Rating: 8.6 / 10 (Excellent)
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ADT is one of the <a href="/home-security/best-home-security">most trusted home security companies</a> in the U.S., with over 140 years of experience. Their home security systems can be monitored via app, and are fully customizable, featuring a variety of different options besides burglary protection, such as flood detection, and smoke and heat sensors. ADT Monitored systems can be controlled remotely via the ADT Pulse (R) app.

How is ADT Monitoring rated?


Contract & Price
Technology Integration

Overall Rating: 8.6 / 10 (Excellent)

With over 140 years of experience, ADT is one of the most popular and dependable security providers in the nation, covering both homes and businesses in the United States and Canada with reliable monitoring and top-notch home automation options. Their plans range from $36.99 to $58.99 with a $99 activation fee, and they require a 36-month minimum contract with applicable early cancellation fees. That being said, if you opt for ADT Monitored home security solutions remember to read the contract thoroughly before you commit. The equipment for these services is provided by Protect Your Home. Overall, the combination is reasonably priced and offers a wide range of dependable products and services that clients can customize to meet their needs.

How does ADT Monitoring work?

Equipment - 9 / 10

Protect Your Home's equipment scores high by providing professional installation and top-quality relocatable products that can be customized to fit your needs and the layout of your business or home. Their security systems include an event triggered alarm, live surveillance, an assortment of indoor and outdoor cameras, motion sensors, door and window sensors, recessed door sensors, glass break protection, and crash and smash protection for their control panel. They also provide environmental protection, such as carbon monoxide, flood, temperature change and smoke sensors, as well as a panic button and emergency alert button.
Equipment Manufacturer
Honeywell, GE, DSC
Ability to Reallocate System
Wireless Sensors
Control Panel
Event Triggered Siren/ Alarm

Security Monitors, Sensors, & Devices

Intrusion Protection

  • Door & Window Sensors
  • Garage Door Sensors
  • Glass Break Protection
  • Motion Sensors
  • Recessed Door Sensors
  • Crash & Smash Protection

Environmental Protection

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Flood
  • Temperature Change
  • Smoke


  • Indoor Cameras
  • Live Surveillance
  • Event-triggered Surveillance

Life Safety

  • Panic Button


Monitoring - 9.5 / 10

ADT offers unparalleled 24/7 cellular, broadband, and landline professional monitoring from six different monitoring centers located across the country. The physical equipment is provided by Protect Your Home and includes police, fire department, and medical dispatch options and their equipment comes with a 2-way intercom that allows you to contact one of their fast responders anytime you need assistance.
Monitoring Options
Professional Monitoring
Monitoring Technology
Number of Monitoring Centers
Monitoring Center Type
Professional Monitoring Services
24/7 Professional Monitoring
2-Way Intercom
Police Dispatch
Fire Department Dispatch
Medical Dispatch

How much does ADT Monitoring cost?

Contract & Price - 7.5 / 10

ADT has four monitored security packages to choose from: basic, basic wireless, ADT Pulse, and ADT Pulse + Video. Their monthly fees are on the high side, from $36.99 to $58.99. They require a 36-month minimum contract. Additionally, in the event of early contract termination, ADT may ask the client to pay 70% of the monthly charges due for the balance of the first 36-months. They do offer a 6-month money back guarantee and a 90-day limited warranty for their products, but all in all a rather stringent pricing and contract policy.
Starting Price
Max Price
Number of Available Packages
Installation Fee
Equipment Starting Cost
Contract Required
Minimum Contract Length
36 months
Cancellation Policy
Early termination by Customer, ADT may charge 90% of the monthly service charges due for the balance of the initial 36-month term.
90 Days Limited Warranty

Contract & Price Fine Print

$99 installation fee for Basic Plan, for information on installation fees for Basic Wireless, ADT Pulse and ADT Pulse plus Video please call company

Technology Integrations

Technology Integration - 8 / 10

Protect Your Home's security equipment offers solid technology integration in comparison to other providers. With features like email and text alerts, live surveillance, and remote arm/disarm, functions you can access through their solid iPhone and Android apps.

