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Rating: 9.5 / 10 (Excellent)
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National General Insurance Company is a property and casualty insurer founded in 1920 in Winston Salem, North Carolina. As one of the largest automobile insurance companies in the United States, National General offers a variety of insurance products, including personal auto, RV, motorcycle, and commercial auto insurance, with 24-hour claims processing and highly-rated customer support.

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Coverage & Benefits
RV Coverage
Customer Support
Financial Strength

Overall Rating: 9.5 / 10 (Excellent)

With almost a century of insurance-related experience under their belt, National General Insurance Company continues to strive for excellence through superior customer service and products designed to help drivers protect their vehicles, while saving them hundreds of dollars in premiums each year. The company currently offers basic plans with standard protection such as liability, collision, and comprehensive coverages, as well as specialized RV insurance plans that can be customized to meet the needs of individual drivers and a variety of recreational vehicle models. As one of the largest auto insurers in the United States, National General offers unbeatable protection through affordable plans and an excellent list of discounts.

Coverage & Benefits

Coverage & Benefits - 9.5 / 10

National General Insurance offers excellent RV insurance products through a highly inefficient webpage that provides sparse details regarding coverages and discounts. The company does state they cover most recreational vehicles, including motorhomes, fifth wheels, mounted truck campers, and more, but to find out if their RV model is actually covered, prospective customers must request a quote.

Basic Coverage

Bodily Injury Liability
Property Damage Liability
Personal Injury
Medical Payments
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

RV Specific Coverage

  • Total Loss Replacement
  • Full Timer
  • Belongings & Personal Effects
  • Permanent Attachments
  • Emergency Expense Allowance

RV's Covered

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Fifth Wheel Trailer
  • Mounted Truck Camper

National General RV Insurance Cost & Discounts

Cost - 9 / 10

Although National General does not provide specific premium or deductible ranges for their RV insurance products, the company does state that customers who enroll in their plans can save an average of $349 a year through their long list of SmartDiscounts. For example, clients who bundle their auto and RV insurance coverage can earn up to 20% on premiums, and suspending certain coverages during the months they're not on the road can save up to $400 a year. National General also offers discounts for safe drivers, OnStar subscribers, and those who pay in full, have low mileage vehicles, or use other GM/GMAC products and services.
Annual Premium will vary by driver and vehicle'
Deductible will vary by driver and vehicle'
Bundle Options
Bundled Policy
Safe/Responsible Driver
Low Mileage
Storage Option

Customer Support & Experience

Customer Support - 9 / 10

National General Insurance Company is committed to delivering exceptional service, so much so that they waive up to $250 off your deductible if you aren't satisfied with their claims service. The company is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau and holds an A+ rating with the organization, based on 66% positive customer reviews. The company has received some complaints with regard to some of their products or services, yet that's not out of the ordinary for a enterprise of its size. Customers who have worked with National General report swift and courteous service from knowledgable representatives every time, further evidencing the company's commitment with the highest standards of customer service.
BBB Rating
Number of BBB Positive Reviews
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Number of BBB Negative Reviews
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Financial Strength

Financial Strength - 10 / 10

National General Insurance Company, with almost a century of experience in the insurance industry, enjoys excellent overall financial stability as evidenced by their A.M. Best A- financial strength rating and their a- long-term issuer credit rating, with a stable long term outlook.
National General Insurance Company
AM Best Financial Rating
*The above information reflects the financial strength of the underwriter of the National General RV insurance policies: National General Insurance Company.

Contact & Additional Information

Homepage URL
Company Phone
(888) 293-5108
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 3199, Winston-Salem, NC, 27102
Year Founded

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17 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Newark, New Jersey
One of the worst rv insurance company's out by far. My 5th wheel had a power surge it burnt up a lot of things in the camper including the ceiling they gave me a line of bullshit why they would not cover the claim. BUYER BEWARE!

Caleigh B  
Official Response

Content Marketing Manager of National General RV Insurance
We are so sorry to hear about your RV, Robert. We'd love to take this offline, however, to discuss your case further. Is there an email or phone number we can use to contact you?

Robert T
Newark, New Jersey
This company is the worst. I paid cash for a year of coverage on my 24' Gulfstream Vistacruiser mini Class C. Shortly after the policy was initiated I tried calling the agent that sold me the policy and his phone was disconnected. National General, after 4 hours of trying to contact them ( I had to finally call their claims line) was supposed to set me up with a new agent. That never happened. My policy expires tomorrow and I finally got a call from them. They transferred my call to an insurer in my area (I'm staying at my mother's house) and he couldn't even find my policy per the information that is on my insurance policy. I'm going to be living full time in my RV as I travel the... Read More

Caleigh B  
Official Response

Content Marketing Manager of National General RV Insurance
Robert, we regret to hear about your experience. We did experience technical issues last month, which briefly affected our phone system. We are otherwise always available to our customers to answer questions and encourage you to give us a call and we'll get back to you just as soon as we can. And while we know we can't please each and every customer, we're proud of the 92% customer satisfaction rating we've earned, and would love to improve your experience going forward.

John I
Peoria, Arizona
2nd Year without any claims or accidents and increased and yearly premium increased 35%.. The customer service reason is that it was its yearly company correction. So did everyone that had a auto policy in the US get a 35% increase also?

Caleigh B  
Official Response

Content Marketing Manager of National General RV Insurance
John, we regret to hear that your rates increased. The rates that customers pay are determined by a number of factors like a change in driving history, a move, so on and so forth. We always strive to offer savings and discounts, though, and would love to work with you to lower your monthly premium, if possible. If you're interested, we encourage you to give your National General agent a call.

