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Rating: 7.9 / 10 (Very good)
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PetFirst Healthcare LLC is a pet insurance company that was founded in 2004 and based in Jeffersonville, Indiana. It offers accident and illness coverage for cats and dogs and operates in all 50 states. The company offers discounts for those with multiple pets, and allows you to choose any vet you like without pre-approval.

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Benefit Limits
Claims and Service

Overall Rating: 7.9 / 10 (Very good)

PetFirst offers an enrollment process that is easier than most. They do not require a vet exam, and accident coverage starts in 24 hours. Additionally, the company has no upper age limit on enrollment, and no waiting periods for a few conditions many other providers outright just don't cover. PetFirst also has a healthy pet discount for every year you don't make a claim. The upper tier plans, however, are on the pricier side, and the company does not offer unlimited coverage.

PetFirst Coverage

Coverage - 8.5 / 10

Petfirst offers accident and illness coverage that is pretty much industry standard for the price. However, what sets them apart is they have no waiting periods for hip dysplasia, patella luxations or orthapedic conditions. The company also offers a wellness plan as an add on.
Pets Covered
Coverage Types
Vet Selection
Out-of-State Coverage
Commercial Pets Covered

Medical Conditions Covered

  • Accidental
  • Illness
  • Hereditary
  • Congenital
  • Cancer
  • Chronic
  • Accidental Dental
  • Dental Illness

Medical Treatments Covered

  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription Medications
  • Emergency Care
  • Specialty Care
  • Alternative Care
  • Behavioral Therapy

Benefit Limits

Benefit Limits - 7.5 / 10

Petfirst does not restrict you to per incident or per illness limits. However, the company does have annual limits. They let you choose $5,000, $10,000, and $20,000. While the $5,000 limit plan has a monthly deductible in the average pet insurance range, the two higher limit plans get pricey. In fact, there are unlimited plans we review that tend to cost less than Petfirst's $20,000 limit plan.
Benefit Limit Types
Annual Benefit Maximum

Reimbursement & Deductibles

Reimbursement - 10 / 10

Petfirst gives you the option of setting your reimbursement at 70%, 80%, and 90%. This is a consistent feature of the best pet insurance providers.
Reimbursement Model
Actual Cost
Minimum Percent Reimbursement
Maximum Percent Reimbursement

Deductibles - 8 / 10

Petfirst offers flexible deductibles of $50, $100, $250, and $500. Not many other plans offer the option of such a low deductible. Choosing it would translate into higher premiums, but it could be a valuable option if it fits your particular situation, i.e. you know you can afford to fit the monthly premium into your budget but are not sure you'd have the extra cash on hand to pay a higher deductible.
Deductible Type
Minimum Deductible Offered
Maximum Deductible Offered

Pricing: How much does PetFirst cost?

Pricing - 7 / 10

Petfirst's lower annual limit plans offer pretty much average monthly deductibles when compared to similar plans. However, their higher limit plans are on the pricier side.

Starting Monthly Premiums

Rate Details: Annual Limit: $1,000, Per-Incident Deductible: $500, Reimbursement Rate: 70%
Available Discounts: $10 to $20 off for pet parents who purchase their pet health insurance policy online, 5% to 10% corporate employee member discount, 10% animal care employee discount,5% military discount

Enrollment & Waiting Periods

Enrollment - 8 / 10

Petfirst has a particularly painless and lenient enrollment process when compared to other companies. Firstly they do not require a vet exam. Accident coverage begins midnight the day of enrollment and illness 14 days after. There is no fee to cancel. And lastly, Petfirst is one of only a handful of companies that has no upper age limit. Cats and dogs of any age can be covered for life.
Min Enrollment Age
8 weeks
Illnesses Waiting Period
14 days
Free Look Period
30 days

