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HomeAdvisor Gutter Guards Review

Rating: 9.3 / 10 (Excellent)
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HomeAdvisor is an online home services marketplace that offers tools and resources for home maintenance, improvement, and repairs. It provides a free matching service that enables homeowners to find a professional near their area. The company enables users to view similar project costs via its True Cost Guide. HomeAdvisor offers a wide network of pre-screened local professionals that can be instantly booked for appointments online or through its mobile app.

Services and Features

HomeAdvisor matches consumers to local professionals near their area. By simply answering a few questions and entering a zip code, customers are directed to a page where they can compare quotes from up to 4 providers. Once a customer’s request is processed, the company will send their information to a matching professional. Customers then receive calls from professionals to discuss their project. Homeowners can also choose to contact the providers themselves or whichever is more convenient for them.

The company offers a suite of tools including HomeAdvisor mobile app, Resource Center, and True Cost Guide. This is to help homeowners choose the right professional for their needs. Their True Cost Guide let homeowners see real costs from real home projects. Projects displayed are updated daily which consist of local and national cost data.

Features and Services

Online Quotation

Product Catalogue

Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter Alignment 

Types of Gutter Guards

Foam Gutter Guards

Surface Tension Gutter Guards


Brush Gutter Guards

Micro Mesh

Gutter Failure Solutions for:





Faulty Design


Professional Installation

Homeowner DIY Installation

Pricing Details

Available for Financing

Installation Fee

Estimation Fee

Free Online Quotation


Length of Warranty

Varies on the contractor or provider

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Varies on the contractor or provider

Money Back Guarantee

Varies on the contractor or provider

Transferrable Warranty

Varies on the contractor or provider

Customer Assistance




Live Chat

Gutter Guard at HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor offers a convenient way for homeowners to compare quotes and shop for qualified professionals in their area. It has an extensive network of pre-screened professionals which guarantees the quality of services each contractor provides. Numerous tools and resources such as its True Cost Guide help consumers make more informed decisions.


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Our Partner
9.3 / 10
  • Compare Quotes from up to 4 professionals
  • Wide network of pre-screened gutter guard providers and installers
  • Find a professional near you
  • Member of the Better Homes and Garden Network
  • True Cost Guide