Hearing aids are small electronic devices, worn in or around the ear, that amplify sounds so that those experiencing hearing loss are still able to listen and communicate. As hearing aid technology has become more advanced, so too have their features. On top of directional microphones, water resistance, and feedback cancellation, hearing aids are now capable of bluetooth connectivity. Typically requiring a digital go-between, these ‘bluetooth hearing aids’ allow users to connect their smart phones, tablets, laptops, or televisions.

Top 4 Bluetooth Hearing Aids

7.9 / 10

Sonic Innovations are hearing aid experts, which focuses on vertical market integration. From conception and manufacturing to sales and marketing, Sonic has a hand in every step of the process. While their Speech Variable Processing features ensures sound quality, Sonic’s $190 SoundGate device is needed in order to take advantage of their hearing aids’ bluetooth features.

7.9 / 10

Phonak is a manufacturer of medical devices, including hearing aids. For $299, Phonak’s ComPilot accessory will enable their hearing aids’ bluetooth-streaming capability. The ComPilot also acts as a remote control for the hearing aids, which allows for volume control and ambient noise cancellation.

7.9 / 10

Widex is a multinational manufacturer and distributor of medical devices. In the realm of hearing aids, this company focuses on devices that can handle the sound requirements of a broad range of users. Their proprietary bluetooth accessory, the UNI-DEX, is available for $100, and enables device connectivity.

7.7 / 10

Siemens is a manufacturer of hearing aids and other electronics that specializes in user adaptation through comfort and ease of use. While Siemens’ behind-the-ear hearing aids offer built-in bluetooth support, their in-the-ear and reciever-in-canal options do not. In those latter instances, Siemen’s  $299 easyTek™ device transforms the hearing aids into high-quality earbuds, the volume of which can be shifted on an ear-to-ear basis.

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