To select the best insurance policy for cats, reflect on which aspects of coverage are most important to your specific situation. While each company on the list below offers excellent general pet coverage, some also provide specialization plans that focus on sicknesses and injuries that are common in cats. Other companies further stand out by extending greater discounts or coverage modification options. Wellness coverage for cats is also worth considering. The four companies listed below are excellent starting points if you remain unsure of which policy is most applicable.

Top 4 Cat Insurance

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For cat insurance, Petplan USA has three different policies on offer. They cover all the basics, including medical treatment, in addition to extras such as pet-theft reimbursement. Policies such as these can also be financially modified, specifically with regards to the deductible. Petplan USA also offers the deepest discounts in the industry, thus ensuring ample monetary savings. Monthly premiums can be further reduced by enrolling online, by insuring multiple pets, or by insuring medical services. With so many avenues for saving money, Petplan USA sets itself apart from the rest. To that end, if your cat is eligible for the aforementioned discounts, then it would be wise to consider Petplan USA.

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Nationwide’s Feline Select plan has a low monthly fee and covers 15 common cat diseases and injuries. Also covered are chronic conditions your cat may develop while insured under the plan. With that in mind, for an additional fee, CareGuard® wellness coverage can be incorporated into the plan. If comprehensive coverage is necessitated, there are additional plans that may be selected. Such plans allow visitation to any veterinarian, and will also pay for emergency and specialist visits. With Nationwide cat insurance, no copay is required. There is an age restriction, however, as cats must be registered before reaching 10 years of age.

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In the realm of pet insurance, Petfirst Healthcare offers both excellent coverage, as well as a large variety of policy options. At its core, two policy types are on offer: Lifetime and Standard. Lifetime policies have annual limits while the Standard policies are limited on a per-incident basis. Furthermore, with each plan comes myriad deductible and copay options. This ensures that all policies can be adjusted to an affordable price. Unlike Petplan USA and Nationwide, Petfirst doesn't offer any policies that are specifically tailored to felines. That said, by offering solid benefits for all pets, PetFirst should inspire as much confidence as its competitors.

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Pets Best is a premiere supplier of cat health insurance not only due the their coverage options, but because of the availability of their special Feline Illness add-on. If purchased, this cat-specific option provides an extra $10,000 of lifetime coverage. This plan is a good choice if the coverage associated with a standard cat insurance plan is not what you are looking for. If a standard plan is of interest, however, Pets Best allows for easy customization, which can range from deductible and copay options to wellness coverage. Regardless of what is selected, all Pets Best plans cover a variety of accidents and illnesses, including hereditary and congenital conditions that are deemed unavoidable.

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