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Rating: 9.1 / 10 (Excellent)
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Home Solar Rebates is an online market place for solar energy panels and contractors. The company connects homeowners to available solar contractors near their area.  Home Solar Rebates provides no obligation free quotes from several solar manufacturers that offer a variety of services that include repairs, installs and maintenance.

Services and Features

Home Solar Rebates connects homeowner’s easy access to professional solar energy contractors in their area. Searching for a solar energy contractor can be done by filling in simple information such as your current electric bill, electric provider and State to name a few. This makes it easier for the company to match you with solar energy contractors and let them get a more accurate assessment of your solar energy needs.

Home Solar Rebates lets homeowners connect with high-quality contractors that are pre-screened to ensure all services meet industry standards. Its three step process provides the utmost in convenience when searching for a solar energy contractor. Estimates usually takes less than a minute.

Kinds of Roofs





Payment Preferences

Solar Loans






Solar Lease



System Warranty

Depends on selected contractor

Roof Warranty

Depends on selected contractor

Performance Guarantee

Depends on selected contractor

Monitoring System

Depends on selected contractor

Help, Support & Usability

Online Quotation

24-hour telephone hotline

Online Account

Live Chat

Mobile App




Plan Details


Plan Details

Upfront Fee

Depends on selected contractor

Maintenance Cost

Depends on selected contractor

Installation Process

Depends on selected contractor

Solar Generation Systems

Solar Roofing Systems

Power Purchase Agreement

Leasing Agreement


Contract Length


Privacy Policy

Solar Energy at Home Solar Rebates  

Home Solar Rebate is a good resource for professional solar energy contractors. All companies have been pre-screened ensuring all services are at par with industry standards. Its three step process guarantees outmost convenience. And by letting you compare multiple quotes, homeowners are sure to get the best deals available.


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9.1 / 10
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