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Rating: 7.7 / 10 (Very good)
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Siemens is an electronic manufacturing company that specializes in automation, digitalization, electrification, technology, solutions, innovation, and engineering. They offer rechargeable, invisible and waterproof hearing aids that help users adapt to loud noises and give a calm listening experience.

Services and Features

Siemens manufactures different kinds of hearing aids for all ages and lifestyles. It combines computer, communication and medical technologies into a tiny device in helping hearing impaired person to regain its hearing sense.

Siemens Pure is a small and barely noticeable behind your ear and is designed to deliver natural sound quality to your ears. It has a tinnitus therapy feature to manage tinnitus and improves your hearing as well. It also has an IP67-rated for resistance to dirt, dust, moisture and sweat.

Siemens Life is a behind-the-ear hearing aid that has an open fitting concept that eliminates blocking effect. This hearing aid has a wireless connectivity option and control using smart phones and other audio devices. Siemens Life has a transparent and flexible LifeTubes and LifeTips to securely fit in the ear that is suitable for all wearers.

Hearing Aid Styles






Invisible Hearing Aid

Hearing Loss Level



Moderately Severe



Online Hearing Test


Directional Microphone

Noise Reduction

Feedback cancellation

Speech Enhancement

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth Integration

Water Resistant

Cell phone Compatibility



Battery Size


Help, Support and Usability

Telephone Support

Live Chat

Mobile App

Social Media Support



Plans and Pricing


3 Years

Free Trial


Money Back Guarantee




Privacy Policy

Hearing Aid at Siemens

Siemens is a good option if you are looking for techy-hearing aid product. Its wireless technology feature can fully be automated and connect with any devices.

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euegne b
Bucksport, Maine
I have a Siemens Locus 12sp behind the ear aid ,I love it but the ear hook is making my ear sore. do you have a flicks able tube type that will fit on my aid..please reply as i need to do something about

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