Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Review

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Liberty Mutual Review

Liberty Mutual offers a wide variety of home insurance discount options for homeowners. This makes them perfect for homeowners searching for great deals and bargains. Savings are available by just simply installing security devices in your home or renovating it before applying for an insurance policy. Liberty Mutual provides additional discounts for homeowners who have been enrolled in the policy for 3 years and has not made any claims. Liberty Mutual is perfect for homes that are less than 13 years old or recently renovated. It also offers great deals for new homeowners who recently purchased a 13 year or older homes as long as the policy is made within 60 days of the purchase. Liberty Mutual currently provides coverage for member and employees for thousands of companies and organizations across the nation.


Home Insurance Products Offered

Homeowners Insurance

Renters Insurance

Condominium Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

*** Liberty Mutual does not provide HO8 policies that are required for older homes (usually over 30 years old) and does not meet all the requirements that are found in HO3 policies. 

Net premium written (A.M. Best)



Better Business Bureaus (BBB Ratings)

  • A+ Rating
  • BBB Accredited business




Age of Home Yes
Age of Policy Holder Yes
Multiple Policies Yes
Newly Purchased Home Yes
Newly Renovated Home Yes
Home Security Equipment Yes     




Covers cost of rebuilding/ repairing due to a covered peril Yes
Personal liability coverage for personal/ property damage Yes
Covers living expenses outside of the home during rebuilding/ repairs Yes
Coverage for medical expense Yes
Is widely available across the country Yes
Personal property insurance for loss or damage for covered instance      Yes            


Repair/ Response Times

Like most insurance companies, Liberty Mutual provides 24 hour access to their client representatives. But what really sets them apart is that they also provide 24 hour repair services. Although this might not be possible during natural disasters or fires where the number of homeowners could be overwhelming, Liberty Mutual is able to respond to calls and offer assistance immediately. Homeowners also have the option of choosing their repair contractor from the list of available service providers in the area.


Bottom Line

Liberty Mutual offers homeowners a wide variety of home insurance options that are competitively priced to meet individual requirements. They do provide an online feature where homeowners could easily check all available home insurance plans offered. 

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9.0 / 10
  • Wide selection of home insurance discounts
  • Covers common occurrences like Fire or Theft, Also accidents, or if your dog bites the repairman
  • Protect Your Valuable Items (Electronics, Jewelery) 
  • A Wide Range of Excellent Coverage Options
  • Online Quotes in Minutes!

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William B
Clarksville, Tennessee

I have nothing good to say had them since 2012 the rates have sky rocketed there have been no claims this company covers the very bare stuff you better take a closer look to cover your pride and joy your home.

Laura E

We had a pipe wear out in the crawl space. This pipe took kitchen water and one bathroom sink water to the sewer for disposal. I paid for the plumber, but Liberty Mutual would not pay for the hazardous waste that ended up in my crawl space. Our furnace is in the crawl space and so the smell, bacteria, and any other harmful items enter the living space. Apparently, Liberty Mutual will NEVER insure my house for water issues because of its age. Yes, my house was built in 1942 and still has good pipes in most places. Shame on Liberty Mutual for not paying for sewage clean-up to the tune of $2,188.00. It's not as though I haven't already paid that much over the past 5 years for this. I... Read More

McMinnville, Tennessee

We had a house fire 10-11-2015, Liberty mutual has refused to pay our loses. They have tried scare us, threatened us, offered about 1/2 of the cost to replace what we had. Our house know has mold plus the furniture that could have been saved has more damage to it . Liberty mutual is the worst insurance company around. I am disabled and retired, my wife is 65 and retired. Our house of 30 years is worthless. If you want more information, We have all our documen's as proof.

Melissa, Texas

this insurance has increased 300% in 5 years. In addition they do not cover leaks under the slab of your home. The most efficient way to fix is to jackhammer the slab but Liberty Mutual will not pay to fix the hole in your floor. So another words you pay a lot for no service!

Birmingham, Alabama

Terrible on car insurance. Canceled us for hitting an animal we had no control over. Bad customer service. Never called back as promised. Had to call and call. Took a lot of my viable time dealing with this company. The adjuster was the worst. She was Hispanic and you could not understand her. Every time I tried calling I would get her voicemail. Would leave messages. Never received a return call. This went in for months. Talking to supervisors.... constantly apologizi g to get nothing accomplished because everything was going through our Hispanic adjuster. Stay away from this company. Not worth the risk!

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