Claims & Service

Claims and Service - 7 / 10

Petfirst stands out two ways in the claims department, they offer healthy pet discounts every year you don't make a claim, and they do not increase your premium due to amount of claims made. The claims procedure is the standard process of paying your vet bill up front, then submitting the claims form with all the relevant invoices and receipts.
Advertised Response Time
Claim Form
Online Portal

Contact & Additional Information

Homepage URL
Headquarters Address
1 Quartermaster Ct, Jeffersonville, IN, 47130
Mailing Address
1 Quartermaster Ct, Jeffersonville, IN, 47130
Year Founded

Our Partner
7.9 / 10
  • A+ rated with Better Business Bureau
  • Short waiting period before coverage begins
  • Hereditary, congenital & chronic conditions
  • No exam required
  • Coverage for exam fees

Latest PetFirst Reviews

Based on50 Reviews fromPetFirst customers
Denver, Colorado

This company is a complete joke. I adopted my pet on 7/1/18. The vet notes from the adoption agency do not state anything about a pre-existing condition, even though he had been monitored for 2 weeks prior to adoption and "no health concerns were observed." Cut to his first vet visit on 7/13/18 where the new vet notes state he has had diarrhea since adoption. Diarrhea is now considered a pre-existing condition and not one vet visit or med is being covered by this company when the vet notes say my pet has diarrhea! Customer service won't budge on this, and it takes two business days to talk with a supervisor. Yes, I did try the 30 day free trial, but since then I have been paying nearly... Read More

Lisa H
Anaheim, California

Beware! Unlike most other pet insurance companies who offer a per year deductible, this company charges per incident or diagnosis. You could end up having to meet multiple deductibles per year depending on the health of your pet. Very disappointed.

Seattle, Washington

If it was possible to give them a zero star rating, I would have done so. I have been with Petfirst for 11 years, since my dog was a puppy. Over the last 5 years, she had to have 2 cruciate ligament repairs which cost us over $6,000 out of pocket. These were not pre-existing conditions but when I submitted claims, I was denied and I was treated very rudely when I called to contest the denial. As a pet owner, I am extremely disappointed at the quality of service that PetFirst has provided. Not only did PetFirst not properly communicate that my policy coverage had changed over the years, they also did not treat me well at all after a decade of loyalty. This month, I received and email... Read More

Pompano Beach, Florida

Saved the life of three of my dogs over the 13 years I have been with them. Do not even think of not using them they are GREAT!!!’ Can not day enough positive things about them. They may cost a little more but how much is the life and health of your best friend worth?

Patricia L
Blythewood, South Carolina

Great Company, I have had several large claims i n the 8 yrs Chewy has been alive. They never disappointed me. If it hadn't been for Pet First, I would have had to make a decision no one ever wants to make. Thank you Pet First.

Jacqi W
Geneva, Illinois

I believe this company is a real scam. We have two dogs and have been paying $50 a month for nine years. Very few claims have we ever gotten anything back on. When my dog needed ACL surgery nothing was covered and it was about $5000. Recently turned in claims for total of about $400 and nothing was covered. I would never recommend anyone using this company. My vet said he could not believe they turned down our surgery claim as it is not an unusual procedure, but I am sure that is exactly why it is not covered as they are trying to save money and not pay out on needed procedures that are expensive.

Janie F
Denver, Colorado

They were terrible. Kept my premium even after I cancelled because my form was lost in an email. I called and let them know the day my dog died. They even sent a sympathy card. But guess that isn't good enough for them. They decided that my business wasn't needed so they wouldn't even contact me. Aparently the billing department doesn't accept calls. What was so surprising was that I have been a customer for over 8 years and it was good at the begining. Pet insurance is a great think. Just be sure and shop around.

Park L
Lakeside, California

Claim service is fast and efficient. Paperwork is easy to understand. Premiums are reasonable.

Dedria G
Coal City, Illinois

GreAt customer Ser ice. Quick turn around d for claims.

Margo M
Temple, Texas

We are so thankful to have had PetFirst insurance. We have had several incidences of cancer with our dogs, and they have saved us from financial failure. Thank you Petfirst!!!

