technology for home automation with customizable plans and flexible payment options, to make for excellent home security. Their aim to provide fully connected systems for the home puts them on the forefront of the industry. However, equipment costs can mount fairly quickly, and monthly monitoring fees are on the high side.

How does Vivint work?

Equipment - 10 / 10

Vivint offers both pre-selected home security packages and fully customizable options as well with professional installation at no extra cost, except in the cases of their outdoor and doorbell cameras. Hardware options begin with the SkyControl Panel, to which additional devices are added, such as their doorbell camera, ping camera, outdoor camera, smart locks, element thermostat, etc, all of which feature a lifetime warranty. Vivint's connected home technology offers a wide variety of optional sensors, such as smoke, glass break, carbon monoxide, and flood, all of which can all be controlled via the Vivint app. All in all, a very strong equipment package and suite of features.
Equipment Manufacturer
Ability to Reallocate System
Wireless Sensors
Control Panel
Event Triggered Siren/ Alarm

Security Monitors, Sensors, & Devices

Intrusion Protection

  • Door & Window Sensors
  • Garage Door Sensors
  • Glass Break Protection
  • Motion Sensors
  • Recessed Door Sensors
  • Crash & Smash Protection

Environmental Protection

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Flood
  • Temperature Change
  • Smoke


  • Indoor Cameras
  • Outdoor Cameras
  • Doorbell Cameras
  • Tilt & Pan Cameras
  • Live Surveillance
  • Event-triggered Surveillance

Life Safety

  • Panic Button
  • Medical Alert


Monitoring - 9 / 10

Vivint provides professional 24/7 monitoring via broadband or cellular. Their call center can dispatch emergency personnel as needed. The Vivint SkyControl Panel features two-way communication, as part of a complete system which gives homeowners unprecedented control of their entire house.
Monitoring Options
Professional Monitoring
Monitoring Technology
Number of Monitoring Centers
Monitoring Center Type
Professional Monitoring Services
24/7 Professional Monitoring
2-Way Intercom
Police Dispatch
Fire Department Dispatch
Medical Dispatch

How much does Vivint cost?

Contract & Price - 6.5 / 10

Vivint's Smart Home plans begin with a monthly monitoring fee of $39.99, while their Smart Home Video starts at $49.99. If a homeowner chooses to purchase their equipment upfront (average of $549.99), these are the only fees they'll pay subsequently, with no need for a contract. When choosing the financing option, the monthly cost includes the monitoring fees mentioned above, plus the equipment cost over their 42 or 60-month contracts. These contract lengths are excessive for the industry standard of 24-36.
Starting Price
Max Price
Number of Available Packages
Installation/ Activation Fee
Equipment Starting Cost
Contract Required
Minimum Contract Length
0 months
Cancellation Policy
Contract term is month-to-month, unless choosing the financing option, in which case terms are 42-60 months.

Technology Integrations

Technology Integration - 9.5 / 10

Vivint features an unprecedented level of technology integration, focusing on easy-to-use, award-winning home automation devices which they design and manufacture themselves, unlike most home security companies. Even if a disconnection with the central monitoring station occurs, their touch screen panel sends email and text alerts. Vivint can interface with Amazon Alexa and Echo, Google Home, IFTTT, the Nest-Learning Thermostat, and Z-Wave. They also have a cloud storage unit called Space Monkey, which holds 1TB of data and can be accessed remotely.


Amazon Alexa
Google Home

Mobile Access & Alerts

  • iPhone App
  • Android App
  • Email & Text Alerts
  • Live Surveillance Feed
  • Remote Arm/Disarm

Home Automation

  • Lighting Control
  • Thermostat Control
  • Appliance Control
  • Electronic Door Locks
  • Event-triggered Automation
  • History Log
  • Unique User Codes

Vivint Reputation

Reputation - 9 / 10

Vivint has excellent ratings across various certifying agencies, including the Central Station Alarm Association, the Underwriter's Laboratory, and the Electronic Security Association. Their customer reputation was historically poor, but they have made serious efforts in that arena, and currently offer support via various channels, including their mobile apps, website, and phone.
Trust Pilot Rating
7.1 out of 10
BBB Rating
Number of BBB Positive Reviews
Number of BBB Neutral Reviews
Number of BBB Negative Reviews
Date Collected
Year Founded

Certifications & Associations

  • Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA)
  • Underwriter's Laboratory (UL)
  • Electronic Security Association