Mobile Access & Alerts

  • iPhone App
  • Android App
  • Email & Text Alerts
  • Live Surveillance Feed
  • Remote Arm/Disarm

ADT Monitoring Reputation

Reputation - 9.5 / 10

ADT cares about providing home and business owners with valuable security information, offering automation, home security, and health resources on their site. The company is certified by Underwriter's Laboratory, Factory Mutual, Electronic Security Association and the New York City Fire Department.
Trust Pilot Rating
3.3 out of 10
BBB Rating
Number of BBB Positive Reviews
Number of BBB Neutral Reviews
Number of BBB Negative Reviews
Date Collected
Year Founded

Certifications & Associations

  • Underwriter's Laboratory (UL)
  • Factory Mutual (FM)
  • Electronic Security Association
  • New York City Fire Department

Contact & Additional Information

Company Phone
(800) 229-8305
Headquarters Address
1 Town Center Rd., Boca Raton, FL, 33486
Mailing Address
1 Town Center Rd., Boca Raton, FL, 33486

Top Rated
Our Partner
8.6 / 10
  • Fantastic Offer - Limited Time Only. 
  • ADT's monitoring is the most trusted & popular in the US
  • Get it installed by a pro - save time, don't risk doing it wrong
  • Remote Arm/Disarm With Mobile App to Stay Connected
  • 3-year term. 2-year term (in California)
  • Website doesn't show pricing, call 866-946-7173
  • Qualification: 600+ credit score

Latest ADT Monitoring Reviews

Bill M
Atlanta, Georgia

we purchased an adt home security system at a charleston sc home show L think we were fast talked into buying the system My wife are below the proverty level. We purchased the system from a Paul Meyer I have written to Mr Meyer explaining our finiancial situation and asked to cancle our contract, and we would be glad to return all equipment we havent heard from him. We also got a notice that our system has lapsed ( ithink the vido part..I am looking at the brochure we we given,a nd there is nothing about that,and it was not mentioned may we hear from you? illy Mabry 2144 Promenade Ct Mt. Plesant sc

Atlanta, Georgia

ADT cameras do not pick up movement at night. I called ADT customer service and told the rep that thieves had broke into my car TWICE in the past five months. The ADT cameras are literally pointed directly at my car but there was absolutely no footage found by me or the police. The rep said that ADT cameras do not have night vision or infrared so the cameras cannot pickup movement at night. That is KEY INFORMATION that none of the ADT reps told me when they were so vigorously pushing there products and services. Then, just to check the response time for a call from ADT, I tripped the alarm to our house. It took someone from ADT 12 minutes to call. When I answered, the lady from... Read More

Darrell G
Ashburn, Virginia

Their security has a major loop-hole that could get you killed or your house could burn down and no one will ever be called. 1. If your home phone line goes down the word “communication” shows up. And that’s it. No call to secondary phones, nothing! That single word with no other warning as to what it means is all they do. That means: a home invasion break in could happen, you’re being raped or murdered or stealing all your valuables and no one is coming because no one knows. ADT says “...this is a low priority signal...” 2. Power goes out in your house or just the ADT system. A prerecorded message is left on your home phone but no secondary numbers. Message says,”...your power is... Read More

San Diego, California

We had the worst time when we moved. It's a really long story, but the cliff notes version is that they said it would be an easy transfer and offered approx $400 worth in services. The control box and the keypad device both came with nearly dead batteries. 2 separate occasions they started beeping in the middle of the night. ADT told us to go to Radio Shack to get the batteries....we went there, Amazon, ebay, etc. and no one sold them. The system couldn't be accessed on our phones either. The device kept making us test and re-test and still wouldn't work properly. We had 3 technician visits and 6 months with a system that wouldn't work. They won't let us cancel. We're stuck in a 2 year... Read More

Newport News, Virginia

Contact Defenders (ADT) on 04 March 2018 to receive a quote to install an alarm system to my property at 9790 Jasper St, Commerce City, CO 80022. I spoke with service representative Chris at 844-893-8738 about the type of services the company can provide. Chris gave a quote of $27.99. I didn't agree to purchase yet. I wanted for them to send a service rep to verify if their system would be compatible with the house since it was pre-wired for an alarm system. We schedule the free consultation for 06 March 2018 from 8:00 to 9:00 am. My wife was at the property. The representative arrived at the property and started to install the system where I was under the impression it was only to verify... Read More

Lexington, Kentucky

I have had ADT since 2002 and as of today I'm canceling the service! After a recent move, they tried charging me more money for less equipment, sent me a bill for over $400 because of "early cancellation" although I had an appointment scheduled for a new installation, and removed a payment from my bank account after the service had been discontinued. They gave us a huge hassle for stopping service at a house we no longer lived in! Anything (equipment changes, moves, etc.) starts a new three year contract. In the amount of time I have had ADT services, I could have bought and paid for multiple, more cost effective services, not to mention the level of customer service. I am done!

