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TransUnion Credit Reporting Review

Rating: 8.7 / 10 (Excellent)
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Transunion is a credit information and management service and is one of the three major credit bureaus in the country. Part of its service include a credit reporting product that helps consumers take better control of their financial information.  With Transunion, members gain unlimited access to their Transunion credit information and enables them to lock or unlock their credit profile.

Credit Reporting Features

TransUnion is one of the three major credit reporting agencies and a trusted, sophisticated, global risk information provider. Part of its professional services include credit reporting which helps people monitor, keep track and take better control of their credit information. With Transunion, people get unlimited access to their Transunion credit information and keep their TransUnion credit report inaccessible to thieves with its 1-touch Credit Lock. TransUnion also offers up to $1,000,000 in ID theft resolution and guidance.

Credit Reporting Features

TransUnion credit reporting gives you unlimited TransUnion score and report updates. It keeps you updated about changes in your credit score and even sends email updates of critical credit information changes. TransUnion sends you instant alerts once someone has applied credit in your name. In case unauthorized changes are made, clients can simply to your TransUnion Credit, clients can simply use its 1-Touch Credit Lock to keep thieves from damaging your credit profile further.

Clients can also get an interactive graph of their score history with Score Trending. Its Score Simulator also lets you explore possible changes to your credit profile. Personalized credit and debt analysis is also available for helping you make money-saving moves. Various tools such as a calculator can be used to evaluate your financial profile.

Credit reporting frequency

Limited to Transunion

Credit monitoring

Monitors credit reports for unusual activities

Credit reports

Gives access to your credit reports

Credit scores

Gives access to your credit scores

Warning reports

Timely alerts to notify you of any unusual activities

Credit Bureaus

As expected, services are geared towards your Transunion credit information. However, the service still provides 3 bureau credit monitoring. Credit reports are another story since this is limited to Transunion.







TransUnion Offers

TransUnion $9.95/Month Details:

Get Credit Monitoring for ONLY $9.95/month PLUS Get a Free 3-Bureau Report and Scores!

  • See your complete credit picture with your 3-Bureau Report With Scores (a $29.95 value!)
  • Check TransUnion score & report changes 24/7 with UNLIMITED refreshes
  • Lock thieves out of your TransUnion Credit Report with 1-touch Credit Lock
  • Understand your credit with powerful tools like Score Trending & Score Simulator
  • Stay in the know with email alerts to critical credit report changes for ALL 3 Bureaus (starts immediately)

TransUnion $19.95/Month Details:

Credit Monitoring for $19.95/Month!

  • UNLIMITED updates to your TransUnion Credit Report and Score
  • Email updates of critical changes
  • INSTANT email alerts sent as soon as TransUnion finds out someone’s applied for credit in your name
  • Lock and Unlock your TransUnion Credit Report
  • Personalized Debt Analysis & Credit Score Trending
  • Score Simulator – see how specific credit choices may affect scores
  • UNLIMITED toll-free access to ID theft specialists
  • Up to $1,000,000 ID Theft Insurance

Identity Theft Protection

Transunion safeguards your identity by monitoring information from the three major credit bureaus. Services include the ability to lock and unlock your Transunion file. This ensures that no one gains access to your Transunion information for credit checks or opening a new account. But this is only limited to Transunion and you have to talk directly with an Experian or Equifax representative.

ID Theft Insurance

Up to $1,000,000

Fraud assistance


Lost wallet assistance











Support Services







Credit Reporting at TransUnion

Transunion helps monitor your information across all three major credit bureaus. Unlimited access to your TransUnion credit, 1 Touch credit lock, email updates and up to $1,000,000 in identity theft resolution insurance are just some of the features we've come to like in TransUnion's offer.  Starting at $9.95, Transunion appears to be a good buy especially for those searching for credit monitoring and identity theft protection.


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  • Unlimited TransUnion Score and Report Updates
  • Email updates of critical credit information changes
  • 1-Touch Credit Lock
  • Interactive graph of your score history
  • Personalized credit and debt analysis
  • Up to $1,000,000 in ID Theft Insurance