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MasterShield Gutter Guard Review

Rating: 9.3 / 10 (Excellent)
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MasterShield is a manufacturer of high quality gutter guards and gutter heaters for home improvement needs. Its gutter guard systems utilize advanced and innovative microfiltration technology that is designed to make existing gutter systems more efficient. It helps homeowners protect and save money from costly repairs, replacement of gutter systesms. MasterShield also comes with a No Clog and Moneyback guarantee.

Services and Features

MasterShield offers advance gutter protection products made of water absorptive materials and designed to permanently trap debris. Its gutter protection system keeps gutters from animal nests, shingle grit, maple seeds, pine needles and oil with its advance filtration system. Gutter guards mirror the pitch of the roof and made of stainless steel for increased durability.

MasterShield’s micro mesh gutter guards are made of high-quality surgical grade stainless steel and aluminium. This can hold up to four feet of snow or 20lbs of debris. It matches the exact pitch of your roof and does not void the warranty of your shingles. It also filters water giving homeowner an environmental-friendly gutter system.

The company also offers Ice Shield Gutter Guards to keep gutters clog-free and lessen the problem of ice dams and icicles during winter. It contains a constant-wattage heat cable or self-regulating heat cable that prevents ice dams thus allowing water to freely flow to the gutters.

MasterShield’s warranty is transferable if professionally installed which brings added value to your home improvement effots. The company replaces or refunds the original product cost if the gutter guard clogs. Clients can register their warranty online.

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Gutter Guards at MasterShield

MasterShield offers advance gutter protection products that are effective in keeping gutter systems protected against dirt and debris. No Clog Guarantee and Transferable warranty makes it a valuable home improvement investment that does not only add protection for your home but also adds value when it comes to selling your home.  



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Jeff M
I've had multiple gutter guard type products on my gutters over the years. These are decent; water goes into them and they served me well for a couple years, without any maintenance. That said, I thought I was buying a product that'd never clog, and their "no clog" guarantee is arguably quite deceptive, because what they're guaranteeing is that the gutter itself will not clog, not that their product (the gutter guard itself) won't clog. When the latter happens, they'll give you a quote for cleaning them or tell you to use carb cleaner or strong bleach to clean your gutters yourself. Excuse me? I thought the whole point was that I wouldn't have to mess with my gutters again. I paid over a... Read More

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9.9 / 10
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