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Rating: 9.2 / 10 (Excellent)
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Although Trupanion offers pet insurance coverage for all North America, the company was originally founded in Vancouver and continues to be one of the largest providers in its home country of Canada. Trupanion provides coverage for both cats and dogs in one simple, easy to understand plan that pays 90% of actual costs with no payout limit. This includes medication, surgeries, hospitalization, diagnostic tests, and other treatments. You can enroll your pet as young as 8 weeks, and up to 14 years old. Trupanion's policies include a wide range of coverage options making the company an excellent choice for pet insurance.

Plan details

Type of contract

Premium charged month to month

Enrollment age

8 weeks-14 years

Waiting period

5 days for injuries. 
30 days for illnesses.

Injuries that occur within the first 5 days on enrollment, and illnesses that develop within the first 30 are not covered.

Out of country coverage

USA, Puerto Rico

Claims and policy price

No increase in premiums due to claims made

Age limit

14 years old

Annual deductible

Customizable. $0 to $1,000 for each pet. 

Claim limit

No claim limits


Cancellation policy

Policies can be cancelled by sending notification in writing via mail, fax or email. Policies cancelled within the first 30 days without any claim submissions will receive 100% of their money back.

How much is it going to cost you?

A variety of factors can influence your monthly premium cost:

  • Average of treating illnesses and injuries for similar pets in your area
  • Pet’s breed, age, gender
  • Geographical location
  • Deductible (higher deductible – lower premium and vice versa)
  • Optional coverage (if any)


What you pay

  1. Veterinary examination fees
  2. Deductible
  3. 10% co-insurance
  4. Federal/ State/ Provincial/ Local taxes
  5. Costs not covered by the policy


What does it cover?

Accident and illness coverage

Prescriptions and medications

Optional benefits

Recovery and complimentary care coverage

  • Rehabilitative therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Behavioral modification therapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Naturopathy

Pet owner assistance package

  • Liability coverage for third party property damage
  • Advertising and reward
  • Boarding fees if you become hospitalized
  • Vacation cancellation costs
  • Cremation and burial fees

Breeding rider

  • Injuries related to breeding, whelping and queening

Dental coverage

Therapeutic diets, herbal therapy and supplements


What’s not covered?

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Preventive care treatments (vaccinations, flea control, de-worming)
  • Exam fees
  • Sales tax



A no benefit limit makes Trupanion an excellent choice for financially protecting pet owners against any sudden illness or accident. But just like many of the top pet insurance services, it does not cover pre-existing conditions. The company's 90% no-limit coverage is just about the best deal you are going to find. There seems little going against Trupanion in terms of the overall quality of the services they provide. If you are looking for pet insurance in Canada, Trupanion is a must-look-at option.


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Ani L
Edmonton, Alberta
Astronomical premium increases for absolutely no reason but the provinces taxes..? That was the explanation I received. My premium went up from $101 to $124 that's a 23% increase. Looking for other options this is a robbery.

[email protected]
Calgary, Alberta
This is the shock when I received this year premium update this month. Since I enrolled the pet insurance been 10 years, the insurance increases every year non stop. Last year my premium is $87.38 but from August my premium will be 125.64. Close to 50% increase and it is unacceptable. If you want to buy pet insurance from Trupanion be aware this big jump.

Edmonton, Alberta
I can attest that claim processing is very quick, but the annual premium increases are crazy! I have 2 cats and they are pretty healthy but Trupanion just advised me tgat they have increased the cost for my 17 year old senior cat by $60.00 per month, so that will bring my total for both cats to $215/mth. I figured out I've probably paid about $10K since enrolling them and have been reimbursed about $1,500 in all that time. I now have to choose whether to cancel insurance for one or both, raise my deductible, or just start putting money into a separate account monthly to pay for vet bills. Here I was trying to be a responsible pet owner and I feel like I'm being totally gauged. If i... Read More

[email protected]
Kelowna, British Columbia
Claims process is efficient BUT I keep having to raise my deductible to lower the yearly premium increases per month, so I never get anything back for claims after deducting office costs etc...My premium was $40 7 and 1/2 years ago and I just received another letter (surprise, surprise...was waiting for it) that my premiums are increasing $10 a month. Every year my premiums have gone up and up until this year it was always "increases in veterinary costs in your area..." BS excuse! This year they've become more creative and made a list as to why your costs go up....age, how long you've been insured, vet costs, a mathematical equation determining costs that haven't occurred....BS!!! Just... Read More

[email protected]
Started 4 years ago with a dog 1 year old...signed contract for not more than a 20% increase a year...which they did every year..until year 4 in ..they increase the monthly rate by 44.3 %...apparently the contract canged in 2016 and they took the 20%t and are now increase the rates to what they it is .44.3%...more than last year...for a 5 year old dog ..185.59$...she is healthy. .but needs a hormone replacement for $20..a month...bad bad health plan.. go shopping early for a plan where they don't change it to their liking....bad , bad company...

Erin C
Toronto, Ontario
The last three years they have not only taken away stuff for my coverage but increased the premium over $20 EACH year. Omega General Insurance Company is awful

Kim W
Hamilton, Ontario
I would have to give trupanion 5 stars for how they handle their claims, however their prices just keep creeping up and I am now paying almost 75.00 a month to insure a 4 year old male bulldog who I have never filed a claim on. I will say that the insurance was worth it on my female dog as they covered over 9000.00 in a year and a half for two bowel obstructions on this dog. I have never had pet insurance before but when we got the Bulldogs it was advised. Now I'm wondering if I should keep paying this insurance On my healthy male. I did at one point have my cats insured also, but it was costing me well over 200.00 a month to insure the dogs and cats which I just couldn't afford anymore. I... Read More

stephen g
Calgary, Alberta
massive unwarranted premium increases every year: beware!

Calgary, Alberta
I have several Yorkshire Terriers. They started off at 35 per month and then they introduced a price increase with a deductible. Prices kept going up by 10 to 15% per dog per year. I get that the costs to them keep going up so no problem. The i just received an email from them saying the renewal of 2 of my yorksire terriers that have never had much issue at all have now gone up by 50% (From under $60/month to over $90/month). I immediately called and questioned it. They said the average cost of Yorkies in my area had risen. Vet clinics have purchased new equipment and training and a myriad of other excused. I called my vet and they said their pricing has risen over the last year... Read More

Lewes, Delaware
Trupanion seemed great at the start but I was confused by how much my annual rates went up each year! I had 2 cats on their plan for just over 2 years and my monthly payments went from $80 for both cats to $160 per month for both!! Their previous rate increases were never that bad so I let it slide, but after this last increase, no way! We are all better off putting $100/month away in a JAR for every year of our pets life and you'll be much better off then flushing your hard earned $$ down these guys' toilets. My favorite part is how they justify the rate increases by saying they are bringing us TOP MEDICAL treatments and new technologies, really?? where?? And how in the hell does that... Read More

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