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Rating: 7.9 / 10 (Very good)
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Widex is a privately held manufacturing company based in Denmark that focuses on production and distribution of hearing aids in over 100 countries. Founded in 1956, Widex offers digital behind-the-ear and inside-the-ear hearing aids of various kinds, and provides numerous wireless accessories to further enhance each customer's individual experience.

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Product Offerings
Additional Services
After-Sale Service

Overall Rating: 7.9 / 10 (Very good)

Widex is a strong competitor in the market owing to the strong repertoire of features in their hearing aids. Their price range is broad, and includes both budget and premium options. Excluding a few scattered online reviews, Widex doesn't have much in the way of reputation, but they do have one of the more transparent warranty programs in the business. We highly recommend Widex for those buying their first hearing aid thanks to their Acclimatization Program, which helps adjust first time users to all the new sounds they will be hearing, and for those suffering from tinnitus, since their Zen Program is one of the best tinnitus maskers on the market.

Widex Product Offerings

Product Offerings - 8 / 10

Widex hearing aids cover a wide variety of behind-the-ear and inside-the-ear models, while also including many desirable traits to keep them competitive in the market. Among their unique features is the Zen Program, designed to make tinnitus more bearable through random, harmonic tones, and the Audibility Extender, which helps users better identify higher pitched sounds like birdsong and a microwave ping. Widex also provides customers with accessories depending on their hearing aid of choice.
Product Type
True Hearing Aid
Types of Hearing Aids
Mini BTE
Charger Plate
Cleaning Kit
Remote Control
Mobile App
Mobile Phone Compatibility


  • Preset Sound Profiles
  • Directional Mics
  • Digital Noise Reduction
  • Digital Feedback Reduction
  • Bluetooth & Internet Connectivity
  • Telecoil
  • FM Compatibility
  • Frequency Shifting
  • Tinnitus Maskers
  • Wind Noise Reduction
  • Binaural

Widex Additional Services

Additional Services - 8.8 / 10

Widex's online hearing test first asks you to input a series of numbers after hearing them pronounced, and then evaluates your capacity to hear high-pitch noises. Some retailers have Widex hearing aids available for a 30-day trial.
Financing Available
Trial Offer
Trial Offer Period
30 days
Online Hearing Test
Modes of Contact
Web Form

Widex Pricing

Pricing - 7.5 / 10

Widex states that they cannot price hearing aids on their website because of the amount of individual factors that go into their total cost. Instead, they suggest potential customers go to their local hearing professional who can give them an accurate number after evaluating an individual's hearing loss. Widex hearing aids typically range from $1,499 to $3,299 in retail.

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Widex After-Sale Service

After-Sale Service - 7.5 / 10

All Widex hearing aids have guaranteed warranty. Warranty length will vary from retailer to retailer however. Customers should keep in mind that Widex does not sell their products to retailers without licensed hearing professionals, which means they will not honor the warranty of any hearing aid purchased from unauthorized resellers.
Warranty Length
2-3 years
Warranty Extendable?
Warranty Coverage
Widex warranty covers loss and damage of a customer's hearing aids. During the length of their warranty, customer may pay $300 to replace one of their hearing aids.
Text of Warranty

Widex Reputation

Reputation - 7 / 10

Widex does not have a BBB rating, but it does have a Trust Pilot score. Their score is a bit low, currently standing at a 5.4, but they only have two reviews on their Trust Pilot page and it remains unclaimed.
Trust Pilot Rating
5.4 out of 10
Date Collected
Year Founded

Company Profile

Full Name
Widex Hearing Aids
Company Website
185 Commerce Drive, Hauppauge, NY, 11788

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Hannes e
Just bought 1 going to see if better service etc than starkey

Mickey C
Maiden, North Carolina
I have had two widex aids for 3 years and have had to make constant trips back to my doctor to have them repaired. The problem is the hearing part that goes in my ears keeps failing and I have to wait sometimes 2 weeks for repairs which is very disappointing because since I have been wearing them my hearing has gotten worse and I can't hold a conversation in a crowd. I have to drive a 80 mile round trip to take them in to be repaired then drive back to pick them up once repaired. I should not be having this kind of trouble with these considering the cost of them, my warranty runs out 3/18/18, when this happens I may as well throw them in the trash. Widex needs to stand behind their... Read More

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10 / 10
  • Over 600 provider locations nationwide
  • Countless hearing aid options available
  • Price comparison tool
  • A+ BBB accreditation
  • Partnered with licensed doctors of audiology
  • 100% risk free trial
  • Transparent and competitive pricing