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Medical Alert is a brand under Connect America, the largest independent medical alarm company in North America, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They offer a broad range of at home or on-the-go medical alarm and tele-health solutions to consumers, hospitals, home healthcare agencies, and healthcare professionals nationwide. They have an A+ rating with the BBB.

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Contract & Price

Overall Rating: 9.2 / 10 (Excellent)

Connect America has been delivering quality medical monitoring services to thousands of clients across the United States, Canada, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico for over a decade. Today, they are one of the largest independent providers of personal emergency response systems in the country, offering landline, cellular, and mobile/GPS systems with professional, 24/7 monitoring from their nationwide UL-accredited, five-diamond centers, which also offer support in Spanish. Connect America has made our list thanks to their excellent customer service, great prices, and well-designed devices that appeal to users of all ages.

Connect America Equipment

Equipment - 8.8 / 10

Connect America's suite of products offer 24/7 protection and waterproof devices that can be worn as bracelets, pendants, or clip-ons. Customers have a choice of landline, cellular, or mobile/GPS systems, all of which feature lightweight and easy to install components. Connect America's on-the-go plan is their most complete product, offering a device with fall detection technology, GPS capability, a caregiver app, and cellular connectivity through AT&T's network. What puts this company ahead of the competition in terms of equipment is their exclusive MobileElite plan, which features an interchangeable bracelet or pendant alert button that is one of the most stylish devices currently on the market.
System Types
In-Home Landline
In-Home Cellular
Help Button Option
Help Button Range
600 ft.
Base Station Backup Battery
72 hours

Key Features

Wearable 2-Way Communication
Waterproof Help Button
Automatic Fall Detection
Supports Multiple Help Buttons

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Monitoring - 10 / 10

Medical Alert offers 24/7 professional monitoring from multilingual, SIA-Certified operators. The company has fully redundant, UL-certified, 5-diamond, interlinked monitoring centers in the U.S. and provide coverage in all 50 states as well as Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands through their landline monitoring system. Their area of coverage is one of the most extensive we have reviewed so far, making them an ideal choice for consumers living or traveling to those specific areas outside the continental United States.
Monitoring Options
Professionally Monitored
Monitoring Center Type
Advertised Response Time
Less than 30 seconds
24/7 Monitoring
Emergency Dispatch
Non-Emergency Dispatch
Multilingual Staff

Contract & Price: How much does Connect America cost?

Contract & Price - 9.5 / 10

Prices for Medical Alert's medical monitoring systems start at $19.95 and go up to $36.66 for their most comprehensive system. Their plans do not require a long term contract. If the client isn't satisfied, they can cancel the service at any time.

Starting Prices


Contract & Fees

Contract Required?
Activation/ Installation Fee
Equipment Fees
Cancellation Policy
Cancel anytime

Connect America Reputation

Reputation - 8.5 / 10

Connect America is a proud member of the Medical Alert Monitoring Association (MAMA), has an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau, and are recommended by hospitals, home healthcare agencies and healthcare professionals nationwide, as well as by organizations such asThe Arthritis Association and Good Housekeeping. They have been chosen by major retail chains such as CVS to be the main provider of medical alert services at over 7,000 store locations in 43 States. In addition, the company has received overwhelmingly positive customer feedback across a number of independent online review platforms.

Professional Certifications

  • Underwriter's Laboratory (UL)

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Contact & Additional Information

Homepage URL
Headquarters Address
816 Park Way, Broomall, PA, 19008
Mailing Address
816 Park Way, Broomall, PA, 19008
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9.2 / 10
  • Memorial Day Sale! - $19.95/month, 1 Month Free, Free Shipping & Second Button
  • No Equipment Charge and No Long Term Commitment
  • Largest independent medical alarm company in North America
  • A+ Rating with the BBB
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Recommended by Leading Hospitals and Caregivers
  • Fall Detection on Every System

Latest Connect America Reviews

Chicago, Illinois

Not a good company to deal w/, if your loved one has to be away from home/nursing home for extended periods of time. I wanted to cancel service when I knew my parent would be in another state for over a year. However, the many customer service reps I spoke w/encouraged me to not cancel & would make adjustments once my mother came back to her home. Today, I spoke w/a 20 something man who was rude, disrespectful, & sarcastic (& asked why I didn’t cancel before). Told him because I was lied to by other representatives. He also said no adjustments had been made for time my mother was out of state & she owes huge bill (for nothing, since she was gone whole time & not using medic alert... Read More

Alexia P
Denver, Colorado

I've been with Medical Alert for about a month now and they have been really helpful in not only customer service but also the customer servicer are nice and are very prompt about your needs are.

katherine m
Chicago, Illinois

Mom living at home and not in the best of health. Plus she is a world-class worrier. Having the MedicalAlert pendant has given her a lot of peace of mind and lessened her concern about getting help. Everyone at MedicalAlert has been kind and gentle. The response time is only a few seconds and she has someone to talk to right away. This service has given the entire family peace of mind. Thank you!

Chicago, Illinois

I have accidentally pushed my alert button a couple of times and got immediate for it. This assures me that if needed, It will be able to get help for me. I am living alone and am confident it will work. Thank you!

Sheila S
Mississauga, Ontario

Although my system is set up I haven't had to use it yet but it is comforting to know I have help at the ready.

Acton, Massachusetts

When I first received my package I sometimes forget to get my device a daily charge. Suddenly an alarm went off and i responded. After several occasions I was called and reminded that the recharge is has to be made on a regular schedule. Now I do it every morning.

