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Allstate Home Insurance Review

Rating: 9 / 10 (Excellent)
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Allstate is a major American insurance company that has the second-largest market share of that insurance line in the country. Founded in 1931, the company is known for its highly-rated financial profile, its well-regarded invoicing and billing practices, its sizable agent network, and its expertise in insuring older homes.

Allstate Home Insurance Review

Allstate home insurance offers homeowners searching protection for their property and possessions a wide choice of plans to meet their individual needs. It provides protection for all standard types of home structures. Allstate insurance in particular offers insurance for older homes (HO8) which many of the other companies reviewed simply do not provide.


Home Insurance Products Offered





Manufactured Home

Flood Insurance

Personal Umbrella Policy

Identity Restoration Coverage


Net premium written (A.M. Best)



Better Business Bureaus (BBB Ratings)

  • Not BBB accredited




Age of Home Yes
Age of Policy Holder Yes
Multiple Policies Yes
Newly Purchased Home Yes
Newly Renovated Home Yes
Home Security Equipment Yes     


*** Factors that influence your insurance premium with Allstate

Deductible levels – the amount of risk you are willing to accept plays a large part in determining your premium. This is also referred to as your deductible level.

Type of property – Allstate provides coverage for homes, apartments and different types of dwellings. Other factors include your properties age and renovations made on the structure.

Location - your properties location and history of previous claims within the area are considered. Flood prone areas for example could increase your premium significantly.

History – all past transactions even those outside Allstate are factored. This includes your insurance score, claim history and continuous coverage.

Personal items located in your home – items (furniture, appliances) are usually covered under your policy.




Covers cost of rebuilding/ repairing due to a covered peril Yes
Personal liability coverage for personal/ property damage Yes
Covers living expenses outside of the home during rebuilding/ repairs Yes
Coverage for medical expense Yes
Is widely available across the country Yes
Personal property insurance for loss or damage for covered instance      Yes            


Financial Ratings

Allstate Home Insurance gets an excellent grade from major financial review institutions. This makes it a solid company that can give homeowners the peace of mind that their policy would be able to deliver on its promises.


Bottom Line

Allstate Insurance is a recognized leader in the home insurance agency. It provides protection for almost every type of dwelling arrangement that any homeowner would need. Allstate offers all the standard coverage as well additional coverage if needed. Homeowners would also be happy to know that premiums are at par or even lower compared to others in the industry. A solid financial rating is a huge plus ensuring that you don’t only have that protection in paper but also when you need to cash in on those promises.


Latest Allstate Reviews

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Alberto C
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

I was a Allstate Customer for almost 10 years. A decent service when I lived in NJ, but horrible experience in PA offices. PA Agent closed the office, and Allstate never contacted for assigning me other agent, I have to chase one and another always receiving the same answer... I am not your agent but I will make you a favor to solve your problem!!!. This is a Company that really do not care about the people just the pocket of the people. Very expensive policy cost increasing with not good reason year after year.

jude k
Minneapolis, Minnesota

They are terrible if you have hail damage on the roof. They refuse to pay for damages claiming that the damage is only cosmetic.

Marissa M
Memphis, Tennessee

They're bad when it comes to claiming roof repairs. The roofing company I talked to does not even recommend All state because they always deny claims!!! Not recommended!

Matt B
Denver, Colorado

I've been with Allstate for over 13 years since I bought my house and have never filed a claim. I was informed less than two months before my renewal I was going to be dropped for "peeling paint".

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