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Rating: 7.2 / 10 (Very good)
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Jive VoIP offers a robust PBX solution that is capable of handling small, medium and large scale business telecommunication needs. Jive offers a no-nonsense approach to their VoIP plans. No need for second guessing or checking hidden charges, Jive informs you of how much the service plan costs and what’s included. Jive VoIP is a flexible solution that easily lets you customize or scale services easily. 


Plan Details


 $29.95 per device, 1 to 4 users (tier 1)



 International calls




Consumers will be surprised at the number of standard and extra features that comes with Jive VoIP services. All these offerings were designed to give home and even big businesses all the functionality they would require to meet their telecommunication needs.  

Jive VoIP boasts an excellent system that allows that lets you manage and track all calls. It even gives you the option of distributing calls to ensure that employees who receives and makes the most calls are given the necessary call minutes. Making VoIP calls through your smart phone is also possible with Jive’s mobile app. But this service could only be enjoyed by purchasing the app.

Jive VoIP is perfectly suited for business operations. Aside from its call management and tracking capabilities, it also allows you to send faxes and large conference calls. Business features include holding music, virtual queuing and customer call backs.  

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Jive VoIP service is definitely one of the best choices available for businesses of all types searching for a cost effective alternative to their standard phone provider. Never miss out on important calls and enjoy all the functionality of a reliable business communication system without its traditional costs. 




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