Traditionally, users of medical alerts have needed to stay within their homes or properties in order for their alert pendants to remain within the radius of the system hub. These days, however, medical alert providers are increasingly offering options so that active seniors do not have to be housebound.

Medical alert companies have integrated modern GPS technology into their systems in order to accommodate users, particularly seniors, who still leave the house and lead active lifestyles. With GPS-enabled medical alerts, the system hub becomes fully mobile, and active seniors can continue to lead their lives as they wish, with protection. The tracking aspect of the technology allows for the monitoring company, as well as caregivers, to ascertain a loved one's location in the event of an emergency.

Top 4 Medical Alert Systems with GPS

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Medical Guardian’s Mobile Guardian is a GPS-enabled medical alert device that offers 24/7 monitoring. With an unlimited operational range, as well as a 24 hour battery life, this device can travel anywhere and enable active seniors to maintain their mobility. For a monthly fee of $39.95, customers get a unit that contains a two-way intercom with which Medical Guardian’s operators can ascertain the situation and contact local medical services. Its waterproof pendants have radius of 350 feet around the mobile hub. 

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Bay Alarm Medical’s 24/7 On-The-Go protection is designed to provide monitoring outside of the home, within its 72 hour charging cycle. Therefore, active senior citizens can lead their lives worry-free, and fully protected. At the cost of $25.95 a month, this device offers 24/7 monitoring, complete with multilingual support, in case of an emergency. For an additional fee, caregivers and relatives can access the GPS tracking as well, and remotely monitor their loved one. Accessories include a carrying case, charging cradle, and USB cord. 

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Mobile Help’s Mobile Help Solo is a medical alert device intended to work both in and out of the home, using GPS and cellular tracking, for seniors who lead active lifestyles out and about. For $37.95 a month, or $360 a year, this device offers two-way communication via its emergency monitoring services, which operate 24/7. Additional services include a 30 day trial period, as well as mobile fall detection.

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ADT’s On-The-Go Emergency Response System is a medical alert system perfectly suited to active senior citizens who are constantly moving in and out of their homes. Through GPS tracking, ADT’s 24/7 monitoring services are always active. This product is available for a monthly fee of $37.99. In the event of an emergency, the mobile unit is equipped with a two-way intercom, which connects directly to a trained professional. If the mobile unit is not on one’s person, then the wristbands and pendants will function within a 100 foot radius. Additional accessories include car chargers, and fall detection pendants. 

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