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Secure, Cost-Efficient and Easy Do-it-Yourself Home Security Systems 

Link Interactive is a home security service that offers homeowners a range of pre-configured packages and do-it-yourself systems. Its Standard package costs $29.99 a month and offers 24/7 professional monitoring and carbon monoxide/fire protection services. Link Interactive also features two more premium plans. The company's Gold plan ($34.99/mo) contains the Standard package plus 2-way voice communication, enhanced alerts, smart device apps, and home automation features. The Elite package ($39.99/mo) adds to this video, live streaming, and HD & night vision capability. Additionally, do-it-yourself systems are also available for homeowners searching for a more personalized and cost-effective solution to their home security requirements.

On top of monthly monitoring fees, Link Interactive allows you to customize your equipment to suit your particular home security needs, therefore hardware cost varies. There are no installation fees. All equipment comes standard with a 2-year warranty at no extra cost.

Bells & Whistles

-High quality wireless 2-Gig Equipment

-Touch control panel

-Door and window Sensors

-Smoke and fire alarm app (Remote access control)

-Optional video cameras and home automation available

The Fine Print

Money Back Guarantee 30 days
Contract Length  36 months

Contract length of 3 years or 36 months is standard in the industry. The 30 day money back guarantee however gives homeowners a reasonable period to determine if Link Interactive's home security system is something they could work with for the next three years.  

The Bottom Line

Link Interactive scores high in terms of offering affordable home security solutions. Its do-it-yourself package in particular provides homeowners the option of creating highly personalized security systems for their specific needs. All this without sacrificing equipment quality or your home’s security.


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Julie Anne Rhodes
Link Interactive Home Security review
Clearly these fraudsters have paid to be included in the top 5 alarm companies. DON'T TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGE POLE!!! I ordered a system in April and paid a professional handyman (who has worked for alarm companies, so yes he knows exactly how to install) to install the system, and have been paying $29.99 per month. Two months in I go repeated warnings on the control panel that the upper level door was open. I checked, and the door was NOT open, but securely locked. I did however notice the connecter device had slid down my door, so I called to complain to the company that either they send someone out to correct the problem or release me from my contract so I could get service from a company that actually did give service. They refused and just sent me more two sided tape to reapply the device with and offered me a one month credit on my bill. They never credited my bill, and all this time I thought I was secure and being monitored (which IS what I am paying monthly for). I live in a condo on two levels with entrances on both levels. I alarmed the entire house when I went out one evening (nothing was bypassed). When I returned, I forgot the alarm was on, and came through the upper door instead of the main level door to save my having to walk upstairs. The alarm panel is on the lower level. It was not until I went to bed later that evening and went downstairs to set the alarm to bypass the sliding door (so I can let the dog out onto the balcony where her porch potty is without going downstairs to deactivate the entire alarm) that I realized the alarm was already on from when I had gone out earlier that evening and therefore SHOULD have gone off when I entered through the level three door. Not only did the alarm not sound, the monitoring station never even noticed someone had come in through a door that should have been actively alarmed. When I called to complain, not only would they not release me from my contract, they refused to refund the months I have paid and not received the monitoring I paid for! Their equipment does not work, and they do not provide the monitoring you pay for. Run away, don't walk, from this company if you actually want security!

Matt P.
Santa Rosa, California
Link Interactive Home Security review
If you are after an easy to install DIY system with full real people support and active real people monitoring, look no further. Yes, I am a real person and no, I am not receiving anything for this review. They did ask me to write a review though. The system comes pre-programmed based off your online setup. The install is very straightforward as is the system. On three occasions I ended up calling both Link and for both installation and alarm questions. I was a bit surprised to get a person pretty darn quickly who knew what they were talking about. My system took several hours to install and included no less than 25 or sensors and a door lock. The system integrates with Zwave stuff and is super awesome. One day they will offer better cameras for the video surveillance integration. I decided to simply install my own with Blueiris software. If you can RIF (reading is fundamental) your way through the instructions a lay person can do this install. Nice work Link on an inexpensive yet robust security system. I have had mine operating for several months with no challenges.

Greg H.
Southport, North Carolina
Link Interactive Home Security review
Great customer service and a great system!

Travis J
Link Interactive Home Security review
Top notch support !! The support team is always friendly and extremely helpful.

Margaret Martin
Link Interactive Home Security review
I had to call for some help with a few things and the person I spoke with was great. Good customer service. Thank you