Premera Dental Insurance Review

Rating: 7.2 / 10 (Very good)
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Premera is a leading life and health insurance provider, currently servicing over a million customers across Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. The company maintains a network of thousands of healthcare providers in the Pacific Northwest area, offering a broad range of products and services for individuals and corporations such as life, vision, dental, and disability insurances.

Premera is a health insurance provider that currently serves more than a million members in Washington and Alaska. The company is regarded as one of the largest providers of comprehensive health and wellness services in the Pacific Northwest. Premera and its subsidiaries including Premera Blue Cross offer a variety of health insurance services including PPO, HMO, vision, long term care and dental insurance.  


What’s included with Premera Dental Insurance

Plan Reviewed

Dental Copay Select


How much does it save you?

Diagnostic and Preventive

Oral exams and Preventive (2 per calendar year) $0

Bitewing X-ray $0

Cleanings (2 per calendar year) $20

Fluoride treatments (2 per calendar year – under 20) $0


Basic Treatments

Emergency palliative treatment $5

Fillings one surface (once per tooth every 24 consecutive months) $30

Periodontal maintenance (4 visits per calendar year) $40

Re-cementing of Crowns $20

Crown Repair $25

Simple extractions (erupted tooth or exposed root) $30

Space maintainers fixed, unilateral (for members under age 20) $65


MAJOR (12-month waiting period)

Deductible then copay

Crowns, onlays, dentures, partials, and bridges Copays vary based on the tooth location and type of material used

Endodontic/ Root Canal treatment (limited to 2 per arch when performed in conjunction with overdentures anterior tooth) $385

Molar tooth $515

Bicuspid tooth: $435

General anesthesia for first 30 minutes; limited to covered dental procedures at a dental care provider’s office when dentally necessary $165

Oral surgery for surgical removal of residual tooth roots $115

Periodontal scaling one to three teeth (limited to once per quadrant every 2 calendar years) $60

Periodontal surgery osseous surgery; one to three contiguous teeth; covered in same quadrant once every 3 calendar years. $350


































Annual Maximum

Individual $1,000


Fine Print

If you visit a provider outside the Select network, you’ll pay the out-of-network coinsurance based on the type of service provided. You’ll also be responsible for amounts charged above the allowable charge.



Premera Dental Insurance provides great coverage for almost every type of preventive, basic and major treatments to make dental procedures more affordable for individuals, families and groups. This is provided through more than a thousand dentists in their network. You could also avail of dental treatments through out-of-network dentists but charges are significantly higher compared to partner dentists. Premera Dental Insurance makes it easy to determine how each treatment would cost you with their predictable costing for more than 200 procedures.   




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  • Pre-Existing Conditions Included in Plan Savings
  • Plans Start at $99/Year for Discounted Rates on Dental Procedures
  • 100,000+ Dental Access Points Nationwide
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  • Voted #1 in Ethics by Dallas Morning News
  • Discount Dental Plan (Not Insurance)