When your RV is your primary residence, your insurance must feature a combination of features for both home and vehicle coverage, even if it's stationary. If you attempt to insure your RV along with your auto policy, odds are you'll only get coverage for physical damage, without any of the comprehensive features necessary to an RV that is a primary residence. Ideally, RVs that are primary residences should have policies similar to other homeowners insurance, including personal liability coverage, medical payments to others, loss assessments, and shed or storage contents, when applicable.

To this end, we researched the best RV insurance policies for full-time residents, and here's what we found.

Top 4 Full Time RV Insurance

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9.5 / 10

National General Insurance rightfully calls itself America's RV insurance specialist, as they specialize in offering the customized coverages that regular auto insurance doesn't provide. Their specially designed features and benefits include items such as permanent attachments coverage, an emergency expense allowance, full-timer coverage, storage option and personal belongings coverage for full replacement cost up to $3,000. Their commitment to exceptional service is such that if their customers aren't satisfied with their claims service, National General will waive up to $250 off their deductible. Their coverages are specifically designed for the RV lifestyle, with an array of discounts available for multiple cars, GM/GMAC customers, safe drivers, on-star suscribers, among many others.

9.1 / 10

Progressive builds a custom policy for every customer as soon as they quote, in order to provide the best coverage. Since RV's can also function as primary homes, at Progressive they divide their policies between recreational use and full-timers. Basic plans always cover emergency expenses, accident forgiveness for large and small claims, trailer coverage, pet injury coverage, and any physical damage incurred in Mexico. For full-time RVers, Progressive also offers enhanced coverage for personal liability, loss assesment, and storage shed contents, for no extra fees. They also offer some special features for additional fees, such as roadside assistance, a disappearing deductible, and vacation liability.

8.5 / 10

RV Insurance America protects RVs with specialized coverage that factors in additional options to their quotes. They insure many different types of RVs, including towable ones such as trailers and truck campers, as well as motorized class A, B, and C-types. Their coverage plans vary, but it's worth noting that they can include 24/7 roadside assistance, accessories and collision coverage, emergency expenses, personal items replacement, and fire, flood, and theft insurance. Their full timer coverage adds additional liability coverage as well as an increased personal effects amount. RV Insurance America can even put consumers in contact with licensed dealers across the country, though they specialize in their home base of Texas.

7.5 / 10

National Interstate Insurance offers innovative policies that combine many of the features of an auto policy with those of a homeowner’s policy, as well as quality coverage and attentive service. They insure motor homes, bus conversions, fifth wheels, stationary trailers, and travel trailers, with specialized policies  similar to a personal liability, for full-time RVers who use it as their home more than five months of the year. Their basic plans include total loss replacement within the first five years, purchase price guarantee, diminishing deductible, personal effects coverage, windshield and awning replacement, and commercial usage coverage if you also operate a business out of your RV.

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