One Roof Energy Solar Energy Review

Rating: 7.4 / 10 (Very good)
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OneRoof Energy is a solar energy company that specializes in residential solar systems, solar power purchase agreements and solar financing. The services that they are offering are best for businesses, government firm, leasing, solar beginners and to homeowners.

Services and Features

The complexity and price of installing solar panels vary on the kind, structure, and design of your roof. Asphalt, flat, inclined and tiles are the common types of roof used. It is a must to let the providers assess your home for a highly effective solar installation.

OneRoof offers four payment methods for you to acquire a solar panel at home. Not all can purchase the system in full cash payment. However, the company proposes an instalment basis and rental under solar loan, PPA and solar lease.

OneRoof has a capability to monitor you solar energy panel every now and then. In terms of warranty, the company did not specified information on system and roof warranty. However, you can contact OneRoof Energy for more details.

OneRoof has a mobile app wherein you can access your account for billing, systems inquiry and other concerns. On the other hand, online quotation for instant price estimation is available on their website. Unfortunately, a real time response is not obtainable at OneRoof.

Kinds of Roofs





Payment Preferences

Solar Loans



Solar Lease


System Warranty

Not Specified

Roof Warranty

Not Specified

Performance Guarantee

Monitoring System

Help, Support & Usability

Online Quotation

24-hour telephone hotline

Online Account

Live Chat

Mobile App



Plan Details

OneRoof also caters solar roofing and generation systems. This provider has a contract and leasing agreement good for 25 years and a 20 years contract to Power Purchase agreement. Also, there is no additional fee for the service and maintenance of your solar panel. 

Plan Details

Upfront Fee

Maintenance Cost


Installation Process

1 Day

Solar Generation Systems

Solar Roofing Systems

Power Purchase Agreement

20 years

Leasing Agreement

20 years

Contract Length

25 years

Privacy Policy

Solar Energy at OneRoof Energy

Despite of its being in the industry for only four years, OneRoof shown the ability to grow and provide excellent services for its customers.  One good reason why OneRoof has become a safe choice for solar panel providers is because it delivers quality services and products that help consumers lower energy costs. 

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