CIGNA Dental Insurance Review

Rating: 8.4 / 10 (Excellent)
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Founded in 1982, Cigna is a health and life services organization with headquarters in Connecticut and Philadelphia. Cigna offers health plans and related products, such as workers compensation, group, life, accident, and disability insurances. The company, which currently employs over 30,000 people and services 86 million customers in 30 countries, holds an A+ rating with the BBB.

CIGNA Dental Review

CIGNA Dental has one of the biggest network of dentists in the country today. It provides a wide selection of individual and group dental insurance plans. 

What's included with CIGNA Dental

Plan Reviewed

MYCIGNA Dental 1500 Plan

How much does it save you?

Deductible waived for preventive services, 20% payout after deductible, 50% payout after deductible


Individual (ages 18–59) $30.00 /mo
Individual (ages 60+) $38.00 /mo
Individual + Spouse $55.50 /mo
One-Parent Family (1 adult, 2 children) $70.80 /mo
Two-Parent Family (2 adults, 2 children) $96.30 /mo

Annual Maximum

$1000 per person

Treatments Covered and Reimbursement

Excellent list of treatments covered for Basic, Preventive and Major services


Fine Print

You may pay more for out-of-network charges if the dentist’s charges exceed the amount Cigna reimburses for billed services.

You may be eligible to waive the waiting period with prior qualified coverage, not applicable to orthodontia.

Dental rates may vary based on age and geographic location (residential zip code).



CIGNA Dental offers great savings on preventive, basic and major treatments. However, they tend to be on the costlier side so it's a good idea to check for other available packages. Premiums and plans are subject to your location. 
















Top Rated
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9.8 / 10
  • Unlimited Use
  • Pre-Existing Conditions Included in Plan Savings
  • Plans Start at $99/Year for Discounted Rates on Dental Procedures
  • 100,000+ Dental Access Points Nationwide
  • A+ Grade with the BBB
  • Voted #1 in Ethics by Dallas Morning News
  • Discount Dental Plan (Not Insurance)

Latest CIGNA Reviews

Hillsboro, Oregon

My wife and I signed up for a CIGNA plan for seniors and, so far, it's the worst. The rules have changed several times trying to get a claim through. Each time we think we have corrected the problem, oh wait, there is yet just one more step to complete. We have both had periodontal surgery done and CIGNA offers a service where they will cover extra cleanings. All you have to do it fill out a simple for and send it in. First hurdle, they give only a fax and PO Box to return the form (who still has a fax machine???). I called with an issue and I was given an email address to send the forms to. I did. Nothing happened. Called again, had to send the form to a different email. I did that... Read More

Ashley D
Waterbury, Connecticut

I have had Cigna through my employer for 12 years. They have refused to pay my sons claim since August because his father has the same insurance and they want our divorce agreement from 10 years ago to see who should be primary. We do not have want to disclose these documents we don’t have any longer and would have to take a trip to the courthouse to get. My ex has even called them as well and they still have not paid the claim. It is going to start effecting my credit. I mean really Cigna we both have your insurance!

Matt C
Saint Augustine, Florida

this is a no star company on their ratings...RUN AWAY FROM THESE THIEVES! will be as brief as possible with the rip offs these folks are.. have had corporate insurance for 30 years that paid for everything. Exited the corporate grind 5 years ago and thru my insurance company USAA who I have been a member with for 40 years received and had an opportunity to get Dental Insurance with these thieves. have always paid more than they have paid out for claims. It started at $52 a month for my wife and I. After 18 months they jacked the cost to $72 per month which we pay. After 3.5 years of being on the plan and never missing a payment they wrote me on 1/2/18 and terminated the contract... Read More

Calabasas, California

I have CIGNA for our family. It seemingly works OK as long as you are in network. If you have the gall to go out of network, it is completely useless. My daughter needs to have 2 teeth pulled. Her out of network dentist charges $148 per tooth and $48 for nitrous. Because they're out of network, CIGNA's "Fee Schedule" is $70 per tooth (I've called around and that's a laughable rate - no dentist charges that) and of that $70, CIGNA will only pay 70% so $49. After meeting my deductible, I'm out of pocket 85% of this. I'm really curious what I pay monthly insurance premiums for. I called an in network dentist and learned for the same procedure they'd cover the extraction at $148 per tooth. I... Read More

