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Rating: 9.9 / 10 (Excellent)
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LeafFilter is the largest gutter guard company in America. The company does business in 39 states, including every state east of the Mississippi. Founded in 2005 in Hudson, Ohio, the company makes and installs micro mesh gutter guards and markets them primarily to residential customers.

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Services & Features

Overall Rating: 9.9 / 10 (Excellent)

LeafFilter is an outstanding choice for gutter guards. Since the company installs its own products, it exercises a high degree of quality control, which may be missing in third party installations. Their guards use modern micro mesh technology that seals gutters more tightly than other types. The guard frames are made of vinyl, which stands up very well to the elements. The company stands behind its products and installation with a lifetime, transferrable warranty. The nature of this business doesn't permit generalized pricing comparisons, so customers are advised to compare specific estimates from LeafFilter against specific competitors' estimates.


Guard Types & Details

Guard Types
Micro Mesh
Attachment Methods
Snap / Lock In
Gutter Compatibility

Specifications - 9.5 / 10

LeafFilter installs micro mesh guards that seal the open tops of gutters while allowing water to pass through. The mesh is made of surgical-grade stainless steel and the frames are made of vinyl. The company does its own installations and does not employ third-party contractors. Its guards do not mount under roof shingles, but instead are anchored to the gutters themselves, which preserves customer roof warranties.

Services & Features

Key Facts

Installation Options
Professionally Installed
Services Offered
Gutter Cleaning
Gutter Repair
Gutter Alignment
Gutter Reinstallation
Miter Guards Available

Services & Features - 10 / 10

Together with their gutter guard installation service, LeafFilter also repairs and installs gutters themselves. This makes for one-stop-shopping for customers who need gutter repair and/or replacement in addition to gutter guards. However, the company does not offer a do-it-yourself installation option.

LeafFilter Pricing

Pricing Details

Free Online Estimate / Quote
Free Installation
Financing Available


Length of Warranty
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Transferrable Warranty

Pricing - 10 / 10

Since LeafFilter gutter guards must be installed by the company and because each installation job is different, the company does not publish its prices online. The company does offer free estimates, but since there are so many variables that affect price, consumers are advised to compare prices on house-specific estimates.

Reputation & Reviews

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Type of Company
Vendor/ Service Provider
Manufactures Own Product?
Year Founded

Customer Reviews

Trust Pilot Rating
8.3 out of 10
BBB Rating
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Date Collected


Awards from several organizations, including: Bestcovery, Top 500 Remodelers, Inc 5000, Building Products Top 100, and Home Advisor

Reputation - 10 / 10

LeafFilter has expanded rapidly since its founding in 2005 to become the largest gutter guard company in the US. This suggests substantial consumer confidence in the company, its products, and services. The company enjoys excellent ratings from the BBB and TrustPilot.

Contact & Additional Information

Homepage URL
Company Phone
(800) 749-4566
Headquarters Address
1610 Georgetown Road, Hudson, OH, 44236
Mailing Address
1610 Georgetown Road, Hudson, OH, 44236

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Rod J
Miami, Florida
The guys turns up around mid day and worked till 07.00pm to install the 230 odd feet of my gutter filter No complaints on the work done but I have to say there were three things that left me a little unsatisfied. There cleaned out the gutters but just dropped all the pine needles and oak leaves and shingle gravel on the ground around the house. They left 2 large black plastic bags full of the bits not used or trimmed form the gutter Gard. and all the cardboard boxes they came in. I now have to somehow get this to the local dump as the trash pickup folks wont take it. Despite two calls to the Customer service assuring me they would take care of... Read More
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Gloria T
Newark, New Jersey
Your LeafFilter may not allow debris into gutters, but it does NOT prevent debris from collecting on top, causing runoff down side of house and over top, washing out mulch and spreading over sidewalks.
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Michael S
Dover, New Hampshire
This is the worst leaf guard. After two years the mesh separated from the gutters and the silicon pealed away. Calls to the installer were never addressed. A resent wind storm here in Maine(2017) ripped the mesh completely away from the gutters on the front side of the house.
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Bill S
Chicago, Illinois
No point of having them. All the debris lays on top and the rain just runs over the top distributing all the crap over the siding of the house!
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Newark, New Jersey
I was planning to install leave filter gutter guards on my home, but after reading all the negative comments and lack of company responsibility, I've decided to just pay someone twice a year to come and clean out my gutters
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Seattle, Washington
LeafFilter- Seattle refused to provide me a verified quote, for submission to our insurance company. I currently used Gutter Helmet but a house fire required replacement. I have absolutely no complaint about their product. It was installed over 10 years ago and it does what it's supposed to do...keeps gutters debris free. I just figured that since the whole house had to be replaced, then why not try a new product? Salesman met with me, gave me the prepared script and I was ready to use the Leaf Filter product. Apparently, they have enough business and didn't need mine. I called the sales rep, to follow up and he was audibly annoyed with me. Later called the regional manager. He promised... Read More
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Wm J
Ashburn, Virginia
I got these "Gutter Guards" last week" . This week it rained and the Gutter Guards did very little good, the water came cascading down almost like it always had. I've been calling the company DAILY all week, and to date no one has returned may call or been out to see what the problem is.
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sonjie c
Ashburn, Virginia
installed 5-23-2018 on new home. leaks between facia board and gutter like a water fall. do not recommend leaf filter.
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Gerald A
Smithtown, New York
Price a little higher than I wanted to pay, but they were on-time, did a great installation in a day's time, and have made my gutters maintenance free. To think I almost went for LeafGuard. I have had the system for 8 months now, and it works beautifully. Keep up the great work.
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Wayne W
Atlanta, Georgia
After a full year of asking them to correct the system, nothing is resolved. Adding to Gloria T's comments below, the system overflows where a roof valley drains into the system. Water overshoots the mesh and pours over the gutters. True the gutters do not clog up. They don't because the Leaf Filter system will not allow water to enter the gutters in certain situations. In essence the Leaf Filter is the clog.
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