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Rating: 7.3 / 10 (Very good)
Disclosure: We receive advertising revenue from some partners. Learn more. is a credit monitoring service that was recently acquired by Experian. Now as an Experian company, is part of an organization that has furnished over 20 million credit reports to 3 million members nationwide. itself provides a free Experian report and other limited services. However, customers accessing the site have the option of upgrading to a more robust plan from Experian itself.

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Overall Rating: 7.3 / 10 (Very good)

It is difficult to make a clear judgement on While it is always helpful to get a free credit report, there are many other free services that provide a lot more. Also,'s site isn't quite up to scratch, containing scarce information on the product. Apparently you get a monthly Experian credit report and a few additional features like Experian alerts and a dark web surveillance report. However, it is not clear if these Experian features are the same utilities users of Experian pay plans get. It is likely is a free service where users are offered the upgrade to Experian IdentityWorks or CreditWorks.

Credit Score & Reports

Credit Score & Reports - 7 / 10 simply provides customers with a monthly Experian credit report. The report is automatically refreshed every 30 days upon logging in. This is usual for free services. What is unusual is they don't seem to provide a credit score, VantageScore or FICO. As mentioned above, it is unclear where ends and Experian begins. Experian's CreditWorks plan is an extremely robust offering which provides all three bureau monitoring and alerts, as well as three bureau monthly credit reports and official FICO scores. It is, however, on the costly side after the trial period.

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Monitoring & Tools - 7 / 10

Aside from "Experian Credit Monitoring Alerts" there isn't much on the specifics of monitoring and tools for As stated above, Experian's monitoring alerts cover all key changes to you report for all three bureaus. However, it is not clear if these apply to customers of who are only getting a monthly Experian report. The company does include a free dark web surveillance report, and phone support 7 days a week.
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Plans and Pricing - 7 / 10 is a free service. However, there are many free credit reporting services out there that give customers significantly more, including credit scores, and credit building tools and features. It is likely is a portal to eventually funnel customers to Experian's pay plans, which are fantastically useful if a little on the pricey side.
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Reputation & Support - 8 / 10 has a D+ with the BBB but there are no reviews to speak of that explain this grade. The company also has no Trustpilot presence. There are many customer complaints centered around the company taking credit card information and charging annual subscription prices after the trial period without the customer's approval. These, however, seem to be in the past as since the company partnered with Experian they no longer require payment information. It is also not clear how delivers credit monitoring alerts, or whether or not customers gain access to Experian's mobile app with their memberships.
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