Contact & Additional Information

Homepage URL
Company Phone
(855) 562-0243
Headquarters Address
4931 N 300 W, Provo, UT, 84604
Mailing Address
4931 N 300 W, Provo, UT, 84604

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82 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Rachel S
, New Mexico
This is a horrible dishonest company! Every time I set the would send a false alarm out and the Sheriffs Department would be alerted..sometimes with multiple alerts on the same day! VERY ..VERY UNRELIABLE! I called many times...techs wouldn't show or when they finally did , I was informed that the system was working with nothing wrong with it! The next time I would set it...same thing with multiple false alarms....I tried and tried to get this resolved and they never did get it working properly. This company is horrible! They want their money but their system didn't work! They used old senders from a previous company and passed them on as new! It's the worst system I've ever... Read More

Riverside, California
This is the worst and deceptive company I've ever done business with. From the beginning they sell the service as being the best, lie to you on the service you will receive. They tell you, you have all this credit to spend on equipment of your choosing and sucker you into a 4 YEAR CONTRACT TO PAYOFF ALL THAT FREE MONEY THEY CLAIM you get. I was told if any of the equipment failed it will be replaced. NOT. They assess a $50 fee to come out. If you call about malfunctioning they hit you with a $50 service call fee every time. If you mail in the equipment which is crazy vs sending out a tech when they admit it's a equipment failure on their part, it takes months to get back. I returned the... Read More

George W
Cleveland, Ohio
Uses existing parts from past alarm companies and leads you to think you are getting news sensors. Called 5 times to get a copy of contact. Don't have one yet.

Patricia L
Powell, Ohio
Set up an appt. tech never showed called and was hung up on 3 times these people are rude and unprofessional . Before I got the appt . had to call 3 times because they could not reach anyone should have been my first clue.

Springfield, Illinois
DO NOT USE VIVINT!!! Vivint is extorting me for a service I do not use. I changed companies, had a new panel installed, and called to cancel the service. After getting billed again I called. They claim I entered into a new contract with them until 2020, which is ridiculous since I have service from another company and do not plan to live in this house that long. If I do not pay, they threatened, I will have to pay the entire amount due plus all legal fees which will be extensive. With this threat I'm forced to continue paying them for a service I do not use. PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE.

Emmanouil P
Cliffside Park, New Jersey
I was looking for a cellular system with remote garage control, smart locks, doorbell, and indoor cameras, ideally with professional installation. Vivint seemed to be the perfect fit. After just 12 hours of installation I had to cancel the service. The doors fail to lock, the garage door would open but not close remotely (I 'd be ok with the opposite), and the indoor cameras (as expensive as the nest system) would not capture and save any videos. I do not recommend this security system. Most of the bad reviews reflected issues with customer service or the contract, but it seems that the core issue is the company's bad equipment.

Cibolo, Texas
So far I have loved the system. I have the doorbell camera, door and window sensors/glass breaks, fire alarm alert sensor, etc. I did have to call customer service (technical support) and honestly, outside of technical support, I like the system. The price is about what everyone else is charging so nothing exciting there. Installation was free. Equipment on payment plan. No contract. The customer service/technical support needs work. The guy who did the installation was great...fantastic. He came back out to install a couple of other items that I felt that I needed...great person to person service. I have no complaint. Their technical support needs A LOT OF WORK!!!! I'm not... Read More

Dan K
Calgary, Alberta
Stay away from this company. We sold our house and put the contract on hold until we understood if the new place would need a security system, we found it has a internal system so Vivint said they would just charge the monthly rate until the contract was done, I continue to be charged and they said they put us on month to month, even though they were doing nothing for a service, could not make anyone list said the needed to have a official cancellation which was done months ago but they would not accept that. READ THE FINE Print Zero customer service

Brenda K
Rice, Minnesota
There is NO service after the sale. They will say you own the equipment - you are responsible for the maintenance. They will try to charge you for fixing a panel that is faulty.. They will not be able to fix problems over the phone -- even after 4 technicians try and you spend 8+ hours on the phone with them.

Salvador B
Phoenix, Arizona
The Smart Home works very well but it is quite glitchy. In 4 months we've had several false alarms because the system does not disarm according to rules we set. Then we finally had a security event. The Front Doorbell Camera was stolen without any alarm, notification, recording... and then Vivint would not cover the replacement of their own equipment. We find it absurd that the company you hire to protect your property won't even cover the theft of their own property.

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