Rod S
McAllen, Texas
I just learned by accident that if my RV is under the storage status of National General's insurance policy, and a hurricane is "in the news," my policy is placed under moratorium, meaning that it can't be switched to out-of-storage status, meaning you have no collision or liability coverage. But policy holders aren't notified that they aren't covered, which contradicts Good Sam's advice that evacuees from a hurricane should take their RV. If you take it out of storage on the weekend like I did and you call to leave a message (no humans around on the weekend) that you want to be switched from storage status, you're driving your RV illegally, without liability or collision, and at great... Read More

Chandler, Arizona
How can they have a 10/10 rating when all of the reviews are Terrible?? Just learned that they are no longer writing new policies in Arizona. Wonder if that means they are facing some legal action(s)? One can only hope!

Chandler, Arizona
NGIC denied my claim for water damage caused after driving through a severe thunderstorm. It took close to 3 months for them to deny the claim, clearly it was a loss caused when water entered one of the rear, top running lights on the Airstream. I could go on for pages about the information I provided their claims representative, not to mention the service provider who was to do the repair. NGIC is a fraudulent company that has employees to twist the truth, am being kind, and lack even the basic customer relations and communications skills. I would NOT renew my policy if they offered it to me for free. If you have them, drop them, if you don't look elsewhere.

Caleigh B  
Official Response

Content Marketing Manager of National General RV Insurance
Chandler, we're sorry to hear about your RV. We hate to hear that you incurred any kind of loss. We cannot, however, comment on any of the specific details provided in your review as that's confidential claims information. We can assure you, though, that we thoroughly review each claims case before making a determination. And if ever you have any questions, we encourage you to contact your claims agent directly. Thanks again, Ed.

Dan M
Orange Park, Florida
I have recently returned from deployment to find a large tree branch has punctured the roof of my RV. There was a lot of water damage to rear end of roof, back wall and rear interior floor and the electrical system is messed up (keeps blowing the 40amp fuses). My adjuster informed me that National General insurance does not cover long term damage as the ply wood in the back wall, roof and floor was rotten and delaminated from the fiberglass siding. She said I should have put a tarp on the roof to avoid any other damage. I informed her that I was on deployment to the other side of the world and was unable to do so. After sending out someone to survey the damage, she was kind enough to... Read More

Caleigh B  
Official Response

Content Marketing Manager of National General RV Insurance
Dan, we certainly hate to hear about your experience. Please know that we're reviewing your claim to see how we can better the situation going forward. If we have any questions or need any additional information, we'll be sure to get in touch with you.

Johnstown, Colorado
Over two months on a hail damage claim. The damage is obvious to the roof. Three adjusters have come out. First too obese to climb a ladder. 2nd incompetent, third seemed like he got it. Now National General has not responded to email. I have avoided getting a lawyer because I thought they were acting in good faith. My truck, damaged in the same storm, has already been repaired by USAA insurance. They may eb cheap; but you get what you pay for I guess.

Caleigh B  
Official Response

Content Marketing Manager of National General RV Insurance
Wayne, on behalf of National General Insurance, please accept our apologies. We regret that you weren't able to get your RV repaired in a much quicker fashion, and always strive to get our RV customers back on the road as quickly as possible. Please know that we take your feedback very seriously and will be sure to share it with our leadership team.

Tammy M
Meridian, Mississippi
I was told this was great insurance for my RV so I got it...boy was that a mess!!! My premium was 43.oo a month and that was great until this month...132.00!!!! Due to not providing documentation of vehicle insurance, which I did not know I needed to provide!! And was not allowed to get my $ back on the day it was drafted from my account!!! And charged me 20.00 or so for cancellation fee...really????? 132.00 is a far cry from 43.00.

Caleigh B  
Official Response

Content Marketing Manager of National General RV Insurance
Tammy, we are sorry to hear about your experience. Your agent should have conveyed any necessary paperwork that needed to be completed when you bound your policy. We'd be happy to dig up and listen to your call to see if that happened, then address any training or coaching issues from there. Again, we apologize about any confusion on our part and seriously hope we were able to remedy this situation with you.

John H
I have had their ins since 1959, NGI has changed. They have people with cold hearts working now. I hit an elk in Oregon and I know the damage incurred, they are denying many parts of the damage claiming it old damage with no proof. I have photos and dates showing no damage. I asked for their proof in writing and they replied with a notice of cancellation. I contacted 15 shops in So CA and all off the record said NGI is the most difficult to deal with always denying this and that. They are all afraid to loose business by speaking out. They all told me that Bryan Hughes is the worst to work with. They all said AAA is the best. I am a full-timer and will need to go back to Illinois (out of... Read More

Caleigh B  
Official Response

Content Marketing Manager of National General RV Insurance
John, we regret to read your review. We do our best to respond to each and customer claims experience appropriately and see that it gets handled from start to finish. We can't, however, respond to any of the specific details in your review because they contain information that is personal and specific to your unique situation. We assure you, though, that we will review your case to see what we can do differently going forward. Thanks for taking the time to explain your experience to us, John.

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9.5 / 10
  • Top rated C=choice: A+ BBB rating
  • "Turn Off" for liability & collision during storage - Save 53%
  • Cover your personal belongings or attachments
  • Full-timer coverage options
  • Mexico insurance ptions
  • Total Loss RV replacement
  • 24-hour claims support