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Which Company Has the Best Dog Insurance Plans?

Marcela OteroFeb 19, 2014

When our editors reviewed the best dog insurance, we looked at a number of factors, including:

  • Customer satisfaction and reviews online
  • Coverage for your puppy or dog (what types of things are covered)
  • Benefits caps (if they exist)
  • Structure of their deductible 
  • Emergency care and choice of vet

Considering more than 10 providers of pet insurance, we found that the best choice for dogs is Healthy Paws.

When looking at multiple sources of online reviews, Healthy Paws was consistently ranked as the #1 choice by dog parents. That's because they take customer care seriously and they are truly there to support their canine customers in times of injury or need.

Why did Healthy Paws Stand out?

Coverage for Healthy Paws stood out to us because they offer illness and accident coverage that is the most comprehensive. Some other plans have a lot of really subtle aspects to their policies where they won't cover certain types of conditions whereas coverage for Healthy Paws starts almost immediately (within two weeks) and will cover just about everything. 

Are there any limitations with the policies offered by Healthy Paws?

Yes, one noteworthy thing to watch out for is that hip dysplasia is not covered by Healthy Paws for 12 months. If you need coverage sooner for hip dysplasia you should also look at Pet Plan.

Healthy paws also does not cover the cost of spay/neutering your puppy. That allows their plans to be cheaper & we feel that you will save more money in the long term by sticking with Healthy paws as opposed to buying a potentially more expensive plan from a company like Embrace who will pay for your spay/neutering in the short term but cost you more over the life of your pet.

Healthy Paws was also our top choice because they were one of the only providers we reviewed who offers truly unlimited benefits with no caps period. Not annual, not per condition, not anything - just unlimited! That is really important because pet insurance is really about preparing for the unexpected. You want to make sure that the surgery is covered for your dog no matter what the price. That's why you're getting pet insurance in the first place!

Their deductible as an annual (as opposed to per incident) prevents you from having to pay a deductible again and again within a calendar year if your dog has multiple ailments over time. 

Healthy Paws also covers emergency care and like the other providers we reviewed, allows you to choose your own vet.

The Bottom Line

Every pet parent should first consider the needs of their pet, then, based on those needs, they should get a quote from Healthy Paws & at least one other company because no matter which  company you go with, your pup should be covered for the unexpected.