Humana Dental Insurance Review

Rating: 9.5 / 10 (Excellent)
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Humana is a health insurance company founded in Louisville Kentucky in 1961. It offers individual health and life insurance plans, as well as military healthcare services and wellness programs to over 13 million customers nationwide. The company has received several awards and recognitions for their products and business practices of workplace inclusion, diversity, and equality.

Humana Dental Insurance Review

Humana is one of the country's largest providers of dental insurance. They provide dental insurance for individuals, groups and employers. There are no pre-certification requirements and a co-payment option is offered. 

What's included with Humana Dental?

HumanaOne Dental Preventive Plus

This dental PPO plan offers low deductibles, no copayments, and provides 100% coverage for many preventive procedures. This plan does not require a dentist selection.

HumanaOne Dental Value plan (C550 and HI215)

These dental prepaid plans have low copayments for many dental procedures and no waiting periods. Both plans require you to select a primary dentist.

HumanaOne Loyalty Plus Plan

This dental plan rewards members for loyalty by increasing benefits from years one to three, with increasing coverage on services like routine exams, root canals and crowns, a one-time deductible for as long as you are on the plan, and no copayments or waiting periods. You can go to the dentist you prefer with the comfort of knowing this plan pays the same percentage of the cost no matter which dentist you visit.

HumanaOne Simple Choice Plan

This dental plan is simple to understand with fixed costs for services and no deductibles. You are not required to select a dentist for enrollment, and you have the choice of the general dentist you prefer from over 170,000 providers in the HumanaOne Dental Simple Choice network.

Plan Reviewed

HumanaOne Dental Preventive Plus

How much does it save you?

preventive 100% in network, 70% out-of-network

basic 50% in network, 30% out-of-network


One-Time Enrollment Fee (Non-Refundable) $35.00
Monthly Plan Fee (1 Person) $21.24
Admin. Fee (waived if you pay yearly) $1.00
Monthly Association Fee (PBA) $0.70

Annual Maximum

$1000 excludes discounts

Treatments Covered and Reimbursements

Preventive services 100% no deductible 
Basic services 50% after deductible
Discounts of major services only through network dentists.


Fine Print

Start date will be the first of the month following the month you enrolled.

Average costs the patient will pay per procedure with an in-network provider are based on averages across Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, and Pittsburgh.

General anesthesia, implants, and/or cosmetic dentistry are not discounted services.



Human Dental offers great plans at very competitive prices. However, major savings are only available through their network. 











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9.5 / 10
  • No waiting period for discounted services
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Latest Humana Reviews

Ruth B
, California

I have tried several times to find out about my dental coverage. No luck all I get is this is the wrong information, I need to know what I am paying payments monthly for. I need a certificate of types of coverage that I am paying for , Because I really need dental work done. Thank you Ruth Bailes at

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The worst experience ever with Humana Dental Insurance. Usually I am not picky, but they selling products that do not exist. On their website to get insurance you have to select primary care doctor PCD. When you select the one you want, that does mean nothing. They will send you ID card without PCD. And when you go to see dentist, the one you selected, when you call insurance they tell you that you have to go to see other doctor to get referral. That is not right, they violate customers rights giving the fault information. Please do not buy this insurance if you do not want to have problems with them. I see only bad comments here, but they... Read More

Salt Lake City, Utah

I work for a dental office. I have a claim for a patient I have been trying to get paid for over a year now. Every time I call Humana they give me the same clockwork. If I ask for a supervisor...they're all busy. If I ask for a call back...I never receive one. I tried to file a complaint with the Insurance commissioner... but Humana threw a clause in there saying they won't work with the higher-ups. I've dealt with great insurance...I've dealt with decent insurance...and I've dealt with crappy insurance....But Humana--they take the cake.