Margo M
Woodway, Texas

They have paid for my dog's cancer issues every time. Great company, and I highly recommend their insurance!!!

Anne L
Pelham, Alabama

We have had 2 emergency incidents in less than a year! Silly dog! Both times everything went smoothly! We pay more monthly for a lower deductible. No issues at all!

Jennifer B
Orchard Park, New York

About one month ago I adopted my 9 week old puppy. We believe he is a mix of Labrador Retriever, Heeler, Fox Hound and who knows, anyway, he has been amazing! I took him to his first vet appointment, submitted my claims by scanning and email. They sent me one email that they received the claim, a couple days later an email stating it was processed and I will be receiving a check in mail very soon. I believe the whole submit claim to receive the check took about 9-12 days. I have not received the check yet(email was sent yesterday) I am curious as to how much I get back and how a puppy visit breaks down as far as a checkup and stool sample including medicine for a stool parasite.... Read More

Mary M
Franklin, Indiana

Always satisfied with communication, processing time, and reimbursement delivery time. Never had any issues. M

Fannie S
Manteo, North Carolina

Best pet insurance

Mandy N
Las Vegas, Nevada

Don't waste your money. This company looks for ways not to pay claims. They label claims as either preexisting condition, or routine healthcare. In addition, they are slow, and don't call you back when promised.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

What a joke for insurance. They don't pay for anything that clearly your plan says it does. So unorganized and clueless. So dissatisfied , they seem like a scam.

Kathy K
Midlothian, Virginia

My 4 year old Fur Baby got sick dehydration & Pancreatitis.... Not only scary but very costly... Sent my claim in & was reimbursed about 75% within 10 days of claim.. Thanks Petfirst for fast & easy claims. K. Kemp

Chicago, Illinois

I was glad that I had my insurance when Riley got cancer and had to have surgery I am very pleased now that as he's growing older and things happen that I am covered and I at least get some money back from the costly treatments that he has to receive.

Sacramento, California

This company is really difficult to deal with, and there are no managers to speak of. My cat was hospitalized for fever, vomiting and lethargy. I have a whopping 3500 dollar bill, and they denied me,saying that my cat had pre-existing condition a year prior. Well, I also had a fever and vomiting a year ago because I was SICK, if I went to the Dr. today because I was sick, they wouldn't say it was pre-existing. The way PetFirst explained it to me, the cat could never have vomited and gone to the Dr. prior to the policy date. Ridiculous.

Ron S
Chula Vista, California

Peace of mind is what is most important to me. My experience with PetFirst Pet Insurance has been positive all the way. They are very fast to pay for all legitimate vet bills, and I can rest assured that if my pet needed complicated specialty vet care, my pet would be covered.

Easton, Connecticut

Horrible! I have three PetFirst Insurance policies- for my dog and two cats- and I submitted a claim for less than $500 after the 90 deadline to submit claims because I had a devastating situation. A faulty furnace caused major smoke damage to my house that destroyed most of my belongings and required me to have the items I was able to salvage professionally cleaned by a variety of companies who specialize in smoke damage. When I explained the situation to Petfirst I was told it was illegal for them to reimburse me. PetFirst told me that the insurance laws in CT (where I live) prevented them from doing so legally. I told them that this information was incorrect. I had another half a... Read More

Ellicott City, Maryland

This is a bait and switch company. STAY AWAY!! Erroneous email communications. CSR's who can't answer any questions. This company is horrible!!!

Newark, Delaware

Pet First is a great company !! I would recommend it to everyone I know!!!

John a
Ocean View, Delaware

Our costs for 2 days at the Vet was over $1000.00 and PetFirst Insurance paid $941.00. We were more than satisfied and it was a relief since we still had health concerns for our little girl. Even though cost was not an issue as we all do whatever we can to save our pets the arrival of the check was comforting.