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Rating: 7.9 / 10 (Very good)
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Sonic Innovations is a hearing instruments developer based in Somerset, New Jersey that manufactures and markets digital hearing aids. With subsidiaries and distributors in over 30 countries, Sonic's goal is to provide stylish, attractive alternatives to people with hearing problems worldwide through an approach that focuses on speech and natural sound.

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Overall Rating: 7.9 / 10 (Very good)

Sonic has a smaller inventory of hearing aids to choose from—a total of 6—than some of its competitors, but their devices cover a massive range of features and include much technology that is unique to the company. The company's flagship and premium devices are expensive, but Sonic prides itself on its value, and has several budget options that don't compromise quality for price. Because Sonic doesn't meet certain reputation benchmarks, and doesn't specify if financing or a free trial is available, we recommend customers ask their audiologist about user satisfaction regarding Sonic products.

Sonic Product Offerings

Product Offerings - 8 / 10

Sonic offers six hearing aids product lines in a variety of styles, both BTE and ITE. They also have other lines that have been phased out of manufacturing, but can still be found in retailers. Sonic hearing aids come with a good number of features like binaural coordination and directional systems. Additionally, they all come with their trademark processing technology that enhances speech intelligibility.
Product Type
True Hearing Aid
Types of Hearing Aids
Mini BTE
Charger Plate
Remote Control
Mobile App
Mobile Phone Compatibility


  • Learning Capability
  • Preset Sound Profiles
  • Directional Mics
  • Digital Noise Reduction
  • Digital Feedback Reduction
  • Bluetooth & Internet Connectivity
  • Telecoil
  • FM Compatibility
  • Frequency Shifting
  • Tinnitus Maskers
  • Wind Noise Reduction
  • Binaural

Sonic Additional Services

Additional Services - 8.5 / 10

Sonic does not offer free trial for their products on their website. However, certain retailers may have trial periods for their individual products. Because the firm deals with hearing professionals, rather than consumers, information about shipping is not available online. Moreover, although they don't have an online hearing test, they do have a 12 question quiz to evaluate whether customers should seek further help from a specialist. They also have a number of instructional videos to help customers with their hearing aid devices.
Online Hearing Test
Modes of Contact

Sonic Pricing

Pricing - 7 / 10

Sonic, like many other hearing aid manufacturers, does not sell their products directly through their online website. Instead, customers can find local specialists or hearing centers where their devices are sold. Sonic hearing aid models that are currently being manufactured will usually cost upwards of $1,800.

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Sonic After-Sale Service

After-Sale Service - 8 / 10

Sonic hearing aids are all covered by an international limited warranty. This means the warranty is not extendable, and the warranty length will be determined by the date of delivery from the manufacturer. The warranty does not cover damages caused to the hearing aid as a result of mishandling the device. Nor does the company publish the length of its consumer warranties. Consumers are advised to obtain this information directly from their hearing professionals.
Warranty Extendable?
Warranty Coverage
Sonic hearing aids are covered by an international limited warranty that will be issued by the manufacturer from the date of delivery.

Sonic Reputation

Reputation - 8 / 10

Sonic Innovations has a D+ rating with the BBB, however this is the result of a single complaint not being answered. They have no Trustpilot score, but have also not been the subject of any consumer lawsuits or regulatory actions.
BBB Rating
Year Founded

Company Profile

Full Name
Sonic Hearing Aids
Company Website
2501 Cottontail Lane, Somerset, NJ, 08873

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Dallas, Texas
Have had these about 2.5 weeks, went to a family gathering and could understand my grandchildren!!! They are very comfortable and I have to keep checking to see if they are still on my ears. Everything sounds like it should, no distortion. I was outside and the wind was blowing hard, one of my grandchildren was walking ahead of me and I could hear and understand her quiet voice, even in the wind! Also, I have a wonderful audiologist who works to get my settings correct. Product and expert audiologist equals wonderful!!

wayne c
Cochrane, Alberta
this site was not informative what different models? , and do they all have the same features , ? ? what about rechargeable , ? are these check marks for in ear or behind ear, with a tube or what ? I am looking for my first set of hearing aids , and find that sonic is a lot of hipe but little info on individual models, What about the adjustable equalizer with your phone I presume , is that with all models You need to hire some one that knows how to set up one web page with all the models and specs, or is business that good , that you think people want to spend hours getting info on your product?

Port Huron, Michigan
I purchased the Enchanted model a month ago, FANTASTIC. No problems hearing anything now. As a matter of fact my hearing is so clear and so crisp I have to ask people to please speak softer. I thought my appliances had received a surge of voltage when the ready beep went off on the microwave or when the refrigerator door open alarm was beeping. I could actually hear them now, crystal clearly. Absolutely no problems with them and I have very waxy ears. I simply clean the little ear piece and no problem. Batteries are great because I use the blue tooth feature all day at work; my batteries last 7 days. I have listened to other brands for much more money and wouldn't change a thing. I... Read More

Gay M
Dallas, Texas
These are terrible (and cost $6,000, to boot - can you believe it! ). They do absolutely nothing for your hearing - possibly make sounds louder but not spoken sounds. You cannot understand anything people say. People at work write the name "Sonic" down so that they (or anybody they love) will never, ever buy them. They say that I seemed to understand them better before I got these things. Oh, well. There are fools born every day, and I guess I am one of them. I have had these for about 8 months. The left one stopped working after about three months (audiologist cleaned it, and it worked a little bit for a month or so, despite my cleaning both now EVERY day). Since it does... Read More

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