Tracy P
Charlotte, North Carolina

Everybody has been very helpful when I needed questions answered whether it be in person or on the phone

Frances D
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

I have been billed twice for 5 months, have called many times, spoken to a manager and there is no resolve.

Lisa M
Mooresville, North Carolina

TERRIBLE COMPANY TO DEAL WITH.....DEPLORABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I have been double billed for 7 months! I switched from a regular button....to GPS system.....I sent back the original equipment...they said they did not receive it, BUT determined I was in fact due a refund of $314.93....after months of asking for MY MONEY....I still don't have it!!!!!! Oh, and good luck getting to speak with a supervisor!!!!! Countless customer service reps have said "THE CHECKS IN THE MAIL"! WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!

Jane R
Bloomington, Indiana

My mother used Medical Alert for several months and had nothing but trouble with the equipment. It kept sending an ambulance when she didn’t need it. They called my sister-in-law and said Mom was out on the interstate at night and they were checking on her. She was actually at home! She fell once, and the equipment didn’t work. She tested it by pressing the button, and it still didn’t work. It was one malfunction after another. Whatever you do, don’t choose this company!

Mark D
Orlando, Florida

We required the fall detection pendant since this a main concern for my parent. I was present during a very hard fall and the pendant didn't activate. I investigated the company website and found "Automatic fall detection does not detect 100% of all falls. If able, users should always push their button when they need assistance". Based on my experience, Automatic Fall Detection is 100% USELESS and you are screwed if unable to push button after a fall.

Westwood, New Jersey

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! GET IT SOMEWHERE ELSE 1. You always have to carry at list 2 devices. One of each is a size of your cell phone. They don't tell you that but its actually 3 differet devices to do GPS, panic, and fall alert 2. Fall alert not always works. DO NOT TRUST THEM if they say they'll mail a new one. They just stretching the time. 3. They do not cancel the service until they get equipment back, so no way you will be able to get it to them back in 15 days unless you send it next day And then, after 15 days (they got mine in 45 days), they will charge you for 3 months $120. Plus $38 if they take care of the shipping. AND THEY WILL OFFER RETURN SHIPPING... Read More

Sylvia S
New York, New York

I am not happy with the service. It takes a very long time to get someone on the phone. I tried 4 times and had to explain my problem all over again each time. My unit is not working and when I finally did get someone who told me they would ship a new unit out which I would get onThursday (this is Sunday). When I asked why they couldn't send a technician, they said they don't do that and in any case if they did, there would be a charge for that, even though it is their unit that is malfunctioning. This means I am not covered for 5 days.

Barbara A
Gadsden, Alabama

Equipment was difficult to set up. After the death of my brother, I returned equipment as instructed in January. In March $89.85 was pulled from my account. I called and told them I had returned the unit. Today ( July 20) I received an email saying my payment of $89.85 was late. I called the company and the representative could not pull up any information about returned equipment. She could not find a tracking number and asked me for one. I found it and she immediately said they had received the unit in Jan. Somehow, I feel that I will get another email in three months saying they need another$89.85. Something is not right. Is this a scam????

Alam A
Roselle, Illinois

When you pressing button in midnight they're not going to answer so you need to call 911 worst service ever

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Great company and very reliable products! Thank you Connect America for the peace of mind!

Bart F
Syracuse, New York

The service my mother and I received from Medical Alert was incompetent and inexcusable. Make sure you know what to expect BEFORE you put yourself at the mercy of this company! Here’s what Medical Alert claims: “Press your Medical Alert button and you’ll be connected immediately to one of our operators. Our dedicated, supportive operator determines the exact help you need. Our operator will make sure you get the aid you need.” Here’s the reality: I pressed the Medical Alert button, spoke to a Medical Alert operator, told him that what was needed was an ambulance for my mother, who had fractured her hip. What Medical Alert sent was a FIRE-TRUCK with a team of firemen. Medical... Read More

Atlanta, Georgia

his company is not BBB accredited! Be warned! I ordered Medicalalert for my mom after she fell and broke her hip. The customer service was initially very friendly. I asked a lot of questions and the product seemed to satisfy the basic requirements. They said there was a 90 day commitment after I signed and returned the contract. When I received the package, I immediately opened it to test the equipment. 1) one device didn't work AT ALL! 2) It took a very long time for someone to answer the alert call. 3) The base had very poor range. They couldn't hear me unless I spoke directly into the unit. Really ridiculous. Should have basic speaker range you get from a cell phone speaker or... Read More

Barbara S
Clifton Park, New York

My mother canceled the order relizing she can't afford. Talk to man named Jess an said he had confirm he canceled it. Then he had it sent to her I called to have it returned an they said they never . Canceled it so she had to pay return fees they Rip off the ederly which is wrong . Because they can't do their job cost my mother another 12.00 to return an running around which is more stress on her . No good how they take advantage of the ederly upset me how many they have done this too !!!!!!

Dawn G
Indianapolis, Indiana

This is the first bad review I have ever written. I am usually very open minded and realize that we are all human, however, when you are paying for a service, having to do with medical emergencies....not having efficiency, reliable, and accuracy is unacceptable. We have had this device since March. It is a blessing that we have not had any true emergency episodes with my 81yr old mother with this service. She spends the majority of her time with me for doctor’s appointments, with some minimal time at her home, which is in a small town 2 hours away from me. When I called to set up this service, explaining our circumstances of living between 2 places, a unit and device was recommended to... Read More

Nancy K
Hagerstown, Maryland

don't use this company