Miami, Florida

1 week ago I agreed on the price I would pay monthly for the alarm service with ADT. The installer came today and the prices of what we had talked on the phone were very, very different, but the surprise was that when the installer came to my house she began to uninstall the existing alarm system and after all that she tells me that the price was different from the one I had agreed on by phone so therefore I canceled the service and had the old alarm system reconnected

Christin K
Buford, Georgia

We have been with ADT for 5 years now, we called today to let them we are moving and would need our service transferred. They said there would be an installation charge, ok fine, but offered us less equipment at a higher monthly charge!!! They said that cost is based on service not equipment, we want the same service we have now, no add ones. BS and if we want to cancel that will cost us $500!!! Why just because we want to move which by the way is in the same area, will cost us more and we have to get less equipment.

Nancy H
Folsom, California

I just got rid of m ADT system. It was installed onOctober 1st and in the four months I had it, I had at least 14 service calls to fix broken or non-functioning equipment and more calls from them telling me that a window was open when it was not. The window in question has not been opened over 25 years. And every time they would call about my “open window”, it would make the alarm impossible to set because it required over-riding that window. I got a call from an ADT representative telling me they were receiving an alarm from my system. I was standing right next to the alarm when she called and I said “If the alarm was going off, shouldn’t I be hearing it.” She said “Absolutely”.... Read More

Jason F
Las Vegas, Nevada

I was quoted between $1000 (with 2 cameras) -$500 (with no cameras) start up coast and $47 -$54 a month.. Absolutely over priced, compared to what the advertise. I've been shopping prices and they are priced wayyyyyyyyy higher then any other company out there

Ginger G
Shawnee, Oklahoma

Just got the service Saturday and on Tuesday canceled,why because I got lied to.seen commercial saying camera was free but when he was at my home said it’s 300 for it,when called the supervisor told my husband,when she goes to buy a new car with bells and whistles there are hidden prices that you have to pay.that did it for us thank goodness we faxed the cancellation.1/16/18

Pamela R
Los Angeles, California

This company sucks! They insisted that I needed an ugrade to my monitoring to wireless. They sent out a rep that changed my system to wireless. Well the sensor in my bedroom kept signaling that there was break in. The police came out 3 times, where I was charged for 3 false alarms. I called ADT to complain, they said that I had to pay for the false alarms and show them proof of payment to be reimbursed. They sent out their tech, that fixed the problem and I mailed them proof of payment for the false alarms. We went around and aroud with them sayig theey had to investigate the problem! What?! After 6 months of the back and forth, approximately, a supervisor tells me that they do not give... Read More

Arlene A
Missouri City, Texas

Since somewhere around 2003, I was proud to be an ADT customer until July 2017, I noticed that I had an illegitimate email address stored in my ADT pulse login user section and seems like every time I received an email alert that person did too, really an invasion of my privacy. I spoke to a manager when I located this deceitful email and asked her to run a check on my account to see if it was hacked, that was negative, and of course they believe that I left my account open and an irate boyfriend took advantage of the account, not a chance, I told her. This is what I believe happen - and please make note of this- i believe when the ADT installers came to install my camera, and after all... Read More

Lewis M
Kathleen, Georgia

I’m not sure how this site is ranking ADT so high, but among many other things wrong with this company, ADT cameras do not pick up movement at night. I called ADT customer service and told the rep that thieves had broke into my car TWICE in the past five months. The ADT cameras are literally pointed directly at my car but there was absolutely no footage found by me or the police. The rep said that ADT cameras do not have night vision or infrared so the cameras cannot pickup movement at night. That is KEY INFORMATION that none of the ADT reps told me when they were so vigorously pushing there products and services. So, what you can do to make my “experience better” is actually... Read More

Merry G
Mechanicsville, Virginia

This company is absolutely unethical in its business practices. They attempt to keep you in a 3 year contract forever. Anything you do, including upgrading your system and paying for the upgrades when they are installed, starts a new 3 year contract and the only way out is to pay 75% of the remaining contract. There are much better options out there who do not base their business model on "pay us or you are trapped forever". They are like the Hotel California- you can check out any time you like but you can never leave. I am choosing to pay off the remainder of the contract rather than stay with such a scumbag of a company. Oh I am sure it was in the paperwork somewhere that a three... Read More

Tim K
Round Rock, Texas

11/28/17, FYI, today I was informed the 3G/4G radio's ADT and it's Dealer's use, are failing due to AT&T disconnecting 3G/4G service. ADT won't tell you the truth but will lie to you for month's before they will tell the truth. And only after thousands of customer's complain. Former 21 year employee.