Atlanta, Georgia

MARCO NORIEGA WORST ins. scam ever. Told by sales person all services will be covered as of Feb. DDS sent pre-the dental office send the claim for implant and crowns. Implant denied in April and crowns was ignored. It was said to be denied 3 days before this call. Cigna denied the service case was out network out side the country we never have any issue with Edana in pass they look for any excuse not pay the claim i have to pay out packet for my wife implant after the the dental office send a claim for crowns and extraction the also denied fine other excuse the they do not work with estimates on any phone call. They can not get it programmed properly and have spent over an hour just... Read More

Linthicum Heights, Maryland


Gran M
Tacoma, Washington

WORST ins. scam ever. Told by sales person all services will be covered as of July. DDS sent pre-authorization for implant and bridge. Implant denied in Sept. and bridge was ignored. It was said to be denied 3 days before this call. Cigna has my birth date listed wrong so I can't log in and have big hassle on any phone call. They can not get it programmed properly and have spent over an hour just today being transferred from one person to another and the call was dropped. I cancelled this policy today and will file an Insurance Commissioner claim as they say they can't prorate this months payment and it started on the 7th and it is now the 19th.

Chicago, Illinois

Apparently I'm in the minority here. My husband and I have the $2,000 per person 100/80/50 cigna connection dental plan thru my work. We've never had an issue with claims being paid or customer service. Being a PPO we kept our dentist. The first year my husband got 6 fillings and a lower partial. Each filling cost us $25 and his partial totaling $500 after cigna paid out and adjusted the cost based on cignas discounted rate. I had 3 fillings, a root canal, and a crown totaling $360. Of course our cleanings, exams, and x-rays were all free. The receptionist at our dental office said she wished everyone had our coverage, they've always paid out within 30 days of treatment. Everytime I've... Read More

John F
Bellflower, California

Hello. I am a new member to CIGNA dental Insurance and I called customer support because I needed help locating my designated dentist. Before the call I found a dental office I wanted to go to that accepts CIGNA and I was informed that I must get a transfer to be able to go there. When I called CIGNA customer support a gentleman named Jim answered. He was polite, professional, informative and efficient. I got into contact with the new office immediately and got mine and my wife's transfer accepted. He explained how to view my benefits, when I can start going to the new office and provided me with confirmation of the process and new dental cards sent via mail. He explained how charges work... Read More

Philip P
Moody, Texas

Jan, '17, got my first bill. Called to find a dentist & review personal data. They had the wrong CC #; but were going to debit it anyhow. After a long discussion, CS rep said she would review it & correct the wrong CC. Still no correction or debits from any of my CCs for pmts. from any of my CCs. I've been in/out of hospital for congestive heart failure - so haven't taken care of this in a timely manner. We have not used a dentist in all of 2017 so I wouldn't be charged with fraud/ID theft. I called again in March. Gave same complaint because the rep said there were no notes in my file. She assured me she would correct it and someone would call me. No call. "My" June pmt was declined... Read More

New York, New York

1,000 limit isn't worth the premiums. you spend that is 2 visits a year if you have a serious issue beyond 1,000 it comes out of your pocket anyway. they should make available a plan for oral surgery, etc.

Wallace G
San Ramon, California

I hope this reaches some of you before you buy insurance from this company. Despite what they say regarding partials and dentures for 50% coverage all teeth being (ALL) replaced with denture or partial must have been pulled during the period time of your policy. In other wards, they do not cover pre-existing extractions. You must read the small print. I normally do but side tracked by what they do cover and not the EXCEPTIONS.

Nicole P
Chicago, Illinois

I am a dental office manager for a small office. I called Cigna to go over a claim that was submitted for payment and they were demanding more information before paying. When I called 800-427-4659 I got a gentlemen by the name of Larry who was nice as can be! Not only did he resolve most the issues that they were requesting and had already sent in a narrative, he followed up with me the day the patient was scheduled to come in to have treatment completed. Larry gets two thumbs up in my books for completely going above and beyond!! Not something you get often! Thanks again Larry for your help, and for winning me a cup of coffee from my doctor who didn't believe an insurance... Read More

Durango, Colorado

CIGNA is deceptive. A few examples: 1)CIGNA says it "covers crowns at 50%". Wrong - they cover black, low quality, "low nobel, nickel crowns that will corrode in your mouth at 50%. Ethical dentists don't even place this type of crown. If your dentist places a traditional, common, white crown, it is "downgraded" on the reimbursement to these black crowns and the patient pays the difference - meaning CIGNA covers about 30% on the crowns - even with a CIGNA in-network provider. 2) "Cigna says it covers fillings at 80%" Wrong. They cover amalgam fillings at 80% maybe if you are lucky. White fillings are "downgraded" to sliver and you pay the difference - maybe 50% if you are... Read More