Sarasota, Florida

Humana Dental Insurance review After using the program for 2 years (in Central Florida), with no claims we discovered that the company pays nothing for a crown. They say that they do pay for a dental extraction or a bridge or dentures. They provide 2 "free" dental cleaning sessions. One dental cleaning, paid out of pocket, costs less than a single month payment for the policy. So, since my family's teeth are in good health, it is far better to save the money and pay for the dental work outright. When a tooth loses part of the crown, good sense tells you to restore the tooth with a crown for health, rather than extract. Sure, it does not feel good to have to fork out a sizable payment for... Read More

Kris V
Bethesda, Maryland

This company is a scam, they hide in the fine print that by signing up you agree to a 12 month contract, so when you find out they don't cover anything you need you can't even cancel and switch to a better insurance. They said it's based on my living in DC, so I'm not sure if this rule applies to everyone, but beware!

stephanie h
Norwalk, Connecticut

After 1 hour, 20 minutes & talking to 3 customer service reps, I still can't access my account. I rate Humana Dental Insurance's customer service at zero. How do I get help without another hour of wasting my time? So frustrating.

Cumming, Georgia

Everything sounds wonderful as far as coverage and discounts until you try to find a good dentist. I had 3 different butcher practices who only cared about how many pricey procedures they could charge me. One broke my jaw and tried to act like it wasn't her. FINALLY, I found a wonderful dentist who takes Humana ... 1 1/2 hours away who also told me exactly what I had to do right away and what could wait. I've spend over $20,000 on out of pocket dental care since I found him 3 years ago. The hacks missed out

Ken M
Phoenix, Arizona

SAVE YOU MONEY. This plan is worthless. Thought I was being smart by up-grading from my Medicare dental plan, thinking the coverage and benefits would be better and help lower my dental bills but no such luck. Other than their "negotiated" lower predeterimantion estimate cost, which ALL dental insurers do, any other help is & was nonexistent, leaving me with a monthly premium of $36.99 for a year & basically paying for a useless plan.Not to mention I had to call and beg 4 times just to receive my latest "predetermination". Even 3 dentists I have spoken with understood my disappointment & frustration & another stopped accepting any Humana dental plans, even if part of Medicare. I am a... Read More

Shelly N

I close my account. They reactivated my account without my permission, consent or authorization... Kept reactivating the closed account for a couple years, without permission, consent or authorization. Did not notice the theft being syphoned off each month for two years because it was a small amount from an account i rarely used. Discovered it - took over ten hours on the phone and two letters, over a six month period of time, just to have them tell me that they did not owe me anything. Completely messed up organization that doesn't know what the heck the departments within it are doing. Lie to customers, cheat customers, steal from customers and basically do identity theft and... Read More

Richmond, Virginia

I cannot find dentist that is listed on the Humana website that ACTUALLY accepts the insurance. It is a double whammy when the dentist's office does not come clean about accepting the insurance until after the treatment. I do not have time to call every dentist in my area to find who accepts the insurance then find out what kind of rating he/she has. This is tantamount to fraud.

Johnson City, Tennessee

I have been paying for Humana dental for almost three years only to find that there was no dentist near me. Closes was 100 miles and they will not return money nor will they respond to letters.

Warren, Rhode Island

My husband who is a veteran had Humana for veterans. It has to be the worse dental insurance in the world. They dropped our dentist in the middle of the year and we had no knowledge of it. They claim it was up to the dentist to notify us. So on the last appointment it was considered an out of network dentist. According to their website, they would pay 70% of the claim for out of network. Well, what they don't tell you, is they take $55.00 off the top. Depending on where you live it doesn't come out to 70% of the claim it actually was 1/4 after their fees that they don't make you aware of. You would make out better if you paid out of pocket for dental work. Just terrible.

Dallas, Texas

All the reviews are right! It is fraud. My mom broke her tooth and bleed and I spent 3 hours looking on their website to find doctors who are no longer on their list. When I called and complain and told them they should update the information, the customer rep said that Monarch Dentistry has to file paper work to have it come off humana's list!? To top it off, the one current dentist that is on the list now does not reveal her education and where she went to school. For all the other dentists I have looked up, I can see their education level. I am very anxious about this predicament we are in right now. The dentists that I looked up didn't even have updated information online. They... Read More

Richard T
Wesley Chapel, Florida

Last year I called my Humana Dental Plan and asked for an update of 10 dentists in a 10 mile radius of my zip code that currently accepted their dental insurance plan. Of the 10 names they gave me only one (1) said they still accept their insurance. This year Humana dropped dental insurance coverage on the Humana Choice PPO Medicare Plan after telling us at a meeting how many more benefits they offer like $5 lower co-pays for Doctors's visits. They never said the yearly deductible was being raised $50, nor that there would be NO dental coverage as last year's plan offered; it had covered one X-ray, one exam and two basic cleanings. "Very mis-leading" a "bait and switch" campaign.... Read More

