Sideline Business Phone System Review

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Sideline, powered by Pinger, Inc. is a service that provides business phone solutions for entrepreneurs, small businesses, teams and working individuals who require a secondary phone line. It allows users to separate work from their personal life through the use of its smartphone application. Sideline offers a free to use application that helps people and businesses easily manage team lines or add business communication features as needed.

About Sideline

Sideline offers a smartphone application that allows users to add a second phone number for business use. This is a free application that works around a user’s existing carrier for better reliability and number porting. It gives the option of transferring their existing work number from another device or landline to your smartphone.

Sideline makes creating a business phone system by letting companies assign individual employees a work phone. This can be done by simply sending them a download link and installing the app on their smartphone. This eliminates the need for costly purchases of additional phones or infrastructure. It saves the company by as much as 80% over installing a business phone system. Sideline features include instant directory contact pre-population.

The software lets team record and manage multiple voicemail greeting from their Sideline number. It provides unlimited calling features using the user’s carrier network ensuring better call quality and reliability. Other calling features include caller ID, ringtones, and notifications.


For Individuals:

  • Free app download
  • Auto-Text Replies
  • Unlimited Texting
  • Custom Voicemail Greetings
  • Carrier Reliability
  • No need to pay for minutes
  • Calls use your current plan (unlimited or not)
  • Get to choose a local area code or port in an existing number

Optional In-App Purchase:

  • Remove Ads

For Teams (Beta):

  • Assign and reclaim numbers remotely
  • Wi-Fi or VoIP Backup
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Managed employee numbers
  • No ads or number expiration
  • Online admin portal
  • Prioritize customer support
  • Instant directory
  • Separate caller ID, notifications and ringtones to know who’s contacting your Sideline
  • Carrier reliability
  • Free and unlimited texting


Sideline’s application can be downloaded for free. For teams and businesses, it offers a $9.99 per user per month subscription for its team and business phone features.

Business Phone System at Sideline

By letting businesses use its employees’ existing smartphones, Sideline helps save money on costly equipment purchases. It also makes it more convenient for employees since both their personal and business phone is contained in one device. Sideline also comes with unlimited and text features that only makes it a truly affordable business phone system solution.

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