Carlsbad, California

They say they cover most things then you get a bill. Then you have them submit the codes beforehand they say it's fine then the adjusters decide to screw you. Never use them it's a waste of money

Merlin B
Greeley, Colorado

My husband had a 3 year old crown break, and was in pain. The dentist replaced crown and Cigna denied coverage because he had to have crown for 5 years. I ask what we should have done, Cigna rep had no suggestions. I'd think twice before signing up for Cigna. Had Delta Dental at last employer and LOVED Delta Dental.

Jim T
Lake Charles, Louisiana

Refused to pay claim for maintenance cleaning which was $32.50. Benefits are supposed to cover at 50% for this regular cleaning. They wanted me to get history from 5 years ago with a different insurance before they would pay. Unbelievable!

Lansdale, Pennsylvania

This morning I spent two hours speaking to a customer service representative located off-shore. I have never received such poor customer services in my life. Like many of Cigna's paying customers, we are busy and have very little time and energy. I certainly believe in diversity and inclusion, however, I spent the majority of the time on the phone trying to get the representative to understand me. Despite the richness that diversity brings, the representative needs to understand the needs of the paying customer. Back to my incident: once we seemed to come to some type of understanding, the representative failed to send me the information I requested. Shame on Cigna and the CEO... Read More

Alexandria, Virginia

DO NOT.......I REPEAT....DO NOTTT get coverage through them. A bunch of scammers that'll tell you they cover most procedures and services and it's all bullshit. Even when I cancelled my coverage, they billed me for another 3 months!! Called back to get a refund 3 months after I cancelled and they told me they can only refund the last month?! Customer service is TERRIBLE. They make you wait on hold for 20 mins while "transferring" you, then hang up on you. I was finally refunded the full amount after having to talk to 4 Reps and 2 supervisors. Beware and stay away!

Courtneyt W
Mobile, Alabama

I have had an ongoing issue with two claims since June 2016. The dates of services, in question are 3-17-2016 and 3-24-2016. I have primary and secondary coverage and my dentist still made me pay out of pocket. I did question the business office manager as to why I had to pay out of pocket since I have two coverages. She stated that I would later be reimbursed. I faxed over claims forms requesting that payment be sent to me versus the dentist. I also faxed over the bills, from the dentist office, stating that I had a credit and credit card receipts proving I paid it. The dentist received the payment and advised me that they refund me the money and then weeks went by and the business... Read More

Brooklyn, New York

I was sent to a dentist in Ridgefield CT., who could not even discern which tooth was bonded and a correction that was to be made after the original correction was made (by a younger associate which fell off). The older dentist, he AND his assistant, then LIED EVEN AFTER I showed them the X-RAYS!!!! OUTRAGEOUS!! I had wonderful dentists in NYC then move to CT and Cigna plan and have had AWFUL experiences.

Amanda M
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Poor coverage. Recently had a root canal done and they only covered $168 out of $1170. For a cleaning, they covered only $68 out of a $170 bill. The reason is because I see an out of network dentist and they only allow $400 contractual for a root canal. What dentist charges $400 for a root canal. Don't waste your time with their dental insurance. If anything, you lose money as I pay $36/month for this coverage.

Lilburn, Georgia

I have normally had a positive experience with Cigna Dental. That changed when I was told by my dentist that I needed to have a gum graft. Long story short- the type of gum graft I need is a connective tissue or subepithelial graft. This is the most common gum graft according to my research. It is also a graft that is not covered by Cigna Dental. Not. One. Dime. Word of advice- check the covered procedures and get the insurance codes from your dentist. All gum grafts are not the same and they are definitely NOT all covered by Cigna Dental.

Robert F
Fort Myers, Florida

Bonita Springs, FL Dental Office -Westland Dental Group - Called on Friday afternoon to say that Cigna Dental was no longer accepted at the office impacting my Monday appointment. Called Cigna Dental on Saturday, "We have a valid contract with this office." Cigna Customer service rep unwilling to transfer to Manager who was "busy." Scores should be negative integers for both Cigna Dental and Westland Dental.

Jawad W
Kinston, North Carolina

Don't fall for this. They do not cover anything.