Martha C
Billings, Montana

Do NOT invest in ADT if you are in Bozeman, MT! My experience was that once the initial equipment installation was completed by their authorized dealer (Protect Your Home), the contract was turned over to ADT corporate. At that point, neither company would provide the service of additional sensor installation. Bad business model for relationship with corporate and authorized dealers. Customer Service was not helpful.

Gretna, Louisiana

Loyal customer of 12 years.. never had issues until September. Alarm started beeping throughout day or night. . scared the daylights out of us. . called and they sent out a technician. upon arrival tech said phone line messed up to call phone co and btw you have had no connection for adt since May. so paying for nothing. Call rep who basically insulted me and said it was my fault. . Absolutely no refund for paying past few months and added I should've read the disclosure (which my husband signed up for services) 12 years ago that said I had to do test every month and I would've known I had no service 😡I told them cancel my service and they started offering free upgrade to wireless and 2... Read More

Vicki H
Port Richey, Florida

Marketing is EXTREMELY MISLEADING! Installers/Sales Guys were very informative and know their stuff BUT there is NO SUCH thing as a Monthly Payment between $36.99 to $58.99 and an activation fee of $99.00... Our Monthly charge with a 36 month contract will be $52.9,9 without cameras and some other bells & whistles... and an added charge of $191.00 for a Fire Alarm and Flashing Light with built in Siren. If we had gotten everything they offered we would have additional costs... instead of the advertised monthly highest charge of $58.99... HA The $53 seems pretty high for monitoring...

Joy G
New Albany, Indiana

Do not trust anything the sales reps say. My husband got the run around for a week getting different answers from every person that answered the phones. Supposedly had approval from sales manager yet when my husband had a few questions about the quote they asked us to sign someone would tell him that corporate rejected the offer. Then he would get another quote from that person and so on an so forth. My husband has spent so much time on the phone causing him so much stress I should charge them for his time! ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE SALES!!!!!!!

Ried B
Carson City, Nevada

After nearly 2,000 in equipment sales in December of 2014, my alarm stopped working properly in June of 2017. Opened doors and other zones did not register with the keypad, alarms sounded for no reason and then inexplicably would return to a normal operation. After 3 visits a technician finally recommended the master CPU be replaced. A week later a tech showed up and had no notes as to the work to be performed. Although customer support was friendly and tried to be helpful (over the phone) a servicing technician was never told what was wrong and thus were unprepared to fix or replace parts of the system. The reason? Oh, according to ADT they had to first "build a case" to authorize... Read More

James M
, New Jersey

WORST COMPANY EVER. I have a security system with the company. I called and inquired about having security camera's added. The sales rep informed me it would cost 472.00 which I agreed . Had installed but found out I went into another 3Year contract . I contacted them they pulled phone records and they stated the rep didn't inform me nor the installer and there response is I should have read the paper work I was signing. Same paperwork I've signed after the numerous service calls . You've been warned

, Texas

My husband and I just bought a home, ADT sent out SALES REPS to see if we wanted to continue service (the home already had the system from the previous owners) they told us they were NOT sales reps and that they make no commission they are "relocation managers" they also told us that anything that needed to be updated would be free, and when I asked then about the current motion detector because we have an indoor cat I was told that it would have to be at least 40 lbs and stand 4 feet tall to set it off. So we go ahead and schedule the setup, when the tech gets there he starts changing or our door sensors and keypad, he tells us that we shouldn't hook up the motion sensor because our cat... Read More

Theadore S
Halethorpe, Maryland

I have been an ADT Security customer since 1981 and have secured all 4 of my homes by ADT. The fourth home I purchased had an existing security system that was installed by the previous home owner. ADT told me that system could be updated by ADT and that a new system was not necessary. I have been dealing with noting but problems since I purchased the house 51/2 years ago. The latest problem was the door to the panel used to turn the system on or off is broken from the plastic to the panel being so old. The door to the panel just opened by itself because was shutting my front door to my home (I did not slam the front door) and the door to the alarm system was laying open when I... Read More

Miami, Florida

I have been dealing with these scam artists for two days. Be careful because they will "bait and switch" after you think you have it all settled. They add additional charges for "permitting". Make sure you check with your municipality to see if the permits are actually required. They were charging me and additional $132.10 for an electrical permit and alarm permit that is not required in my area. They apologetically removed those charges AFTER I questioned them on the permitting issue. My advice is to look elsewhere and get all your facts before or they will add fees not necessary for your alarm system.