36 Month Loans Review

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36 Month Loans is an online financial service that gives consumers access to personal loans. It is a free online matching service that connects consumers to personal loan lenders nationwide. 36 Month Loans does not broker loans to lenders and does not make personal loans or credit decisions.


Loan Matching Service

Loan Details

Unsecured Loans


Minimum Loan Amount


Maximum Loan Amount


*Maximum loan amount may vary for secured and unsecured personal loans

Minimum Loan Period

12 months

Maximum Loan Period

36 months

Loan Rates

36 Month Loans is not a direct lender or broker of personal loans. Personal loan rates range from 11.24% to 35%. Rates can vary according to the borrower’s credit history, financial situation, and credit rating. Rates can also vary from lender to lender. 36 Month Loans is a free service but in some states, origination and documentation fees are added to the cost of a personal loan.

Direct Deposit



Online Application Time

A few minutes

Response Time

Just a few minutes


  • Must be a citizen or legal permanent resident of USA
  • Must have a valid Social Security Number
  • Must be over the age of 18
  • Any of the four: Disability benefits or Social Security Income, Full time and part time employment income, retired, or self-employment or small business income
  • Valid checking account

Other Factors That May Affect Personal Loan Application

  • Less monthly income than debt
  • History of missed or late payments
  • Active or recent bankruptcies
  • Recent charged off accounts
  • Accounts late for over 60 days

How It Works

Applying for a personal loan at 36 Month Loans can be done in three simple steps – Application, Approval, and Money Pick-Up or Transfer. The first step is to submit a borrower’s personal information which includes income, bank account details and desired loan terms.

The information submitted in the personal loan request form is then reviewed by lenders. Decisions are based on the borrower’s credit history, credit rating, and financial situation. Approved personal loan requests are then directed to the loan agreement or given further instructions. While requesting for a personal loan at 36 Month Loans is done entirely online, lenders may require borrowers to sign a loan agreement at a local branch.

For approved personal loan applications, money pickup or transfers can be done either through pickup at the lenders nearest local branch or wired directly to a bank account.

36 Month Loans Summary

36 Month Loans makes searching for personal loans quick and simple. It even allows borrowers with less than ideal credit qualify for personal loans by connecting them with multiple lenders. The loan matching service enables borrowers to select from multiple lenders not only giving them a better chance to qualify for a loan but to select personal loans with better interest rates and longer payment terms.

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  • Unsecured Personal Loans from $1,000 to $100,000
  • Loans for Debt Consolidation, Large Purchase, Home Improvement, Medical Expenses, and more.
  • Even Compares Top Loan Providers and Matches You Instantly
  • Rates Starting at 4.99% APR 
  • Loan Terms From 24-84 Months
  • Funds Available as Soon as Next Business Day
  • Loan Search Is Free and Will NOT Affect Credit Score