A homeowner's most valuable asset is usually their house. If something were to happen to their dwelling, or the property inside, this could have serious consequences for their economic health. The importance of home insurance simply cannot be overstated, especially when the house is in an area that's prone to natural disasters. A good policy should cover both the structure of the property, the possessions within, and any additional buildings attached to it, such as garages or sheds. It should also include liability coverage against accidents either in home or on the rest of the property. Finally, if your home is liable to suffer emergency damage from earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, or tornadoes, be aware that most policies only cover these on separate riders that must be added on. 

Homeowners insurance becomes particularly vital when the home is in an area particularly prone to natural disasters. Texas' four distinct, major geographic regions make the one-fits-all approach to home insurance uniquely impractical. Homeowners can encounter anything from hurricanes on the coast, tornadoes on the plains, and hailstorms everywhere in between. Therefore, a good Texas home insurance policy ought to be able to cover homeowners for everything from hail damage to major disasters. 

Texas consistently hits the top rankings for the highest premiums in the country, partly due to the prevalence of catastrophic weather losses, but also because of higher insurance expenses, increased target profit margins, and increasing reinsurance costs. Another thing to note is that there are two types of home insurance policies: all-risk ones, which cover virtually everything unless specifically excluded; and named perils policies, that offer much narrower protections. Most policies, no matter the type, will cover fire and lightning, sudden and accidental smoke damage, explosion, theft, vandalism, riot and civil commotion, aircraft and vehicles, and sudden and accidental water damage. Windstorm, hurricane and hale are generally excluded if you live on the coast; and flooding and earthquakes are almost always only available on an optional basis, as add ons to your basic policy.

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ESurance's ensures that looking for a home insurance policy for homeowners or renters in Texas is simple and efficient. Once you've input your information on their page, a free quote is available within minutes. They not only provide discounts for hail resistant roofs, storm shutters, and making your payments on time, but their claims are also easy to file with their dedicated claims representatives. Coverage for natural disasters varies according to the policy you choose, but they can cover virtually anything, as well as riots, falling objects, and frozen plumbing, heating, air conditioning or other household systems. Basic plans don't cover flood or earthquake damage, and can also exclude, water damage, mold, fungus, vermin, deterioration, and wear and tear.

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Since 1923, Liberty Mutual home insurance has tailored its policies to the unique needs of Texan homeowners and renters.  Independently of which part of the state's four geographical areas you might live in, Liberty Mutual focuses on rewarding responsible choices by providing discounts and exclusive savings for members of over 1,000 college alumni groups, employers and associations across the state. Additionally, if you choose to also insure your car with your home, you may qualify for a multi-policy discount.

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Allstate specializes in offering flexible options for homeowners insurance coverage, in which you choose the limits, deductibles, and types of coverage. Basic plans cover the dwelling itself, other additional structures on the property, personal possessions, liability protection, and guest medical protection. Other protections that can also be added are water backup, sports equipment, reimbursement for green equipment, and electronic data recovery. Coverage for earthquakes and other natural disasters, though not included automatically, can be added as additional riders.

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Progressive's home insurance policies protect the dwelling itself, personal property therein, liability protection, medical payments, and also loss of use if the damage is so severe that it's impossible to inhabit the house while repairs are being done. Their standard plans don't feature hazards or natural disasters, but separate riders can be purchased for said risks--a good option when living in Texas. Other add ons include  guaranteed replacement cost, inflation guard endorsement, increased limits on money and securities, theft and forgery, and finally, watercraft and secondary residence endorsement. 

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