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Ameritas Dental Review

Ameritas Dental Insurance offers plans catered towards individuals and families. Rather than relying on dental insurance offered by your employer, Ameritas promotes independence. This is great especially when you find yourself moving to another job. Ameritas also offers discounts on prescriptions from Walmart or Sam's Club pharmacies, which could save you a couple more dollars on dental treatments.

What's included in Ameritas Dental?


All plans pay a benefit toward covered services after the $50 per-person deductible.

Plans with either one or two exams and cleanings per year.

Dental Rewards® feature lets qualifying individuals earn an additional amount to add to their following year's annual maximum.

Plan 3 includes a $100 vision benefit to use for vision exams, frames, lenses and contact lenses.

Helps you save on prescription medications through Walmart or Sam's Club pharmacies. 


All plans offer vision, dental and hearing care benefits with no waiting or elimination periods.

Plan C offers increasing annual maximum benefits.

Enjoy the freedom to see your choice of vision care provider

Save up to 15% on eyewear frames and lenses purchased at any Walmart Vision Center nationwide. 

Receive savings on prescriptions at Walmart or Sam's Club pharmacies, and eyewear frames and lenses purchased at any Walmart Vision Center. 

Plan Reviewed


How much does it save you?

preventive 80% plan 1, 100% plan 2 and plan 3

Basic 50% for plan 1 and 2, 80% for plan 3

Major plan 1 not covered, 50% for plan 2 and plan 3

Annual Maximum

plan 1 $500, plan 2 $1000, plan 3 $1500

Treatments Covered and Reimbursement

Covers all treatments but Major services are only covered with extra premiums.

Fine Print

No waiting periods if you were covered by another dental plan within 30 days of the date the application was received.

When you visit an Ameritas PPO network provider, the amount allowed for each covered procedure is based on the Maximum Allowable Charge (MAC). 



Ameritas Dental focuses its services towards providing individuals and families with better dental coverage. It gives them independence in choosing dental plans tailored to their specific needs.















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Brenda Dugas
, Texas
I have been with Ameritas Dental for over 4 years and had never used the plan until December 1, 2016. I now wish thaat I had not tried them sooner. I had two extractions, two small fillings and needed a replacement tooth added to my partial. Because the dentist is a network provider, I received whatever reduced cost was allowed. However, Ameritas has been hesitant in paying its share of the claims. The reasons given are as follows: The x-ray submitted by the dentist was very dark and Ameritas' dental consultants weren't able to see enough of the teeth on that x-ray to make a proper determination. No payment was made on the tooth added to my partial because the dentist didn't include a... Read More

Happy, Texas
Ameritas refused to pay for 2 crowns stating that tooth erosion and tooth decay are not the same and thus not covered. Don't be surprised if you have more than a semi-annual cleaning, for your claims to be denied.

Vancouver, Washington
Don't waste your money paying for this dental "insurance". I had 2 fillings done and only after the procedure did the insurance company inform me that they will only cover up to a 2 surface filling. Most people get large fills done, not tiny ones. Totally misrepresented this plan to me when purchased. Cancelling soon. I wish I could get my money back that I wasted on premiums. I could have gotten the fills done without the hassle, with what I paid them.

Los Angeles, California
Wish I have read the above reviews before signing up for this scam called Ameritas dental... they denied any claims and you get nowhere with this people. avoid, avoid....

Danny Neal
Shreveport, Louisiana
We had been with Ameritas Dental for a little over a year when my wife had some crowns repaired. The cost was a little over $2,000. Before the procedure our dentist confirmed coverage with Ameritas and was told they would pay 50%. We paid our share and had the procedure done. When the claim was filed, Ameritas refused to pay anything. Upon appeal, they paid a mere $190.00, claiming it was cosmetic. We have been with our dentist for many, many years and he was always shown himself to have the highest integrity. He says this was not cosmetic, doesn't understand why they won't pay. Avoid this company. They are void of all integrity and will do everything possible to avoid paying a... Read More

Mark K
College Park, Maryland
After paying $70dls a month for this scam insurance which is al ot for a Dental, when finally need it to use it for a tooth repair(crown). this plan didnt cover a penny, whats the point to pay so much for a plan that doesnt help u need it, instead i have now Bluecross dental $38dls a month and covers 50% for my crown

Kyle L.
Marshall, Minnesota
I would avoid them as Dental Insurer like a plague. They offer outdated plans that don't support modern dental technology. So, your Dentist will use a modern procedure code that will equate to Ameritas' outdated pay code and you are on the hook for the remaining balance. This company salivates at the possibility of rejecting/denying a claim or score a small win by reducing their exposure in funding the claim. Their coverage is merely snake oil in the grand scheme of it.

Derek F
West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
Pays very little of overall dental bill for cleaning and X-ray. Hidden deductible I wasn't informed about when signing up.

Jeff M
Preventive procedures covered 100 percent? Not so fast. I'm 48 years old and had my first root canal and crown this year. Ameritas coverage softened the blow, but it still me $885 out of my own pocket. Then -- SURPRISE! -- I got stuck with the full cost of my next regularly scheduled checkup/cleaning. The preventative appointment wasn't covered at all because Ameritas caps total benefits paid during a calendar year (lumping "preventative" in with everything else). Worst part about it? If I had waited three weeks, it would've been paid in full. So because I followed my dentist's schedule and not my crappy insurer's schedule, I get stuck paying what amounts to a $140 penalty.

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