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

God I hope at least one of you had a positive experience. I'm switching to Humana in Jan. F me in the A. I had Delta and they where the worst. I was told that my dentist's office was covered under the plan I chose. Now they tell me it isn't and I owe almost $400 because they said she wasn't. I had to point out to THEM that they still should cover her as "Out of Network" and paid something! The fact that I had to tell one of their reps about out of network sickens me. I will never use them again! Also folks, If you go in for even a cleaning, make sure your insurance is part of their coverage and ask your dentist to tell you the cost, and not just do it and send you a bill. It's nice to... Read More

Jen K
Melbourne, Florida


Sean B

Literally the worst company I've worked with. I've worked in dental insurance for over 5 years, so I actually get a feel for almost every company out there. Humana is the absolute worst. When it comes to saying they cover a certain amount, they pay less. When they say they will process claims within a certain amount of time, they don't. They sometimes just tell us they never receive claims... it's odd how no one else tells us that. Not paying for claims at all. Our latest debacle has been the fact that they come back and just take money back from procedures done over 2 years ago. As a consumer that comes back to you in the end. BEWARE of not getting what you pay for!

Heather C
Las Vegas, Nevada

Is this real life? HOW does this make sense? Nothing but problems...Check to make sure my dentist accepts Humana, yes. They *had* such great reviews which I should have checked consumers advocate first, as Humana has either gone downhill or those reviews were paid for. Except NO. I have been now to 4 different dentists on Humana's list of approved dentists, checked in advance...with each one I'm not even covered for a cleaning. So...I pay $57 a month for absolutely nothing, stuck in a one year contract and just went back to my regular dentist and paid out of pocket. Humana's login doesn't work half the time and when you switch online to automatic payments, it doesn't work. Not that Humana... Read More

lisha r
Columbus, Ohio

I work in a dental office. It took us over a year to become a network provider with Humana. They gave us the run-a-round. We submitted our paper work 8 times and then after we finally got credentialed, we learn after 3 months they THEY got our tax ID number wrong which meant we STILL weren't getting paid what we were supposed to. After numerous phone calls, and arguing with numerous different ones that WE didn't give the wrong info, that it was on THEIR end, we STILL can't get anything resolved. and God forbid that you try to get thru to anyone, because that's a job in itself. I deal with insurance companies all day and I have to say that Humana is by far the absolute WORST insurance... Read More

Craig S

Borderline fraudulent insurance that hides their coverage and will stick you with the bill.

Michael S
Sarasota, Florida

Humana One Dental insurance is garbage. Customer service is garbage, and their coverage is garbage. They claim to cover a long list of certain dental procedures but they don't even cover a deep cleaning of your teeth. Basically, if you need any dental work aside from just a regular cleaning, steer clear from this Humana crap.

Houston, Texas

Borderline fraud. The prices listed on the HI215 plan for the SPECIALTY procedures only apply if the procedure is completed by a GENERAL dentist. Most general dentists do not perform specialty procedures. If you go to a specialist, then you get up to a 25% discount on services. For example, I needed crown lengthening. The fee schedule said $35 for the consultation and $220 for the procedure. Called 3 periodontists. All said the fee schedule does not apply to them, although the Humana website lists them as in-network providers on the HI215 plan. Actual costs: $100 for consultation and >$900 for the procedure. Called Humana and Humana confirms that no specialists honor the prices... Read More

Susan W
Madison, Wisconsin

So disappointed with Humana Dental - Comp Benefits. My mom purchased the loyalty plus. I have documentation of payment of 20% on crowns, etc. When it was submitted, they refused payment. I've called them numerous times without any return calls or resolution.

Mary E
Savannah, Georgia

I had a dental emergency over the holidays. Of the two service providers in my area, one was closed over the Christmas/New Years timeframe and the other provider had closed permanently. When they returned from holiday, they did see me first thing and were very polite but referred me to an oral surgeon who was not covered in the plan. In addition, when I tried to schedule routine cleanings, there was always a 6 to 8 week wait. I would not recommend Humana.

Hala A
Stanton, California

Says that there is no waiting period. That is not true there is a waiting period of 6 months but they want you to go through the whole thing before they tell you that.