Concord Auto Protect Car Warranty Review

Rating: 9 / 10 (Excellent)
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Concord Auto protect is a car warranty provider that is headquartered in Pennsylvania. Boasting an industry-leading suite of technology and service, this company aims to provide top-notch service even as the average length of car ownership increases. Their policy’s features include 24 hour customer service and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

How is Concord Auto Protect rated?


Service Contract
Claims & Repairs

Overall Rating: 9 / 10 (Excellent)

Concord Auto Protect provides service contracts on specifically-named vehicle systems. It offers three plans, the differences among them being the identity of the components covered. The service agreement is cancellable and transferrable. Disputes must be arbitrated, but consumers do not forfeit their right to sue. The company's reputation is difficult to ascertain since very little information is available about the company.

Coverage Overview

Key Facts

Plan Types
Named Component Coverage

Coverage - 9 / 10

Concord Auto Protect offers three levels of coverage and publishes a comparative chart of what coverages are offered at which levels. Coverage is for named components and systems, rather than the exclusionary coverage that most consumer advocates recommend.

What does Concord Auto Protect cover?

Powertrain Coverage

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Drive Axle Assembly

Specialty Coverage

  • Factory Navigational System

Component Coverage

  • Factory Air Conditioner
  • Brakes
  • Engine Cooling System
  • Electrical Components
  • Front & Rear Suspension

Additional Benefits

  • Substitute Transportation
  • Trip Interruption
  • Roadside Assistance


For a full list of Concord Auto Protect exclusions, check out this page.

Claims & Repairs

Claims & Repairs - 9.2 / 10

Although the company's website states that consumers can have their vehicle repaired anywhere, the contract makes clear that repairs must be done at a facility with an ASE-certified mechanic. Claims are paid directly to the service facility making the repairs and are paperwork-free for the consumer.

Concord Auto Protect Service Contract

Contract Details

Vehicle Inspection Required for Contract?
Transferability of Warranty?

Sample Contract

Concord Auto Protect provides a sample contract for potential customers on its website: Concord Auto Protect Sample Contract

Service Contract - 9 / 10

The contract requires that consumer disputes be first presented to the American Arbitration Association, but consumers do not waive their rights to sue after that step has been taken. The contract is transferrable and cancellable by the consumer.

Company Reputation

Company Details

Vehicle Protection Association Member?

Customer Reviews

TrustPilot Rating
8.5 out of 10

Reputation - 9 / 10

Strangely, the BBB appears to have no information about Concord Auto Protect. The company is highly-rated by TrustPilot, but this rating is based on just 15 reviews. It is difficult to find out who actually owns or runs the company, which is identified as Concord Auto Services LLC in the contract. The lack of information about the company's identity, age, size, and reputation does not necessarily indicate that it has a poor reputation, but consumers are advised to use caution before dealing with a company with so little disclosed information.

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16 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Maynard J
South Weymouth, Massachusetts
Stay clear of Concord Auto Protect. Refused coverage after 2600 miles for a transmission issue that they claimed was preexisting even though the Ford dealership said it certainly could have happened in the 2600 miles. They have clauses in the contract that let them out of anything they don't feel like paying for. Scam. I've had 10 or 12 extended warranties and never had a problem till this company STAY CLEAR or have a lawyer read the contract. Screwed my kid in college!

Robert B
Brooklyn, New York
I got the extended auto warrant set up on my Ford F-150. I was very pleased with the way they took care of everything when I had to bring in my truck to the shop for a engine light that came on. they also got me a lower deductible when I set up the warranty (thanks to a veterans Promotion ). After thinking about it I believe it already paid for itself and I have 3 more years to go.With that being said I set up another 2 plans for my other vehicles. Thanks and keep up the good work....

Taylor C
Garland, Texas
Had the warranty for a short time, but has been very helpful so far, would recommend.

Cathy W
Brooklyn, New York
Concord was awesome and has earned there stripes in my book they helped me with my broken transmission. not to mention the rental car was ready for me as i pulled into the shop .keep up the good work!

Wyandanch, New York
My wife and I were looking into purchasing an auto warranty for our car. Generally we had a lot of questions for every company. When we got on the line with Concord they were different than others. They did not rush us, they were polite and knowledgeable. We did not feel like he was pushing us into it and really explained everything. We highly recommend them due to their A+ customer service and willingness to be patient. I believe we spoke with Ralph. He helped us through it all. Thank you!

Rod M
Prineville, Oregon
After reviewing several extended service plans I received a Quote from Patrick Dunn with Concord Auto protect. His quote was by far the best deal I could find. Patrick was very professional and it was great working with him. I highly recommend this company. Rod Malone

Gerry M
Encinitas, California
I worked with Patrick Dunn of your company. He was an absolute delight to work with. Although I had to cancel the insurance due to unforeseen circumstances, Patrick was so helpful and professional in the way he handle my purchase and my cancellation. It would be great if we had more people like him in the marketplace. Thank you

Greg s
Chelsea, Alabama
Patrick Dunne was really helpful and did not push for a sale. Prices seemed a little high but after some conversations they came down to what seems to be a very fair price. Hopefully will not need them but a little peace of mind is worth it.

Brooklyn, New York
I had the pleasure of dealing with Brad at Concord Auto Protect. He was a consummate professional who displayed seemingly endless patience with all my questions and concerns. Of all the companies that I researched, he quoted me the best price for my 2010 Altima and offered the best protection package.

Hector R
Raleigh, North Carolina
I got to say that the expiernece with Concord Auto Protect has been nothing but great. They have definitely gone above and beyond to make sure that I'm taking care of! And Michael just takes care of you like family! Hands down to the Michael and his team!! Top Notch Service!!

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9.0 / 10
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Available nationwide through any ASE Certified Facility
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • No claim limits
  • No reimbursement
  • Wide selection of car warranty plans
  • Zero interest payment
  • Free online quote